32 Clever Cooking & Eating Inventions on Amazon For People Who Are Clumsy AF

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Sometimes stepping into the kitchen to prepare a meal can feel like a battle. In fact, my hands are covered with tiny battle wounds (i.e. scars) from various kitchen incidents — so it’s no surprise I’ve needed to find some clever cooking & eating inventions on Amazon for people who are clumsy AF.

While I don't always consider myself to be clumsy, when I step into the kitchen it's as if I have entered a whole new world. In fact, most of my injuries come from things that don’t even seem all that dangerous, like pouring coconut oil into a pan for stir-fry or trying to drain a can of beans. Unfortunately, one tiny slip or bad judgment call in the kitchen, and I’m running to the bathroom, searching for bandages.

That's why having gadgets that take away the risk— like finger guards to protect your valuable digits during food prep or veggie choppers that slice your produce for you — are critical when you're less graceful side decides to shine through. These easy-to-use products tend to streamline your kitchen tools while prioritizing your safety and minimizing clean up.

So if you're ready to turn your battleground into a safe place that even kids can run around in, here's the clever kitchen tools on Amazon you need if you're clumsy.

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