25 Gifts That'll Impress Your Partner's Dad For Father's Day

If finding Father's Day gifts for Dad didn't seem stressful enough, throw in the fact that it may be time to buy a gift for your boyfriend's dad, too — and you thought choosing something for you own father was bad. Ha!

Picking out a little something special for your significant other's dad isn't as simple as stocking up on lotions, soaps, or candles. Dads likely haven't given you details about what they want; they've given you the bare minimum. They either want "a book," or "whatever you think is best," or — best of all — they really just want "nothing." (Lies, all lies.)

And when you're shopping for your significant other's dad, everything gets a lot more complicated. You don't want to pick up something too basic, like socks or t-shirts, and you absolutely don't want to be the person who shows up with an impersonal gift card that you probably picked up on the way over. So what do you get for a dad you don't really know all that well but want a stamp of approval from? From DIY cocktail kits to meat rubs to trendy accessories, here are a few gift ideas for your boyfriend's dad.

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by Kylie McConville and Siena Gagliano
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The Perfect Old Fashioned

‌There's nothing more classic than the Old Fashioned. So, instead of making a classic drink an ordinary gift, pop this unique box in your cart, so your BF's dad can make his own.

Cigar Old Fashioned Glass

An Old Fashioned deserves an equally special glass. This glass is designed to help you hold a cigar and your drink of choice in the same hand. Hey, while you're at it, pop these cigars in your cart too. He'll be ready to go for the post-pandemic party.

DIY Gin Maker

‌Since we're on the spirit of alcohol (see what I did there?!), ‌here's another fun gift. While you and your partner are in town for the weekend, it might be fun to try out this homemade gin kit together. And you all get to taste all the finished results.

Meat Rubs

If your partner's dad not much of a stovetop chef, he’ll love this meat rub gift set. It comes with a variety of spices, so he can just rub and toss on the grill. It’s that easy.

On Trend Running Shoes

What dad doesn’t love a new pair of kicks? Yep, that’s what we thought. Plus, these are 2021's newest "it" shoes, so your BF's dad can walk in style.

Cocktail Smoker

Your boyfriend's dad is about to have one pretty fancy bar cart. If he is a cocktail aficionado, he'll appreciate this DIY cocktail smoker.

His Own Beer Label

You can’t really take tons of risks when it comes to gifts for your partner's dad, but this gag gift is as cheeky as it is adorable. (Just make sure you pick up something more serious too.)

Stylish Backpack

Whether it’s a trip to the city to meet you two for lunch or the first time you travel with the family, he’ll appreciate this easy-to-transport backpack that’s just for him.

Personalized Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

Dad's and golf go together like mom's and wine. Make his next game feel personal with this leather scorecard holder monogrammed with his initials.

Portable Speaker

Any hip dad with style needs a speaker with the minimal aesthetic such as this one from Tivoli Audio. And, the speaker is portable, so your partner's dad can take it with him wherever he goes.

Membership To A Beer Of The Month Club

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, month after month! Plus, he’ll probably be turned on to a few new favorites, too.

Homemade Goodies

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a little homemade sweetness. It’s heartfelt, thoughtful and, literally, a labor of love. Plus, you can all indulge together on the couch after opening presents. Bingo!

His Own Smoker

‌Smoked meats can be expensive but not with this make-at-home smoker. It’s simple and oh, so delicious.

Dopp Kit

‌My boyfriend's dopp kit is a mess. Chances are, his dad might have the same problem. He’ll appreciate the fact that you took time out to get him something he'll actually use everyday. The pouch works at home or on the go for whatever he needs.

Shaving Kit

‌ BF's dad definitely needs to upgrade his products after receiving his brand new dopp kit. This shave kit includes pre-shave oil, shave cream, post-shave balm, and blades.

Face Wash Kit

‌Just because they're men, doesn't mean they don't appreciate some good skincare. This set from Scotch Porter is luxurious and will take his skincare regimen to the next level.

Made-for-Mixing Single Malt Whiskey

This single malt whiskey is made to be mixed. It aims to disrupt the whiskey business and provide an alternative way to drink the classic. If your partner's father is a whiskey lover, he'll love experimenting with this new alcohol.

Build-Your-Own Gift Box

Something that you can build yourself is a great way to add a personal touch to any gift. This build-your-own box includes a journal, a card, a candle, and a cup.

Framed Photo

It would be really special to frame an old, or sentimental photo of him and his kids. He can put it in his office, next to his bed, or wherever he wants a photo to remind him of his wonderful children, gifted from his child's wonderful partner.

A Masculine Candle

‌ Candles can be a luxury some men may not typically splurge on. This leather candle from Malin + Goetz has notes of lotus flower, wood, leather, cedar wood, among others to create a delicious and masculine candle.

Wireless Headphones

Earbuds are a go-to gift in my opinion. Plus, these ones from Skullcandy fit so well in your ear. Take it from someone who swears by them.


‌Nothing is more frustrating than losing the keys, your bag, or any other everyday essential that seems to go missing at all the wrong times. Gift your partner's dad something that will save him a headache. (P.S. Is it possible to tape it on the remote?!)

A Cozy Robe

‌A robe is a gift that never goes old. Plus, he probably still has the same one since forever. Time for an upgrade.

Insulated Beer Koozie

What's better than a beer koozie? Oh yeah, an insulated beer koozie. For under $25, you can gift your partner's dad with his new favorite accessory.