24 Photos Of Texans Being Rescued That Define Courage & Compassion

by Samantha Mendoza
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For the past three days, Tropical Storm Harvey has been devastating Southeast Texas cities, and many of the photos from the epicenter of the storm are absolutely devastating. They depict homes completely submerged underwater, families wading through knee-deep water to find shelter, and elderly individuals suffering in drowning nursing homes.

But in the midst of this devastation, there have also been many moments of triumph. Emergency personnel and Texas residents have come together to rescue those in need, and these photos of inspiring Texas rescues after Hurricane Harvey will remind you that there is hope for the thousands of people waiting for help.

Harvey made landfall late Friday evening, and since then, cities like Houston, Galveston, and Dickinson have experienced approximately 25 inches of rain, which has led to extreme flooding in many areas. In the past 48 hours, emergency workers in the Houston area have conducted approximately 2,000 water rescues, and more than 3,000 national and state guard members have been deployed in the region to assist in rescue and relief efforts.

But even more importantly, everyday citizens have stepped up to assist their neighbors in any way possible. As rains continue to fall, it is these acts of courage, selflessness, and compassion that will go such a long way in ensuring that no more lives are lost.

Here are some of the most inspiring photos of Texas rescues so far.

Police Officers Step In

Many elderly individuals require assistance escaping from flooded homes.

A Child & Her Wheelchair

This video of a rescue worker lifting a child from the rising waters in Houston to bring her to safety in her wheelchair is just one of the many examples of bravery we've seen this weekend.

Puppies Need Help, Too

This rescue worker just couldn't leave these pups behind.

A Community Comes Together

#HoustonStrong has been trending on social media to convey the resilient spirit of the city.

A Dramatic Rescue On Television

KHOU reporter Brandi Smith chased down a sheriff's vehicle after witnessing an 18-wheeler floating away in an extremely flooded area — the dramatic rescue was captured on television.

Man's Best Friend

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Dogs may be able to doggy paddle through light waters, but they're no match for Harvey's flooding.

Rescuers In The Night

Rescue workers are using boats to save people from chest-deep waters, even after the sun goes down.

One Boat After Another

Residents with boats are stepping in to assist in rescue efforts.

A Reporter Intervenes

Even Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes played a role in helping a baby escape flood waters.

Good Samaritans

Howard is just one of the many Texas residents risking his life and volunteering his boat for the benefit of others.

A Family Finds Help

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

An elderly couple and their dog stay afloat in a boat as rescue workers help them escape flooded areas.

A Triumphant Moment

This National Guard soldier lifts a child in the air after rescuing him and others.

A Group Effort

Here's how you can help elderly flood victims.

One Of Many


Just one of the many examples of rescue workers physically carrying people to safety.

A Nursing Home Evacuated

After this photo of nursing home residents in chest-deep water went viral, the residents were quickly rescued by the Galveston Office of Emergency Management.

A Powerful Image

A woman and her 13-month-old son are rescued from rising waters in this powerful photo from Houston.

Only In Texas

These cops have a creative way to help move Texas cattle to higher ground.

Wading Through Water

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A man holds a woman close in the Houston area as they try to reach safety with a dog in arm.

Saving The Most Vulnerable

Rescuing children is a priority for many emergency workers.

Fortitude, Bravery, & Mercy

Ultimately, it's these three things that will go so far in helping so many people.

Just In Time

The dramatic moment of a driver being rescued from a car that is almost completely submerged was captured on camera.

A Helping Hand

The number of troops and soldiers helping out in the wake of Hurricane Harvey has continued to increase since the storm began.

Extraordinary Measures

In some extreme circumstances, some people are even being evacuated by air by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Coming Together

Houston residents walk through flooded streets hand-in-hand to reach safety.

Unfortunately, Harvey will not be going away anytime soon. The storm is still expected to drop an additional 25 inches of rain on Houston and other surrounding areas in the next few days. But if these photos of inspiring rescues are any indication, locals and emergency responders will continue coming together to look after one another and help those in need.