25 Holiday Movies Streaming Now That Are So Cheesy You Can’t Help But Love Them

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Part of the fun of the holidays is that you get a whole new set of entertainment to enjoy for the season. Whether you're a fan of Christmas music or Christmas specials on TV, nothing really gets cheesier than Christmas movies, especially the ones that are made-for-TV. These 25 holiday movies are so cheesy that you may as well put them in the oven with macaroni to make a meal of it — and that's exactly the point.

It seems nearly impossible to watch every cheesy Christmas movie that was ever made in one season. The Hallmark Channel seems to churn them out by the dozen each day, and now Netflix has its own library of original cheesy holiday movies. There are just so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming to look at all of the options. Each of these listed here are great choices, though, and don't panic because you really can't go wrong no matter what. Regardless of which movie you choose to watch, you're basically guaranteed to have a great time watching some kind of love story that occurs during the holiday season. Does Christmas always have to be a part of these movies? Probably not! But somehow the holiday magic just makes all of these movies better, and we can't help but love these 25 cheesy Christmas movies.

1. 'A Christmas Prince'

You probably have already heard of this Netflix original Christmas movie because it takes cheesiness to a new level, with a cute love story and a battle for the throne. Check it out on Netflix now.


2. 'A Holiday Engagement'

This might sound like a super-romantic movie, but it's about a woman who enlists in someone to act like her fiancé. You can probably guess what happens next. Find it on Netflix and Hulu.

Hallmark Channel

3. 'Christmas With The Kranks'

Even though this movie hit theaters, you can still find a fair amount of corniness in it, like an epic grocery store battle for ham. You can stream it on Amazon Prime now.

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4. 'The Princess Switch'

Vanessa Hudgens pulls a Lindsay Lohan by playing two different people who switch places in The Princess Switch. One of them happens to be a princess, so it's pretty amazing, and definitely an instant classic. You can stream it now on Netflix.

Gabriel Hennessey/Netflix

5. 'Jack Frost'

This 90s gem stars Michael Keaton as a father who dies and returns to his son in the form of a snowman. You can find it on HBO.

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6. 'A Shoe Addict's Christmas'

This new Hallmark movie stars Full House's Candace Cameron Bure as she gets visited by a guardian angel to discover the beauty of the holiday season. Catch it on the Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark Channel

7. 'Christmas Crush'

Also titled Holiday High School Reunion, this movie stars Jonathan Bennett — from Mean Girls and Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video — as a stud who evokes holiday horniness at a high school reunion. You can watch it both on Amazon Prime and Netflix now.

Gravitas Ventures/YouTube

8. 'Holiday In Handcuffs'

Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez play an unlikely couple in this made-for-TV movie from 2007. You can find it now on Hulu.

ABC Family/YouTube

9. '12 Days Of Christmas Eve'

This movie is basically a combination of A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day, plus it stars Molly Shannon so you know it's good. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

USA Network/YouTube

10. 'Christmas Wedding Planner'

A wedding planner finds out she's being watched by a private investigator, only because of a sketchy guy whose wedding she's planning. It's fun and quirky and you can find it now on Netflix.

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11. 'Desperately Seeking Santa'

If you love The Bachelor, then this movie is for you because it's all about a dating competition held in a mall for the holidays. You can find it on Amazon Prime.

ABC Family

12. 'The Holiday Calendar'

Netflix has really learned how to do this whole Christmas movie thing, because this new original movie will take you on a wild sleigh ride, all because of a magical advent calendar.


13. 'Four Christmases'

Four separate in-laws means four Christmases in this hilarious and cheesy movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. You can watch it now on HBO Go.

Warner Bros./YouTube

14.. 'Falling For Christmas'

When an ice-skater goes away to a remote cabin, she's hoping to find a relaxing vacation but she ends up finding a lot more. Check Falling for Christmas out on Amazon Prime.

Johnson Production Group/YouTube

15. 'The Rooftop Christmas Tree'

This movie isn't necessarily about a rooftop Christmas tree but it's not not about that either. You can watch it on Hulu now.

Johnson Production Group/YouTube

16. 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'

After 2017's hit Christmas movie, A Christmas Prince, Netflix made a sequel that came out this year. It's just as funny in all the right ways. Find it now on Netflix.


17. 'Christmas Inheritance'

If you loved The Simple Life, then you should check out this Netflix original movie that's about an heiress who finds herself in a small rural town for the holidays. (There may or may not be a little romance, too.) It's on Netflix now.


18. 'You Can't Fight Christmas'

Andra Fuller plays a dude who hates Christmas, but then a certain love-interest comes around and changes his Grinch-like tendencies. Stream it on Netflix now.

TV One/YouTube

19. 'Dear Santa'

A wealthy woman finds herself in an unfamiliar position where she not only finds love, but also the spirit of Christmas. You can watch this one on Netflix.

Johnson Production Group/YouTube

20. 'Love At The Christmas Table'

Danica McKellar and Dustin Milligan play two friends who spend most of their holidays together, sitting at the kids' table. When Milligan's character finds out he might be moving from their town, the true nature of their relationship becomes clearer. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Lifetime Movie Network/YouTube

21. 'Miss Me This Christmas'

Eva Marcille stars in this hilarious movie about a woman who recovers from a shocking divorce by getting herself entangled in a new steamy romance. You can watch it on Netflix.

TV One/YouTube

22. 'The Spirit Of Christmas'

This time, the Christmas "spirit" actually refers to a ghost haunting an inn. If you're still not over Halloween, this could be the movie for you. Stream it now on Netflix.

MarVista Entertainment/YouTube

23. 'Christmas In The Smokies'

When a celebrity returns to his hometown (in the Smokies), he isn't exactly met with a open arms from an old high school rival. The holiday season helps the two nemeses learn to love each other, though, as it tends to do. You can find this one on Netflix too.

INSP Network/Netflix

24. 'Holiday Baggage'

Everybody's got baggage, and Christmas has a way of pointing out just how dysfunctional your family really is. In Holiday Baggage, a mom invites her kids' estranged father to Christmas, and things only get more dramatic from there. You can watch the drama unfold on Netflix.

Johnson Production Group/YouTube

25. 'A Christmas Switch'

UP tv's A Christmas Switch shows two working moms who have one thing in common: they want their lives to be different. If you ever thought that Freaky Friday should be a Christmas movie, this one's for you. You can find it on UP tv.

Every Christmas movie should have a happy ending, and these movies definitely deliver on that front. Now get to watching.

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