25 Sex Toys That Are So Popular, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

Young woman's hand reaching for sex toy dildo in bed

If you've never thought of buying sex toys on Amazon, you are't alone. For the longest time, these bedroom accessories were relegated to specialty shops and seedy corners of the internet, making them incredibly hard for people to buy from the comfort of their own homes. But with the implementation of its own sexual wellness shop, Amazon has become a go-to place for beginners and pros alike to pick up their new favorite toys. And some of these accessories have gained major popularity — so much so that they've garnered thousands of five-star reviews and are regularly found to be out of stock.

And it's not just your sex toy classics that are flying off the digital shelves. Compact pocket pussies, dildo mounts, and thrusting butt plugs are all among Amazon's best-sellers. The site is also an amazing spot to research toys you've been interesting in buying, since the reviews section is full of people's unfiltered opinions. Seriously — if you want to hear a story about how a vibrator made someone come so hard it flew out of their vagina, you can. (Its the Paloqueth rabbit vibrator on this list, FYI.)

And now, scroll on to shop 25 of the most popular sex toys on Amazon right now. But don't sleep on them! These buys are such crowd pleasers they might sell out if you don't immediately click 'add to cart.'


A Wearable Clit-Sucking Vibrator

The Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys on Amazon. It stimulates both your G-spot and your clit at the same time by simulating both oral and penetrative sex. With 10 different vibration patterns, this buzzer offers a hands-free way to explore a blended orgasm — and what could be better than that?


A Handheld Clit-Sucker With A Cult-Following

While the Satisfyer Pro 2, another cult-favorite best-seller (both on and off Amazon) may feel like the best oral you've ever had, it doesn't actually suck your clit. Instead, it uses non-touch technology to deliver pulsing sensations against your clit, making it feel like a mouth that's driving you wild. And customers can't not share their love for it. "I cried because it changed my life" is how one person titled their review.


The Best Rabbit Vibrator On The Market

Not only is this the most highly-reviewed rabbit vibrator on Amazon, but it's popular off Amazon, too. A cult-classic sex toy from sex toy experts Paloqueth, it has over 2,500 five-star reviews, thanks to its ergonomic design, varied vibration patterns, and cute, clit-tickling rabbit. It's waterproof, too; many customers love using it in the shower or bath.


A Classic Pocket Pussy That's Easy To Clean

When purchasing a pocket pussy, why go with anything other than a classic? This Tracy's Dog masturbation cup is perfect for beginners and pros alike: Its 3-D textured interior allows for different sensations when you thrust into it deeply or shallowly, just like a human vagina would. It also comes apart easily, making cleanup a snap.


This Double Cock Ring That Can Twist In Different Ways

Think there isn't all that much variety in cock rings? This double-ringed design begs to differ. It has two flexible rings, one of which is thicker than the other, that can wrap around the shaft of a penis and testicles in different ways. When wrapped around the shaft, the ring helps restrict blood flow, which helps people with penises stay hard longer. And when it's wrapped around testicles? It just feels amazing, which is reason enough to try it out.


A Three-Pronged Vibrator With Various Uses

Want a sex toy that can buzz in your bum and around your partner's shaft (if they have a penis, that is) while they're thrusting into your vagina? Yeah, this three-pronged toy can do that. But that's not all it's capable of. It can wrap around your nipples, your clit, or around a pair of testicles, too. You can use it to stimulate just about any part of your body, and its versatile design, three motors, and seven vibration patterns ensure that it's a versatile toy you'll love experimenting with.


A Simple Vibrating Wand For All The Minimalists

Even though there are plenty of vibrators that come with bells and whistles on the market, many Amazon shoppers just want a minimal, streamlined design — which is where this toy comes in. It's waterproof, bendable, and equipped with nine different vibration patterns that customers love. It even has a rare 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, plus best-seller status.


This Moderately-Sized Dildo With Lifelike Textured Veins

If you're afraid that all dildos are big, intimidating toys, then you haven't tried the PALOQUETH Ultra-Soft Dildo. It's the perfect size for folks who aren't experienced with dildos — or for those who just prefer a more average-sized toy. Customers love it especially for its lifelike details, which include lifelike textured veins and a realistically-shaped tip. Meanwhile, the suction cup base means you can ride it; just stick it into any smooth surface. As one last bonus, this dildo comes with a little bottle of lube.


A Best-Selling Bullet That's Perfect For Travel

Most bullet vibrators only have two or three vibrational modes — but this one isn't most bullets. It offers 10 different vibration patterns, making it as multifaceted as a full-sized vibe. But it's tiny enough to toss in your bag and take on the go. And while bullets are typically clit-specific, this one is long enough that you can slip into a vagina for G-spot stimulation, too. And of course, you can use in various other ways, like to tickle your nipples or anus.


A Unique Type Of Vibrator With A Super Thin Tip

Who says girth is the most important thing? This pencil-thin vibe is about to change all of your preconceived notions. It's shaped almost like an electric toothbrush, but instead of bristles, this buzzer comes with two heads — one round and one forked. The round one can massage the top of a clit to completion, while the forked one can wrap around a clit for 360 degrees of stimulation. In other words? "It rocked my girlfriend's world. I've never seen her react that way," as one reviewer wrote.


A Wearable Vibrator To Slip Into Your Panties

The key to satisfying (and subtle) public play is a super thin vibrator that can slip into your panties. On this one, the top tip rests against the clit, while the inner lip caresses the opening of the vagina — a spot full of nerve endings. It comes with a super discreet remote that looks like a ring and works from up to 15 meters away. And, truthfully, even if public play isn't your game, this little vibe comes with 15 buzzing patterns, making it a must-have for using at home, too.


The Perfect Anal Training Kit

Fun fact: Your anus doesn't stretch the same way a vagina does, which means it needs to be properly trained ahead of penetrative sex. That's where this genius training kit comes in. It comes with three different sized plugs that are ergonomically designed to massage the prostate. Start with a finger, and then work yourself up to the smallest of the plugs, eventually making your way up to the largest size. Once you've conquered that, you're ready to (slowly) incorporate a penis.


This Cock Ring That Ensures Both Parties Get In On The Vibrations

Cock rings are meant to help penises stay harder for longer, but the best ones also take the person being penetrated by said penis into consideration. This one has a textured shaft that nestles up against the clit, if your partner has one, helping to rock it orgasm while the penis penetrates. Plus, it comes with seven different speed modes.


A Thrusting Butt Plug That Vibrates, Too

Full disclosure: Thrusting vibrators can be super intense, which means they should only be used by people experienced with anal sex. If that sounds like you, then this is the one to go for. Customers love it for its thrusting capabilities and its multiple vibration modes. It has a remote control, so it can be used with a partner, but the remote also makes it easy for you to control it without having to reach around.


A Rotating Vibrator With A Penis-Like Texture

Listen, not everyone loves the feeling of vibrations in their vagina. This vibrator rotates too, which massages your G-spot for a more subtle form of stimulation instead. It offers a whopping 27 vibration modes, along with its rotating functionality — and the rotations and vibrations can happen simultaneously, too. It's one of the more unique toys you can have in your collection.


An Ejaculating Dildo You Can Fill With Your Favorite Liquid

I know what you're probably thinking — an ejaculating dildo? But customers agree that this toy is a must-try. The dildo comes with a pump that you can fill with warm water or lube for the "ejaculate," creating a kinky little finale to your masturbation sessions. It's a little larger than beginner dildos, though, so only use if you're experienced.


This Sex Stool With A Detachable Dildo Mount

If you're going to invest in one piece of sex furniture, a bouncing sex stool should be investment number one. This stool can be used for solo play or partnered action, thanks to the removable dildo mount. If you choose to use it with a partner, there are multiple ways the stool can be positioned to support your weight. Just note that the dildo isn't included, so you'll have to pick one up separately.


This Wearable Vibe That Makes Fingering A More Pleasurable Experience

Amp up your fingering technique with this handy little vibrator you can slip on your finger. It has a grooved tip and nine vibration modes that turn your finger into your own motorized toy. It also comes with a remote, so you can hand over control to your partner.


A Multi-Function Vibrator That Even Heats Up

Can't choose between thrusting, vibrating, and rotating? Don't worry — this vibrator is a true jack of all trades. It does all three, and heats up, which gives it a more realistic sensation. If you're looking for one do-it-all toy, this is the one to buy.


This Gorgeous Glass Dildo That's Perfect For Temperature Play

Don't worry — a glass dildo is completely safe. In fact, it might be one of the better options for those looking for a versatile, non-vibrating toy. It's compatible with all types of lube, and if you want to play with temperature, it's easy to do. Just run it under hot water for a warming sensation, or dunk it in ice water for a chilly shiver. Plus, isn't it pretty?


A Masturbation Cup That Does The Work For You

Remember the show "Pimp My Ride"? If that show existed for masturbation cups, this would be the result. It's a totally hands-free stroker that thrusts in 10 different patterns to bring you to completion. And unlike other cups, this one, well, cups your balls for extra stimulation. And customers love it: "I have tried toys like fake vaginas and this is a superior product in my opinion if you like strong vibrating sensations," one wrote.


A Dual Mount That Can Hold Two Dildos At Once

Instead of using straps like other dildo mounts, this one is simply a moveable tool to which you can stick your suction cup dildos. It has rounded spots on all four sides, as well as on top, so you can position your favorite dildo to wherever feels best for you. It's a favorite among webcam girls, as revealed in the reviews. One customer wrote, "I'm a webcam model and ordered this for my shows and it is a godsend. I have been recommending this to everyone I know!"


A Super Hi-Tech Thrusting Vibrator — & It Heats Up

The problem with a lot of thrusting vibrators is that they aren't easy to bend into different positions. But this machine gives you that flexibility. It has a mount that allows for 160 degrees of swinging movements, so you can go from missionary to doggy in no time. The machine also heats up and vibrates, making it a super unique choice. And the suction is strong, so you can place it anywhere.


A Tongue-Shaped Vibrator For Lovers Of Oral Sex

Not every oral sex toy needs to provide a sucking sensation. This tongue-shaped vibrator, for example, provides more of a licking sensation — along with some serious vibrations. The shaft is ergonomically designed to hit your G-spot, too, so you can use it both internally and externally.


A Butt Plug That Your Long-Distance Partner Can Control With An App

Instead of being controlled by a remote, this butt plug is app-controlled, making it the perfect toy for long-distance couples. It has thousands of vibrations patterns, and the app allows you and your partner to create your own, so the possibilities are endless. What's more? There's no short range on this app. You (and a partner) can use it from anywhere in the world for some sexy, long-distance fun.

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