26 Life-Changing Things For Your Kitchen On Amazon You'll Use Constantly

Ever tried to make spaghetti without a strainer? It's not easy. That's because you can be a newbie in the kitchen, or even a seasoned professional chef — either way, you're going to need the right tools in order to make a delicious meal. Luckily for everybody reading this, I've put together a list of genius products for your kitchen available on Amazon.

But what makes any given kitchen tool more clever than the rest? Ideally, it'll help save you time — so if slicing up garlic and other ingredients seems to take forever, you'll definitely want to check out the vegetable chopper I've added to this list. Or maybe you're looking for something that can help you keep your kitchen clean? In that case, make sure you take a look at the splatter guard I've included. Not only is it made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but it's an easy way to prevent hot oil from popping onto your countertops.

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a space-saving strainer, or a scraper made from rust-resistant stainless steel — there isn't a single genius product on this list that you won't wind up using constantly.


This Clip-On Strainer That Doesn't Take Up A Ton Of Space

Tired of losing noodles down the sink? A clip-on strainer like this one might be the answer you're looking for. It's super-compact which makes it great for cramped kitchens, and it's designed to fit onto practically any bowl, pan, or pot.


An Instant Pot That Features 7 Different Cooking Functions

Use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan — truly, this instant pot can pretty much do it all. The inner cooking pot is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and there's even a free downloadable app that comes loaded with delicious recipes to help get you started.


This Salad Spinner That Takes The Hassle Out Of Drying Lettuce

Thinking about adding more leafy greens to your diet? This salad spinner can help, as it helps prevent your washed greens from becoming a soggy mess. The non-slip knob locks down so that it takes up hardly any space while in storage, plus the spinning bowl doubles as a colander.


A Universal Pot Lid That Helps Save You Precious Storage Space

Not only is it made from rust-resistant stainless steel and tempered glass, but this universal pot lid is an easy way to save space in the kitchen. It's designed to fit onto practically any pot or pan so that you can downsize the rest of your collection, plus it's heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Splatter Screen That Protects You And Your Clothes

Frying anything on a stovetop can be super-messy, so prevent grease from popping all over with this splatter screen. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the plastic handle won't transfer heat from the pan to your hands.


A Baster Brush That Attaches Directly To Your Marinade Bottles

Basting can be messy, and dirties up a ton of dishes — so cut down on your cleaning time with this basting brush. It attaches directly to your marinade bottle so that you can easily brush it onto your meats, and the bristles are made from antibacterial silicone.


This Hanging Garbage Bag Holder To Help Keep Your Home Tidy

Preparing meals creates a lot of waste, so put this hanging garbage bag holder above one of your drawers or cabinet doors. It's an easy way to cut down on the trips to the garbage can and back, plus it's great for collecting lint in the laundry room.


A Food Shovel Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Rachel Ray’s stainless steel scraper easily transports diced veggies from the cutting board to a waiting pot. The 6 ¼ inch shovel also doubles as a scraper to efficiently clear off cutting boards and chopping blocks.

Easily transport your chopped ingredients from cutting board to stovetop with this food shovel. It also doubles as a scraper so that you can quickly clear away scraps from your cutting board, and the ribbed handle helps you maintain a firm grip.


This Deodorizer That Helps Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

Moms are so helpful, aren’t they? This mom works hard to eliminate odors in your fridge and freezer. Why have a boring old box when you can have a Chilly Mama in your fridge?

Got some unwanted odors you'd like to clear out of your refrigerator? This deodorizer can help. Simply fill it up with baking soda, and it'll quickly eliminate stubborn smells caused by cheese, produce, and more. It can even help food stay fresh for longer, and it's designed to work for months before you need to change out the baking soda.


A Cover That Helps Keep Your Microwave Splatter-Free

We’ve all experienced food explosions in the microwave. Thirty seconds too long and there’s food everywhere, which you now have to clean. A microwave plate cover is sort of genius in its simplicity. It keeps the fallout contained and clean up of the cover itself is as easy as popping it into the dishwasher.

30 seconds too long, and your microwaved meal explodes into a hot mess — so save yourself some cleaning with this cover. It's large enough that it can fit most plates, platters, and bowls, plus it's completely BPA-free.


The Table Runner That Doubles As A Heat-Resistant Trivet

Whether its dinner for two or dinner for twenty, you’ll always need a trivet. The Trivetrunner is long enough to accommodate multiple hot dishes keeping your countertops and tabletops safe and damage-free.

It doesn't matter whether you're cooking for 20 people, or just yourself — you'll probably need a trivet. This table runner not only adds a splash of color to your table, but it's also heat-resistant so that you can also use it as a trivet. It's tear-resistant as well as non-slip, and it's available in over 10 classic colors.


A Meat Thermometer With An Easy-To-Read LCD Screen

Food safety is critical and cooking meats to the right temperature is the only way to ensure meals are safe to eat. The Aniksunny Digital Meat Thermometer is an instant-read thermometer with a 2 to 4 second response time and it even has a convenient black light.

Food safety is always important, so make sure that your meats are properly cooked with this digital thermometer. The easy-to-read LCD screen has a backlight so that you can use it while grilling at night, plus it's able to read temperatures all the way from -58 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Stainless Steel Bar Of Soap That Tackles Tough Odors

If you’ve ever peeled garlic or onions you know that the odor can linger on your hands for quite some time. The Amco stainless steel odor absorber quickly and easily removes food odors from your hands. Rub it on your hands just like any bar of soap and say goodbye to tough odors.

If you've ever peeled garlic or onions, you know that the odor can linger on your hands for quite a while — so use this stainless steel bar of "soap" to get your skin smelling neutral again. Just rub it between your hands like you would with a regular bar of soap, and the metal will quickly absorb any unwanted odors.


A Soap Dispenser With A Built-In Motion Sensor

No one wants to touch an icky faucet and with the Hanamichi touchless soap dispenser, you won’t have to. Infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology quickly and easily dispense soap stopping cross-contamination in its tracks.

Touching a dirty soap pump right after you've washed your hands is counterproductive, which is why this soap dispenser is practically a must-have. The built-in motion sensor dispenses soap completely hands-free, and the waterproof base keeps the battery compartment safe from corrosion.


This Garlic Press That Can Help You Save Time

When your recipe calls for garlic, (who doesn’t like a recipe that calls for garlic), cut the prep time in half with the Alpha Grillers garlic press. Simply pop the unpeeled cloves into the mincer and viola, you’ll have garlic paste in a snap.

Chopping up garlic is tedious, whereas using this garlic press is an easy way to help save you time in the kitchen. It's made from premium, rust-resistant stainless steel, plus you can also use it to crush ginger or nuts. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it shows no signs of wear or tear, and that "it looks as nice today as it did when I bought it."


A Stand Mixer With That Comes With A Dough Hook

If you’re an avid baker the kitchen aid stand mixer is an absolute must-have. Mix up a batch of your favorite cakes and cookies, pop it into the mixing bowl and just walk away, the kitchen aid mixer does the heavy lifting for you. With a boatload of attachments for grinding, slicing and spiralizing (really the list is almost endless) the kitchen aid mixer is not just for baking anymore, it’s kinda like having your very own sous chef.

If you or someone you know is an avid baker, this stand mixer is a must-have. Each order comes with a flat beater as well as a dough hook attachment, and it's great for making cookies, fresh bread, or even pounds of mashed potatoes. The mixing speed is adjustable so that you can use it with delicate ingredients like egg whites, and the bowl is made from super-durable stainless steel.


The Cutting Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Cutting boards are an essential item in every kitchen. Not only do they protect your countertops they also provide excellent work surfaces for whatever is on the menu. The Greener Chef bamboo cutting board is antimicrobial and free of dyes, plastics, and formaldehyde. The clever design also features deep grooves all around to keep spills and kitchen messes contained.

A good cutting board is essential in every kitchen. This one is not only made from eco-friendly bamboo, but it also features grooves along the edges that help prevent juices from overflowing onto your counters. It's antimicrobial as well as BPA-free, plus it's gentler on your knives than plastic.


A Tool That Takes The Work Out Of Slicing Vegetables

There are very few jobs in the kitchen that are more tedious than slicing a cucumber paper-thin. Lucky for you there’s a handy gadget for that. The Fullstar mandolin vegetable slicer is five kitchen gadgets in one convenient package. Interchangeable blades let you slice, dice, chop, grate, and julienne to your heart's content and catch tray eliminates the need for more dishes. Sounds like a dream kitchen helper if you ask me.

Not only do you get a mandoline and spiralizer with each order, but this vegetable chopper also takes the work out of dicing up onions, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, and more. The interchangeable blades let you slice, chop, and julienne your ingredients, plus the non-slip base keeps it stable while you work.


The Lid And Spoon Rest That Help Keep Your Counters Clean

For those of us who cook everyday, we can tell you there are two things that are quite annoying, steam covered lids that drip when you remove them and where on earth should you put that spoon that’s now covered in sauce? The Progressive lid and spoon rest kills two birds with one stone. It’s a neat little stand for your pot’s lid and a spoon rest all in one. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

Instead of resting your utensils on your counter, just place them on this spoon and lid rest. It's made from high-quality stainless steel, plus it's designed to accommodate spoons and lids of practically any size. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that it's "small enough to fit on the stovetop, yet sturdy enough to hold large lids."


A Pair Of Coffee Scoops With Built-In Bag Clips

The Korsmall coffee scoop and bag clip are two kitchen essentials in one. Measure the right amount for the perfect cup of coffee every time and when you’re done the clip effectively closes the bag to maintain freshness. I know I would use this at least three times a day… ok, six but who’s counting?

Designed with built-in bag clips that help keep your bag of fresh, each of these scoops holds exactly 1 tablespoon of your favorite grounds. They're a great gift for any avid coffee drinker, plus they're made from extra-durable stainless steel that won't corrode over time — an absolute steal at only $6.


The Sponge Holder Shaped Like An Adorable Yogi

I don’t know about you but nothing bugs me more than a sponge that just sits in the sink. And unfailingly, when it’s time to clean up the sponge is always lost under a mountain of dishes. The Peleg Yogi sponge holder keeps your sponge up and in plain sight ending your nightly treasure hunt for good. I think this one falls under too cute to pass up and daily use, excuse me while I add to cart.

Wet sponges left in the sink quickly develop mold and mildew, so keep them high and dry with this sponge holder. There's a strong suction cup on the back that makes it easy to attach to your sink, and the open design helps aerate your sponge so it dries quickly.


A Tool That Helps Keep You Safe From Accidental Burns

While they can be a helpful kitchen appliance, toaster ovens can cause a mean burn if you’re not careful. I would know because I have the scars to prove it. Wish I knew about this next doohickey sooner. The silicone devil oven toaster puller, you guessed it, pulls the toaster oven tray out so you can safely handle the contents.

Reaching into a toaster oven is an almost guaranteed way to wind up with an accidental burn, whereas using this handy tool will keep your hands out of harm's way. It's made from heat-resistant silicone that won't melt when exposed to high temperatures, plus it also works great for pulling out your oven rack.


This Stand That Makes Your Tacos Look Deliciously Professional

The only thing that can make anyone unhappy on taco Tuesday is falling tacos. It’s a bit deflating when you load your load up your taco with all your favorite fixin’s just to have it fall over spilling all of its yummy contents. Stop the balancing act, save yourself some time and perhaps a bit of aggravation with the Sparks kitchen taco holder stand.

Instead of letting your tacos spill out all over your plate, keep them upright with this stand. It's made from 100% food-grade stainless steel that gives your tacos a professional appearance, plus you can also pop it into the oven with your tacos to melt cheese, or even crisp soft tortillas.


An Bamboo Box That's Perfect For Herbs And Spices

If you had to pick the two ingredients that you use the most to flavor your food, chances are you would pick salt and pepper. So why not keep them easily accessible on your countertop? Your answer to that is probably because the containers are not that attractive. Lily’s salt and pepper box would be an outstanding addition to any countertop. The dual-chambered bamboo box is perfect for keeping salt and pepper at your fingertips while the swivel lid allows for easy access and the magnetic closure keeps the contents from spilling everywhere.

If you're looking for a chic alternative to bulky salt and pepper shakers, why not give this spice box a try? It's made from eco-friendly bamboo that looks great on any countertop, and there are two separate compartments where you can easily store spices or herbs of your choosing. The lid swivels so that you can't misplace it, plus the magnetic closure helps prevent the contents from spilling.


This Container That Helps Keep Your Herbs Fresher For Longer

Cooking with fresh herbs can be a pricey proposition, primarily due to its poor shelf life. How often do you end up throwing half of it away? Save yourself time and money with the Novart premium herb keeper. The herb keeper is made with borosilicate glass and keeps your herbs 2-3 weeks longer than the crisper.

Fresh herbs quickly spoil in the refrigerator — unless you're storing them in this herb keeper. Not only does it help keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks longer, but it's also made with borosilicate glass that's extra-durable. Use it for cilantro, dill, rosemary, chives, or even use it to store your cutlery during dinner parties.


A Finger Guard That Helps Prevent Accidental Nicks And Cuts

The stainless steel finger guard by Flux Kitchenware is a no brainer for any kitchen. Slice and dice to your heart's content without any fear or apprehension. The finger guard fits on any finger, and suitable for right or left-hand use.

If you have a habit of cutting yourself when preparing meals, use this finger guard to keep your digits safe. It's ergonomically designed for an easy fit on both your left and right hand, plus the finger loop is adjustable for added comfort.

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