26 Of The Most Fascinating Things You Can Add To Your Grooming Routine

By Emily Estep
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Whether you're spending hours in front of the mirror or simply brushing your hair, one thing is for sure: grooming can be boring AF. I know I’d rather be doing anything than plucking my eyebrows or flossing my teeth. Luckily, plenty of fascinating things you can add to your grooming routine exist, spicing up the daily grind.

These products fall mostly into two categories: one, items that address aspects of your routine you already find monotonous — like drying your hair and shaving your legs — and two, fascinating items that answer problems you thought unfixable — like intense heel calluses and even under-boob sweat.

None of these products are necessary, of course, as grooming habits are totally personal and up to the individual. But hey, if you're going to spend 60 seconds curling your eyelashes every single day, you might as well find the most clever and fun tool to do the job.

These fascinating grooming tools will catch your eye for good reason, ideally because you can see them being useful on a daily basis. Each product we've found serves a specific purpose, designed to streamline your beauty habits. If you're looking to revive the innovative and efficient spirit of your grooming routine, look no further.

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