25 Weird But Brilliant Products Trending On Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect place to kill time. You'll log on, start scrolling, and after what seems like two minutes later, you'll realize you've been sitting there for four hours. And during those four hours, I'm sure you'll have found some weird but brilliant products trending on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the kind of site that you can find virtually anything on: from beauty products and the latest tech, to the coolest camping gear and lifestyle essentials. You can also find ways to decorate your house or to entertain. It's a black hole of inspiration in which you will surely get lost.

I especially love to look at what's trending because I don't like to buy something unless I know it's good. And if it is trending on Pinterest, you know that people are buzzing about it, and that's typically a pretty good thing. So, instead of doing the guesswork on whether or not a product will be good, you can rely on your peers to see just how much they loved it. Plus, a lot of the things you find trending on Pinterest have been reviewed extensively, so you'll get more information than a tiny review on the purchasing site. But instead of losing yourself for eight hours in an endless array of inspiring products and gadgets — take a look at my roundup below! The work's been done for you, so you can shop the coolest picks, then get on with your day.

Wake Up With Super Hydrated Skin

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $25, Amazon

There's no wonder this amazing product is trending on Pinterest. The bestselling sleeping mask is water based, which means that your skin will be super hydrated after using it. It's made with mineral water, hunza apricot, primrose root extracts, orange flower, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood. So, you won't just have glowing skin in the morning, you'll also feel super relaxed.


Add A Boho Feel To Any Room

Ivory Cream Handcrafted Macrame Wall Hanging, $58, Amazon

I really love to look under the DIY section, but I don't ever have the time to make anything under there. Right now, you can find a ton of macrame curtains and wall hangings over on Pinterest. So if you want to give it a go yourself, do it. But, if you're like me and you literally have no time to get your craft on, pick up one of these gorgeous handmade ivory hangings. It'll add the perfect amount of boho charm to your space.


Mix Up A Delicious Cocktail In Fun Mugs

Owl Creek Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set Of Four), $45, Amazon

If you love entertaining and you are interested in mixing up some delicious cocktails, then you have to check out some of the tasty recipes that people are posting on Pinterest. How good does a blueberry cucumber Moscow Mule sound? Serve them up in traditional copper mugs for all of your guests to enjoy.


Welcome People Into Your Home

Come In And Cozy Up Doormat, $38, Etsy

How adorable is this doormat that I found on Pinterest? It's so much more fun than a regular, "welcome" mat. It adds a little bit of personality to your home and will make guests feel welcome. And if you want one that says something else, you can get it, as these mats are totally customizable.


Keep Your House Looking Clean And Sleek

Legrand Adorne PopOut Outlet Kit, $60, Amazon

This was something I had never seen before when I stumbled upon it on Pinterest. They are outlets that you can pop into the wall when you aren't using them, so you don't see a million outlets around your home. It certainly makes your house look a lot sleeker than if you just have outlets everywhere. So, when you're ready to plug something in, simply push on the box and the outlets will pop out.


Create The Ultimate At-Home Hangout

Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede, $201, Amazon

I love looking for decorating inspiration for the imaginary home that I have. I always like to see how people are making their homes more comfortable, so when I saw this post about designing the ultimate home theater and spotted these giant bean bags, I knew they'd be perfect for lounging. They're super fluffy, and you won't want to get up even after your movie has finished.


Save Valuable Counter Space

Mason Jar Organizer, $25, Amazon

I really love scouring Pinterest for organizational hacks, like this mason jar storage idea. You can free up space on an otherwise cluttered countertop in your bathroom. Hang this on your bathroom wall, and use it to keep cotton balls, makeup brushes, Q-tips, and more off the sink.


Refresh Skin While You Sleep

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack (Three Pack), $32, Amazon

Pinterest is the best place to find cool Korean skin care products that you may not have heard of before. Use the black tea mask to make skin glow, the green tea mask to help clear skin, and the strawberry mask for dewy, hydrated skin. And all of them work overnight, so you wake up with noticeable results. Plus, they have the cutest packing ever.


Peeing In The Woods Made Easier

Go Girl Female Urination Device (Two Pack), $26, Amazon

Pee standing up. Seriously, that's what this thing does. It makes peeing in the woods, while you're out camping, a lot easier. You won't have to squat and worry about falling over onto poison ivy. Instead, you can just use this reusable silicone device to help you pee while standing. This is trending all over Pinterest in the outdoor section, and if you're a big camper, maybe it'll be useful.


Charge Your Phone And Cook Your Dinner At The Same Time

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove, $130, Amazon

How cool is this CampStove that I found on Pinterest's outdoor trending page? It converts the heat from the fire into actual electricity that you can use to recharge your gadgets while you're cooking your dinner. Plug in your phone, roast some marshmallows, and start charging. The CampStove is about the size of a one liter water bottle, so it's really portable and perfect for your next camping trip.


Keep Fruit Fresh And Off Your Counters

MyGift 3 Tier Chain Hanging Space Saving Fruit Basket, $25, Amazon

If you live in a tiny apartment, and you're constantly looking for ways to free up that prime counter space in your kitchen, then you should get some hanging fruit bowls. I found these on the home decor section of Pinterest, and no wonder they're trending. They instantly save you space, and they look really nice hanging from your ceiling. The wire baskets will show off the beautiful colors of all of your fresh produce.


A Smart Watch That's Actually Stylish

Fossil Q Wander Gen 2 Touchscreen Smartwatch, $295, Amazon

Smartwatches are popping up everywhere these days, and that includes Pinterest. They're really cool because you can stay connected without constantly having your phone in your hand. Receive calls, texts, emails, and app updates on your watch. Listen to music, track your steps, and so much more. The best part about this smartwatch is that it's actually really stylish (I mean, isn't anything made in rose gold stylish?).


The First Step To A Great Skin Care Routine

SON&PARK Beauty Water, $27, Amazon

There's no wonder that the beauty lovers on Pinterest are obsessed with this cleansing toner, as it does way more than any other basic toner. It mildly exfoliates skin and gets rid of dead skin. It also leaves you with brighter and softer skin, making it the perfect base to your skin care routine. Plus it smells wonderful, as it is made with lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extract.


The Speaker That Has Changed The Game

Echo Dot, $50, Amazon

I'm really not surprised that I came across the Echo Dot on one of the tech pages on Pinterest. It's a speaker that has really changed the game because of Alexa — the voice assistant can do almost anything for you. Want to play music? She's got you covered. Interested in ordering a pizza? Let Alexa do it for you. Do you need a ride somewhere? She can order an Uber for you. Alexa is the personal assistant you never knew you needed.


Everything You Need To Cook A Delicious Meal On The Go

MSR Flex 4 System, $160, Amazon

When you're heading to the cabin or to go camping, you want to pack light. So, when I discovered this cool pot set on Pinterest, I knew I had to show you. It's really great because it comes with all you need to cook a delicious meal (including nonstick pots and pans), a strainer, mugs, and more. Plus, they all fit inside the biggest pot, so it's really easy to transport.


Share Your Memories In A Cool Way

Luckies of London Corkboard Adhesive Map, $26, Amazon

I love to showcase all of my memories from my travels, and what better way to do it then with this awesome world map corkboard that I found while scrolling through Pinterest? It's such a cool spot to pin postcards and photos from different destinations around the world. Or you can leave it blank and just show off the fact that you love the world and travel.


Radiant Skin By Morning

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $46, Nordstrom

This lightweight formula helps restore skin overnight. It soothes irritated and inflamed skin, and leaves you with bright, soft skin come morning. You can even use it to help dry skin on your hands, elbows, and heels. Or, if you're looking to relax (it smells like lavender), simply add a few drops to your bath. No wonder beauty lovers on Pinterest can't get enough of this multifunctional product.


Stay Comfortable When You're Outdoor Camping In Warm Weather

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag, $30, Amazon

Festival season is coming up, and odds are you'll be camping in some pretty hot weather. That means that you'll need vastly different gear than if you were sleeping outside in the cold. Instead you'll want a lightweight sleeping bag, like this one that I found trending on Pinterest. It'll keep your body at the right temperature, so you can sleep through the night without feeling sweaty or hot.


Work From Anywhere, Even Your Bed

Altra Jacob Laptop Cart, $38, Amazon

When I'm writing, I work from so many places in my house. Sometimes I'm outside, sometimes I'm on the couch or the kitchen table, and sometimes I'm even in my bed. I can imagine how much more comfortable it would be moving around all of the time and writing on a desk that's adjustable. Whoever pinned this to Pinterest had something right.


Invest In A Drone, And Take The Coolest Videos Ever

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter, $998, Amazon

Yes, a drone is a huge investment. But, if you're really into capturing some epic aerial video and photos, then you need to get one. The phantom drones are some of the best out there, and they're really easy to use. You can fly it up to 45mph for about 28 minutes and capture beautiful coastlines, over water bungalows, huge waterfalls, and more. It's the next step in really great travel photography and video, so no wonder it's trending on Pinterest.


Prime Your Lashes For Even More Volume

tarte Opening Act Lash Primer, $22, Sephora

If you're looking for lashes with volume, some Pinterest users say it's worth it to apply primer before you put on your mascara. This one is great because it preps, lengthens, volumizes, separates, and curls lashes all before you even apply your mascara. It also comes with a travel sized tarte mascara, so you can have big lashes on the go.


Utilize Your Space By Having Hidden Storage Areas

Simpli Home Amherst Entryway Storage Bench, $140, Amazon

Pinterest always has the best ideas when it comes to storage and organization. I found a pin about creating your own entryway storage bench and thought, hey that could be cool. If you're into half DIY projects, this bench is perfect for you, because yes, assembly is required. But when you're finished completing it, you'll have yourself a storage bench that is perfect for keeping items hidden in your entryway and is a great place to sit.


Create A Beautiful Hanging Indoor Garden

Hanging Prism Terrarium, $20, Amazon

I do not have a green thumb. I can't really keep most plants alive, so I usually opt for succulents that don't require a whole lot of care. And, my favorite way people display them (and the way that I would love to do it someday) is in hanging terrariums. I think it just adds a bit of character to your space in a simple and easy way (and Pinterest agrees).


Set Makeup And Get Rid Of Annoyingly Oily Skin

Loose Setting Powder Laura Mercier, $38, Amazon

I can't stand when my skin gets oily. I also don't like when my makeup starts to melt off an hour or two after I have applied it. I find that using a translucent setting powder is the best way to tackle both of those issues. This one is great because it gives skin a velvety texture. Pinterest users like it because it gives you a natural-looking matte finish.


Keep Your Things Safe When You Ride Your Bike To Work

Bicycle Bag, $174, Etsy

How cute is this messenger bag that I found on Pinterest? It attaches to the back of your bicycle, and you use it to store anything you could need for work. I have a lot of friends who ride their bikes to work, and they complain that they don't feel professional walking into their offices with a backpack. This would completely eliminate that problem, as it's stylish and made from genuine leather.

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