26 Of The Most Fascinating Things You Can Add To Your Grooming Routine

Whether you're spending hours in front of the mirror or simply brushing your hair, one thing is for sure: grooming can be boring AF. I know I’d rather be doing anything than plucking my eyebrows or flossing my teeth. Luckily, plenty of fascinating things you can add to your grooming routine exist, spicing up the daily grind.

These products fall mostly into two categories: one, items that address aspects of your routine you already find monotonous — like drying your hair and shaving your legs — and two, fascinating items that answer problems you thought unfixable — like intense heel calluses and even under-boob sweat.

None of these products are necessary, of course, as grooming habits are totally personal and up to the individual. But hey, if you're going to spend 60 seconds curling your eyelashes every single day, you might as well find the most clever and fun tool to do the job.

These fascinating grooming tools will catch your eye for good reason, ideally because you can see them being useful on a daily basis. Each product we've found serves a specific purpose, designed to streamline your beauty habits. If you're looking to revive the innovative and efficient spirit of your grooming routine, look no further.

by Emily Estep

1. This Lotion That Keeps Away Boob Sweat

Fresh Body Fresh Breasts Lotion, $12, Amazon

This hypoallergenic breast lotion stops sweating in the under-boob region before it starts — just apply it like a standard lotion, and it dries down to a comfortable, powder consistency. It's also great for those that chafe in sports bras or whenever they sweat, and it's talc-free.


2. This Scalp Facial That Stimulates Your Skin And Hair

Alterna Caviar Exfoliating Scalp Facial, $9, Amazon

This product acts as a facial for your scalp, and it'll get rid of dead skin and product buildup with gentle exfoliants and a unique bristle applicator. Ultimately, it relieves dryness and itchiness, and one reviewer writes: "Works great. Definitely helped to resolve the itchy scalp issues I was having because of hair product buildup."


3. This Razor Blade Sharpener That Cuts Down Your Razor Bills

Sustainable Village Razor Blade Sharpener, $15, Amazon

This razor blade sharpener makes your dull disposable razors as good as new so you won't have to purchase new ones — just slide the razor across your sharpener a few times, and it should be as good as new. It works with single, double, and triple blades, and will ensure that your skin won't get irritated by dull razors.


4. This Epilator That Removes Hair Precisely And Evenly

YUNAI Electric Hair Remover, $22, Amazon

This electric epilator has a butterfly design that makes it easy to hold in your hand, and since it's electric instead of manual, it's way more precise than typical epilators. It removes even the shortest hairs on your face and even exfoliates away dead skin with no chemicals. One reviewer raves: "This product works amazingly! I use to get my face threaded all of the time and it is getting way too expensive to do that. Especially as it has gained popularity. This product does a great job and doesn't hurt."


5. These Exfoliating Gloves That Erase Dead Skin Cells

Urban Spa Exfoliating Gloves, $5, Amazon

These exfoliating gloves are designed for daily use all over your body to get rid of dead skin and to improve blood circulation. You can use them dry before you get in the shower as a form of dry brushing, or you can use them with your bath products when you're washing up.


6. A Pre-Shave Scrub That Helps You Achieve The Smoothest Shave Ever

Bikini Soft Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub, $15, Amazon

This pre-shave scrub is made with virgin coconut oil and sugar, gentle ingredients that nourish your skin and prepping the skin for hair removal by getting rid of dead skin. It also helps prevent razor bumps, nicks, and ingrown hair, and the additional ingredients like Vitamin E are even good for acne and scarring.


7. This Hair Remover That Gets Rid Of Hair Fast And Easy

Vassoul Painless Hair Remover, $10, Amazon

This pocket-sized hair remover gets rid of hair anywhere on the body (even sensitive areas like the bikini line) without pain. The super sharp razors and a clever design that prevents it from ever nicking your skin, and hair is removed all the way down at the root. It's safe to use wet or dry, and only requires batteries to work.


8. This Hoof Cream That Will Give You Strong AF Nails

Gena Healthy Hoof Cream, $7, Amazon

Okay, so this hoof cream may have been originally designed to strengthen horse hooves, but that just means you know it will work super well on your nails. If you're looking to strengthen your nails and improve cuticle health, Healthy Hoof Cream — packed with an intense protein treatment and ingredients like castor seed and lavender oil — is the way to go. One reviewer found lots of different uses for it: "This jar of protein is the best thing I have used for my cuticles. I was having problems with them cracking and being very dry. This Health Hoofs has put the moisture back. and it is great for softening your feet. If you have problems with dry cracked heels it will do wonders. I have recommended it to all my friends and family."


9. These Sheet Masks With Animal Faces On Them

SNP Animals Sheet Mask, $12 (8 Pack), Amazon

These sheet masks come in four different varieties, with active ingredients like coconut milk and coconut water to target various skin problems and keep skin extra-hydrated. And more importantly, each one gives you a different animal face — think a dragon, otter, tiger, or panda mask — making sheet mask time as fun as it is relaxing.


10. These Foot Masks That Make Calluses Peel Right Off

LuckyFine Foot Peel Mask, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

These foot peel masks are made with milk extract, lavender, and various plant extracts that nourish your feet while tackling dead skin and intense calluses. Once you use them as directed, you should notice even the toughest dead skin peeling off by the end of the week, and your skin will be softer than ever.


11. This Odd Brush That Gets Every Tangle Out Of Hair

Twirler Ball Brush, $13, Amazon

This ball brush has its bristles set-up in a nearly perfect sphere, so you can brush way more hair at once, streamlining the process for anyone with thick or long hair. It's also more gentle on your wrists since you won't have to contort your hands at awkward angles to get every bit of hair. Reviewers think it's great for blow drying and adding volume to any style.


12. This Clay-Powered Bubble Mask That Foams Up

One Bad Motha'foamer Bubble Clay Mask, $13, Amazon

This bubble mask is packed with kaolin clay that exfoliates away dead skin cells, charcoal that detoxifies beneath the skin's surface, and carbon dioxide for a bubbly application that foams up and makes the whole process a lot more fun. One Amazon user raved, "It clears your skin, AND your face is really soft."


13. This Face Massager That Soothes Tired Skin

HaloVa 3D Roller Face Massager, $10, Amazon

This 3-D roller massages your face with delicate pressure, which promotes blood circulation and encourages cell turnover. The balls roll in 360-degree motion to help relieve tension and it's safe for sensitive skin. You can also use it on the body, and it's great for waking up dull skin.


14. This Cleansing Toner That's Powered By Natural Seaweed

Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, $15, Amazon

This cleansing toner is made with bladderwack seaweed, witch hazel, and aloe extract, which reduces inflammation, clears pores, and soothes skin. It's also hydrating and made with no alcohol, so it's great for any skin type. Most use it at night as a light exfoliant.


15. This Foot Scrubber That Suctions To Your Shower Floor

Bath Blossom Foot Scrub Brush, $24, Amazon

This foot scrub brush gets rid of dead skin on your foot right in the shower — it's made of silicone so it'll suction itself right to the bottom of a smooth shower floor, and then you can scrub until your feet are as good as new. The durable bristles will last a long time, and it has a hanging hook so you can store it right on your shower caddy.


16. This Toothpaste That Cleanses With Sea Salt

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, $13, Amazon

This salt toothpaste cleans your teeth thoroughly and prevents plaque buildup without making your gums sore or irritating sensitive teeth. It relies on sea salt as a natural teeth cleaner and whitener to get the job done, but it's also made with some peppermint oil so it'll taste similar to your regular toothpaste.


17. These Under Eye Masks Made With Actual Gold

LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask, $20 (15 Pack), Amazon

These eye masks are made with actual 24k gold, which detoxifies, hydrates, and is — ya know — super luxurious. They also have hyaluronic acid, collagen, and grape seed extract that work together to firm and plump your skin, making you look well-rested even after you've pulled an all-nighter.


18. This Blow Dryer Mount That Lets You Style With Both Hands

Bestie Brands Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder, $22, Amazon

This hair dryer holder mounts to your mirror, so you can place any standard-sized hair dryer in it and use both hands to brush and style your hair. You should be able to style more effectively, and it will prevent your arms from getting tired. It's also simple to set up, and comes with everything you need to do so.


19. This Eyelash Curler That's Heated For A Long-Lasting Curl

TOUCHBeauty Heated Eyelash Curler, $13, Amazon

This heated eyelash curler uses gentle heat to curl your lashes and keep them in place. The silicone band prevents tearing or crimping, and with some added mascara, your lashes will stay curled for hours. One reviewer writes: "This eyelash curler works great! It heats up very quickly, and the curl lasts all day. Nice little gadget."


20. This Toenail Clippers That Can Cut Through Stubborn Nails

Fox Medical Grade Toenail Clippers, $15, Amazon

If your toenails are thick, dry, or starting to become ingrown, it's time to break out these medical grade toenail clippers. They'll handle the toughest of jobs with stainless steel clippers that will never rust, and an ergonomic handle that's great for anyone's hands. It also comes with a protective cap for safer storage.


21. This Hair Wax That's Specifically Made For Nose Hair Removal

Yoffee Nose Hair Removal Wax, $14, Amazon

If you choose to remove the hair inside your nose, this removal wax was made specifically for the job. Heat the pot up and stick one of the ten nose sticks in the Argan oil- and beeswax-infused wax, and the special applicator only removes hair around the edge of the nostril. It's relatively painless, and reviewers love that it's easy to use on the first try.


22. This Bizarre Toothpaste Made With Active Charcoal

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste, $7, Amazon

This charcoal toothpaste is made with activated charcoal — though it still tastes like mint — to naturally buff away stains, whiten your teeth, and destroy bad odors in your mouth. It's also way more gentle than standard toothpaste, so it won't activate sensitive teeth or cause any gum pain. It's also cruelty-free and eco-friendly, too.


23. This Lip Balm And Plumper That's Powered By Bee Venom

Saintsco Bee Venom Lip Balm Plumper, $19, Amazon

This lip balm is made with bee venom from New Zealand, which naturally plumps your lips without any harsh chemicals. It's also made with natural ingredients like Manuka honey, cocoa butter, and shea butter, which keep lips feeling soft and hydrated. Of course, if you're allergic to bees, you should stay away from this product.


24. This Foot Soak That Removes Fungus And Softens Calluses

ASUTRA Tea Tree And Peppermint Foot Soak, $19, Amazon

This therapeutic foot soak reduces aches and pains in your feet and ankles, while also cleaning and disinfecting to prevent foot fungus and odors. Its combination of tea tree oil, peppermint, and sea salt also soften calluses over time, to help you achieve soft feet.


25. This Honey Hand Mask That You Peel Off Like Glue

XY Fancy Milk And Honey Peel Off Hand Mask, $11, Amazon

This bizarre peel-off hand mask is packed with milk and honey to soften your skin, and then it dries down to a filmy layer you get to peel off. What's more fascinating and satisfying than peeling off a mask? It's also packed with hyaluronic acid that keeps your hands hydrated for a very long time.


26. This Hair Remover That Keeps Your Skin Smooth For A Super Long Time

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover, $16, Amazon

This hair remover gets rid of hair anywhere on your body — including the most sensitive regions of your face — by pulling them deeply from within the pore. This way, the hair won't grow back for quite some time. It's as effective as tweezing or laser treatments, without all the time, hassle, and money. It's hypoallergenic, and one happy reviewer writes: "I'm not sure where this has been my entire adult life, but it arrived today and by following the simple instructions I had successfully removed the unwanted facial hair from my chin and neck areas in no time. Pain is even less than waxing."

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