8 Awesome Planners That Will Make Life Easier


I work entirely from home. For the most part, it's amazing, but it does mean that time management and self-motivation are 100 percent up to me — which is why having one of the best planners is necessary. Nothing stresses me out more than a desk full of papers and a head full of to-dos. I'd be borderline non-functioning without a place to write everything down and collect my thoughts, especially since I'm building my own schedule most of the time.

When it comes to awesome planners that will get you organized, I prefer undated ones. That way, if I have to skip a day, I don't waste paper, and there's no gaping hole of seeming non-productivity staring back at me. You can also start whenever the motivation strikes instead of waiting for your New Year's resolutions — because, let's face it, that time of the year is stressful enough without having to revamp your whole life.

The options included here fit every lifestyle or goal, from the best planners for productivity to those who just want to cut down on mind-clutter and simplify their lives.

This Number One Best-Seller With Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

Panda Planner, $20, Amazon

Most undated planners promise increased productivity and happiness, but the Panda Planner actually delivers with scientifically-proven strategies. It splits your schedule into daily, weekly, and monthly pages to organize your goals, habits, and to-dos. The daily pages start off with a space to write what you're excited and grateful for, and then helps you plan and review your time. The weekly pages set your improvement goals, habits, and projects, and the monthly pages have a calendar-type layout so you never miss a meeting. "Best planner I've ever had! I'll never buy anything different...ever!" reads one of 2500+ reviews.

This Millennial Pink Planner That Draws On The Law Of Attraction

Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner, $36, Amazon

What is the law of attraction? It's a string theory-based belief that states that whatever we think about, we bring into our lives through active manifestation. The Deluxe Law of Attraction Life planner shows you exactly how to use it and helps you implement it into your life. The weekly and monthly pages are absolutely packed with goal-setting exercises, happiness practices, and positive habit motivators. It's also got a huge fold-out vision board and sections to reflect on your past experiences. Best of all, it helps you become the best possible version of yourself on a mental, physical, and interpersonal level. "This is a beautiful planner, journal, and thought-provoking tool for my life," raved one buyer. "Best thing I have bought in a long time to help me achieve life balance."

This Planner That Focuses On Positive Psychology To Bring More Happiness Into Your Life

The Simple Elephant, $20, Amazon

"Super impressed with this planner...makes me so much happier," one reviewer said about The Simple Elephant. That's because it utilizes proven techniques from the study of positive psychology to help you renew your commitment, feel inspired, and live happier every day. In addition to organizing your to-dos and daily plans, you'll also compose positive affirmations, set goals, and record gratitude statements. It even has focus sections, mind maps, free stickers, and vision boards to keep you optimistic and grateful.

This Motivational Planner That Helps Change Your Habits For Good

The Path Planner, $18, Amazon

If you're looking to change a few habits (especially if that habit is procrastination), consider purchasing The Path Planner. It implements proven principles from the world's top achievers to help you manage your time, adopt empowering practices, stay motivated, and follow your passions. The power lies in the effective layout that helps split your big goals into quarterly achievements, monthly milestones, weekly steps and daily actions. That being said, it's still flexible enough that you can personalize your schedule and practices to your liking.

This Planner For The Avid Writer Or Person Who Wants To Start Journaling

MyPlans Daily Planner and Journal, $20, Amazon

Studies have shown that there are both emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing, so recording your thoughts and feelings is a great habit to get into. If you find journaling super therapeutic or want to give it a shot, the MyPlans Daily journal keeps all your diary entries, goals, and events in the same place. It's got blank pages as well as daily, weekly, and monthly organizational sections.

This Adult Coloring Planner That Promotes Relaxation

My Days In Color Adult Coloring Planner, $25, Amazon

Organizing your life might help decrease stress in the long run, but it can be a little overwhelming in the moment. Loads of studies point to the healing effects of mindfulness based art studies (like coloring), which the My Days In Color planner fully embraces. It lets you split up your goals and to-dos into weekly and monthly schedules, and each one has an intricately designed border so you can color your way to tranquility. As a bonus, this planner comes with 12 vibrant, blendable double-ended markers.

This Undated Planner That Helps You Set And Achieve Goals In One Year

Ignited Life Planner, $30, Amazon

If you're a goal-oriented person (or you're looking to become one), the Ignited Life planner is for you. It utilizes a simple three-step system to help you reach any of your goals in just one year, whether you're looking to improve your business, academics, relationships, personal life, or health. It highlights action steps on a monthly and weekly basis to make sure you stay on track, and has gratitude, reflection, and journaling exercises to keep you centered and happy in the meantime.

This Jam-Packed Planner That Has It All

Freedom Planner Pro, $36, Amazon

If you don't want to settle for just one great feature, this Freedom Planner Pro has them all. It has journal prompts, goal setting exercises, weekly and hourly schedules, and spots to sculpt your dream career, bank account balance, love life, opportunities, experiences, and more. It even includes a vision board and motivational quotes to inspire you along the way. Reviewers love the vibrant, eye-catching design and sturdy hardcover.

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