24 Products Trending On Amazon You Never Knew You Needed

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If you're looking for a certain something on Amazon, it can get a little overwhelming at times — they have about four million products, ranging from bulk toilet paper to earwax removers. But if you want to find the coolest products trending on Amazon, you have to try their Movers and Shakers page.

Every hour, Amazon updates the Movers and Shakers page to give you a list of the products with the biggest jump in popularity. Then, it's broken down by product category, so you can search beauty, books, or whatever else you're looking for. Basically, it's like Twitter's trending list, except full of products you never knew you needed.

Though this page narrows down Amazon's selection quite a bit, there's still a lot of stuff to go through. Sure, you might find some fun things like Pussy: A Novel, the satirical story of Trump's life that's moved up in popularity 46,000 percent in the past 24 hours. But, you also have to sift through a lot of floss, batteries, and whatever a Scotts Wizz Handheld Spreader is supposed to be.

Instead of combing the mundane and overly bizarre depths of Amazon yourself, here's a list of the very best of the Movers and Shakers page. Get in on this stuff now, so you can brag about being one of the first people to pick up on the latest trend.

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