25 Harry Potter Candles To Give To All Your Favorite Muggles This Holiday Season

No matter what wintery, holiday traditions (or lack thereof) you may (or may not) observe, I think we can pretty much all agree that gifts are always a good idea. ‘Tis the season of giving and receiving, and if those pretty packages just happen to contain holly jolly Harry Potter-themed candles — perfect for the book-loving Potterhead in your life, of course — even better. Nothing says: “I see your fandom, and I love you for it” more than a gift that’ll make the whole house smell like your Hogwarts House (team Ravenclaw!), or Mrs. Weasley’s cozy kitchen. The only thing book lovers seem to love more than book-inspired candles are Harry Potter-inspired candles — and, luckily for both giver and receiver, there are only about a million to choose from.

Whether your candle-loving Potterhead lives to go totally Hogwarts holiday crazy (in which case, a Mrs. Weasley's Cookies candle might be just the thing) or they’re the kind of reader who finds the magical mysticism of the Wizarding World puts them in a wintery mood (Elder Wands and Phoenix Feathers flame, anyone?) I guarantee you’ll find a candle that will make their winter season totally bright this year.

Here are 25 Harry Potter-inspired candles perfect for this season’s gift giving.

Christmas At The Burrow

The Sorting

Patronus Charm

Christmas In The Great Hall

Hermione's Amortentia

Dark Arts

Welcome To Hogwarts

Cauldron Cake

Hogwarts Candlepot

Mrs. Weasley's Cookies

Winter At Hogwarts

Elder Wands And Phoenix Feathers

Expecto Patronum


Mrs. Weasley's Christmas Jumper

Castle Halls

Luna's Room

Chocolate Frog

Three Broomsticks

Hogwarts Castle Lantern

Forbidden Forest

Quidditch Match