Just 25 Wholesome Times You Wished Barack & Michelle Obama Were Your Parents

by Lani Seelinger

Even if you didn't agree with everything that Barack Obama accomplished during his presidency, one thing is hard to deny — Barack and Michelle were possibly the most awe-inspiring couple ever to have graced the White House. Sprinkled across those wonderful eight years, there were countless times when Michelle and Barack Obama were so wholesome that you would have gladly traded in your own parents for just one day of being able to call the Obamas your mom and dad. Well, maybe not, but still — the nation couldn't get enough of the former first couple.

Not only did they show their love for each other at every possible moment, they also let the whole country's prying eyes into some of their most adorable moments. Between the Easter Egg Rolls, White House trick or treating, dog walks, and even the first White House campout, the Obamas gave us plenty of reasons to swoon and wish that we could relive our childhoods. Now that they've been out of the public eye for seven months, maybe you're ready for a nostalgic wander through some of the Obamas' most wholesome, adorable, couple-y moments. Fair warning: you might want to get the tissues out for this one.


When Barack Lent Michelle His Jacket

Barack had literally just been elected president, but that didn't appear to change the dynamic of their relationship. This photo of his suit jacked draped over Michelle's shoulders, with everyone else respectfully averting their gazes so the Obamas could be cute together — what an elevator ride of dreams.


When They Were Caught On The Kiss Cam

When the kiss cam found them at the USA vs. Brazil basketball game in 2012, they gave us a show — first by refusing to do what the kiss cam asked, and then by sharing an adorable kiss afterwards.


When They Took Sasha To Play Mini-Golf


Hey, first children need to enjoy themselves too, and sometimes that means a first family trip to the local mini-golf course. And, of course, the photos that resulted from the outing were magical.


When They Held The First White House Campout

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Look at that. Seriously, how could that not be the most fun event ever?


When They Went Trick Or Treating With The Baby Pope

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

This was one of those moments that reminded you that the Obamas weren't just public figures, they're also parents. And what parent (or person with a heart, really) wouldn't think that a baby fully decked out as the pope isn't totally adorable? Michelle and Barack definitely got into it.


When They Hung Out With Bo & Sunny


The girls wanted a dog, as so many of us once did. And so their parents got them one, doing their best to find a dog that wouldn't bother Malia's allergies. It must not have been such a big problem, though, because they ended up getting a second Portuguese water dog, Sunny, to join their first, Bo. Again, whenever they hung out with dogs and we all got to see pictures, it was an excellent reminder of the fact that behind all of the politics, the Obamas were really just a happy family.


When They Held A Very Important Public Reading


So monstrous! Barack and Michelle held a reading of Where The Wild Things Are for the Easter Egg Roll in 2016 and really got into the acting. Remember that this was when the campaign was already in full swing — but sometimes you just have to take a break and act like a forest creature, because that's just what the world needs.


When Michelle Wished Barack A Happy 55th

There are adorable birthday Twitter posts, and then there's Michelle's tweet for Barack on his 55th birthday. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what true love is.


When Barack Supported Michelle From Afar

Like, just put yourself in Michelle's position. If you can't have your family support you in person, is there anything that could make you happier than this exact tweet?


When They Had Matching 20th Anniversary Tweets

Being the president and the first lady is no excuse to forget anniversaries. And unsurprisingly, Barack and Michelle didn't forget them. Instead, they gave the world matching public greetings, and absolutely none of us teared up, definitely not. The Obamas' other anniversary posts are all just as adorable.


When Barack Celebrated His Re-election

Did he make a political statement or say anything about the electoral vote total? No, of course not. He reminded us that he was in it as part of a team.


When Michelle Took Us Back In Time

Is there anything more heartwarming than looking at pictures of your parents from when they were young and in love? I mean, Barack and Michelle are pretty much still young and in love, but it's still adorable to catch a glimpse of their earlier days.


When Michelle Celebrated Father's Day Right

In case you were wondering, no, the Obamas did not stop being cute once Barack left office.


When We Got To See Barack In A Sweater Vest

Between Barack's style, the amazing star on the tree, and how perfect they look together, Michelle's 2014 Christmas post made the day truly special.


When Barack Reminded Us Who His Best Friend Was

You know, like, in case there was any doubt about that.


When Barack Never Missed A Valentine's Day

Or really, never missed an opportunity to celebrate his wife, ever. And come on, just look at her face.


When They Dressed Up Their Doggos

It's impossible not to be entertained by a dog in a jersey, as the Obamas have clearly found.


When They Had Matching Supportive Tweets

They weren't just firing up the Democratic Party at the 2016 Democratic National Convention — they were clearly also impressing each other. Barack went first, but Michelle was not to be outdone.


When Michelle Took A Pic We've All Taken

They were on vacation, less than a month removed from the White House, but Michelle still took a moment to share her and Barack's Valentine's Day with us — in the cutest way.


When They Got So Adorably Silly Together

Seriously, it's hard to believe that there's ever a moment when they're not having fun together.


When They Wished Us All A Happy Thanksgiving

And at the same time, they reminded us that having that family in the White House was definitely something to be thankful for.


When Michelle Celebrated Barack As A Dad

Michelle almost certainly didn't take this picture, but it really lets you see him through her eyes for just a moment.


When Barack Told Michelle What He Really Thinks

Can you imagine a more affirming way to be described as "my love and partner on this journey?" What a wonderful thing to hear from your spouse.


When Barack Amplified Michelle's Voice

Obviously Michelle has a big enough platform of her own, but Barack's still such a supportive partner that he wants to expand it even more.


When They Gave Us Something To Be Hopeful About On Inauguration Day

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Like, is there ever a moment when it's not crystal clear how totally in love they are? Even in the politically charged moment that was Donald Trump's inauguration, Barack still found a moment to kiss Michelle's hand, reminding us all that life isn't all politics — sometimes there's more to it.

The Obamas gave us so much over their eight years in the White House, and their more recent tweets have shown that they're unlikely to stop being the public couple of everyone's dreams any time soon. Maybe Sasha and Malia are the only ones lucky enough to actually have Barack and Michelle as parents, but at least the rest of us have them as a truly heartwarming inspiration.