25 Weird But Genius Gifts on Amazon For People Who Are Hard To Please

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Some might call them "high maintenance," but really, they've just got great taste: You know the friends and family members that I'm talking about, and for them, it's imperative to find gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for. When a holiday or a birthday rolls around, you know that a bottle of liquor and a pair of bookends aren't going to cut it for this person. Maybe it's because they're unbelievably practical, or maybe it's because they're just your pickiest friend, but either way, you can rest easy knowing that you're covered this time around.

I don't think I have anyone in my life who's particularly easy to buy for (except maybe my brother, who's spent the past 29 Christmases getting psyched over knitted hats and Star Wars memorabilia). For everyone else, I need something that's functional, yet sleek, so it fits their space as well as their choosy lifestyle. If it solves multiple problems at once, even better, because there's absolutely no room for "impractical clutter" in these people's lives. If you know someone who fits into the aforementioned category, check out these weird but genius gifts on Amazon for people who are especially hard to shop for.

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