26 Disney Channel Original Movies You Can Stream Right Now, Ranging From 'Cheetah Girls' To 'HSM'

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Sometimes you just want to give into nostalgia and relax with one of your favorite movies from adolescence. So, it makes sense that young people are seeking out their fave Disney Channel Original Movies (aka DCOMs) on streaming platforms. But which movies are actually available? The Disney Channel Original Movies you can stream range from undeniable classics, such as High School Musical, to more forgotten gems, like Mom's Got a Date With A Vampire (it's all in the name, folks).

Whether you grew up as part of the Lemonade Mouth generation or loyally sang along to each Camp Rock movie, you can relive your childhood in some capacity. Or you can have your first encounter with Tia and Tamera Mowry discovering their witchy powers, or Aly and AJ working at a dairy farm. (Sisters were kind of a thing on Disney Channel, huh?)

While some movies you might remember as Disney Channel Originals actually aren't (The Lizzie McGuire Movie was released in theaters, y'all), it's still a pretty impressive lineup featuring so many memorable options. So settle in with a Capri Sun and afternoon snack, because you're watching Disney Channel... but not, like, on Disney Channel. You know what I mean...

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