25 Holiday Movies Streaming Now That Are So Cheesy You Can’t Help But Love Them

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Part of the fun of the holidays is that you get a whole new set of entertainment to enjoy for the season. Whether you're a fan of Christmas music or Christmas specials on TV, nothing really gets cheesier than Christmas movies, especially the ones that are made-for-TV. These 25 holiday movies are so cheesy that you may as well put them in the oven with macaroni to make a meal of it — and that's exactly the point.

It seems nearly impossible to watch every cheesy Christmas movie that was ever made in one season. The Hallmark Channel seems to churn them out by the dozen each day, and now Netflix has its own library of original cheesy holiday movies. There are just so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming to look at all of the options. Each of these listed here are great choices, though, and don't panic because you really can't go wrong no matter what. Regardless of which movie you choose to watch, you're basically guaranteed to have a great time watching some kind of love story that occurs during the holiday season. Does Christmas always have to be a part of these movies? Probably not! But somehow the holiday magic just makes all of these movies better, and we can't help but love these 25 cheesy Christmas movies.

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