25 Comedies New To Streaming In February

David Russell

It's hard to keep up with what shows are on which streaming network — especially since that often changes from month to month. And while there are plenty of grim prestige dramas to keep fans invested, there comes a time when you just want to sink into the couch and watch something funny. Fortunately, there are plenty of comedies new to streaming in February 2020 to keep audiences company until spring.

In between less comedic new releases like Who Killed Malcolm X? and Narcos: Mexico, audiences can cleanse their palate with Hulu's High Fidelity reboot, which stars Zoë Kravitz (her mother, Lisa Bonet, played one of John Cusack's love interests in the 2000 film adaptation). Or after watching Netflix's new fantasy series Locke & Key, try unwinding with the Police Academy or National Lampoon's Vacation franchises.

Toy Story 4 also comes to Disney+ this month, while sitcoms like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Indebted, and Good Girls begin streaming on Hulu the day after they air on network TV. The fourth season of High Maintenance also begins airing in February — not to mention Pete Davidson debuts his new Netflix special, Alive from New York. And don't forget the To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel, P.S. I Still Love You, which follows the second book in Jenny Han's YA trilogy.

So no matter which streaming platforms you're subscribed to, there's something on this list for just about everyone.

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1. 'In a World...' — Available Feb. 1

Not only does this 2013 comedy written by star Lake Bell feature performances from Tig Notaro, Fred Melamed, and Demetri Martin, but it's worth watching just for the incredibly dramatic, low-pitched voiceover scenes.

Where to stream: HBO

2. 'Bridget Jones's Diary' — Available Feb. 1

Fresh off her Oscar win for Judy, audiences can watch Renée Zellweger in this classic 2001 rom-com — British accent and all. The Edge of Reason and Bridget Jones's Baby also begin streaming on Hulu this month.

Where to stream: Hulu and Amazon Prime

3. 'Earth Girls Are Easy' — Available Feb. 1

This off-the-walls 1988 comedy stars Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey, and Michael McKean in a sci-fi, musical romp.

Where to stream: Hulu and Amazon Prime

4. The 'Police Academy' Franchise — Available Feb. 1

All seven Police Academy films come to Netflix this month, so grab the popcorn.

Where to stream: Netflix

5. 'National Lampoon's Vacation' — Available Feb. 1

Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswold in the first of many installments of the slapstick comedy franchise. All they want is to get to Walley World, but all they get are roadblocks — both literal and metaphorical. European Vacation and Christmas Vacation also begin streaming this month on Hulu, in addition to several other National Lampoon comedies.

Where to stream: Hulu

6. 'When Harry Met Sally' — Available Feb. 1

"Men and women can't be friends," Harry (Billy Crystal) says in Nora Ephron's 1989 movie. "Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her." While his hypothesis may be outdated, the rom-com has stood the test of time — if only for that scene in Katz's Deli.

Where to stream: Hulu

7. 'The Other Guys' — Available Feb. 1

This 2010 action comedy stars Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell as paper-pushing NYPD detectives who finally get their chance to shine.

Where to stream: Netflix

8. 'Cherry Pop' — Available Feb. 1

Cherry Pop is a musical comedy spectacular starring RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Bob the Drag Queen, Detox, Mayhem Miller, and Latrice Royale, among others.

Where to stream: Hulu

9. 'Due Date' — Available Feb. 1

Todd Phillips' followup to The Hangover depicts Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) and Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) as they're forced to travel cross-country together. Things do not go well.

Where to stream: HBO

10. 'Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral' — Available Feb. 2

Tyler Perry's larger-than-life Madea is back, and this time, she's in funereal garb.

Where to stream: Hulu and Amazon Prime

11. 'Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great' — Available Feb. 4

Comedian Tom Papa talks about the struggles of being a family man in his new Netflix special.

Where to stream: Netflix

12. 'Toy Story 4' — Available Feb. 5

Prepare to fall in love with Forky (voiced by Tony Hale) in the fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise.

Where to stream: Disney+

13. 'Indebted' Season 1 — Starting Feb. 7

This new NBC series was created by Dan Levy — no, not the Schitt's Creek star — and stars sitcom royalty Fran Drescher, Happy Endings' Adam Pally, SNL's Abby Elliot, and Wings veteran Steven Weber. Indebted follows Debbie (Drescher) and Stew (Weber), who have hit hard times and proceed to move in with their son and daughter-in-law, much to their chagrin.

Where to stream: Hulu

14. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 7 — Starting Feb. 7

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago return to NBC on Thursday, Feb. 6. Episodes will air on Hulu the next day throughout Season 7.

Where to stream: Hulu

15. 'High Maintenance' Season 4 — Starting Feb. 7

The Guy (series co-creator Ben Sinclair) is still riding his bike around Brooklyn in High Maintenance Season 4. This time, his clients include This American Life host Ira Glass.

Where to stream: HBO

16. 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette' — Available Feb. 12

Based on the 2012 novel by Maria Semple, Where'd You Go, Bernadette stars Cate Blanchett as the titular woman who disappears from her sprawling Seattle home one day without a trace.

Where to stream: Hulu

17. 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You' — Available Feb. 12

Lara Jean (Lana Condor) is back, and this time, she's stuck in a love triangle with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) and John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher), who also received one of her famous love letters.

Where to stream: Netflix

18. 'High Fidelity' — Starting Feb. 14

Nick Hornby's 1995 novel High Fidelity centers on Rob, a London record store owner who's contemplating his past breakups. Stephen Frears adapted the story into a 2000 film starring John Cusack as the sad-sack protagonist, moving the setting to Chicago. In 2006, it became a Broadway musical. Now, the story has found new life as a Hulu series, which stars Zoë Kravitz as a gender-flipped Rob. This time, her record store is set in Brooklyn.

Where to stream: Hulu

19. 'Gentefied' — Available Feb. 21

Executive produced by America Ferrera, Gentefied follows three Mexican-American cousins who run a taco shop in the rapidly gentrifying LA neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

Where to stream: Netflix

20. 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Season 7 — Starting Feb. 17

British comedian and cultural commentator John Oliver returns on Feb. 17 for the seventh season of his late night show.

Where to stream: HBO

21. 'Good Girls' Season 3 — Starting Feb. 17

These good-girls-gone-bad are back for round three on NBC, which audiences can stream the day after episodes air.

Where to stream: Hulu

22. 'Duncanville' Season 1 — Starting Feb. 17

Fox's newest addition to Animation Domination features voice acting from series co-creator Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Ty Burrell, Wiz Khalifa, Riki Lindhome, and Yassir Lester, among others.

Where to stream: Hulu

23. 'Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One' — Available Feb. 22

Alabama native Whitmer Thomas gets his own comedy special, which features a combination of standup, footage from old family videos, and even musical segments.

Where to stream: HBO

24. 'Pete Davidson: Alive From New York' — Available Feb. 25

SNL wunderkind Pete Davidson makes his Netflix special debut in late February.

Where to stream: Netflix

25. 'I Am Not Okay with This' — Available Feb. 26

Netflix's latest teen dramedy is based on a graphic novel by Charles Forsman and follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis) as she comes to terms with herself, and her mysterious powers.

Where to stream: Netflix

Well, there you have it. Twenty-five comedies should be enough to tide audiences over until March, when there will be even more funny things to stream.