26 Pumpkin-Related Things You Can Buy From Target

Courtesy of Target

If you're the type of person who walk out of Target after purchasing a single item, I applaud your self-control. Meanwhile, you can find me wandering the shelves for hours, hauling around a basket creaking under its own weight. In the weeks before Halloween, that basket is usually full of pumpkin-related things you can buy at Target — of which there are many. Possibly too many for my wallet, but what can I say? Everyone has their weaknesses. Achilles had his heel; I have my mid-priced seasonal decorations. At least mine leads to a cute apartment rather than death and destruction.

Despite popular belief, pumpkins haven't always been part of Halloween. The original jack-o-lanterns were carved from turnips and potatoes, which were common in Ireland, where the tradition began. As Irish people immigrated to the United States, they brought the custom along with them. Over time, pumpkins, which are indigenous to North America, replaced other vegetables in the carving process, and voila! The pumpkin jack-o-lantern was born.

These days, pumpkins are basically a visual representation of Halloween, so for the duration of September and October, the orange squash is everywhere you look. Why not join in the festivities? Here are 26 pumpkin-related ways to get into the Halloween spirit at Target this fall.


Jack-O-Lantern Dog Toy

Bark Jack's Lantern Plush Pumpkin Dog Toy, $12, Target

If you're a big Halloween lover, your dog probably is, too. This toy will make them howl (with happiness).


Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee, $6, Target

Brace yourself: Pumpkin spice season is here. Take it down a notch from the pumpkin spice lattes by using flavored coffee instead.


Star Wars Light-Up Lantern

Star Warns Kylo Ren Halloween Light Up Pumpkin, $13, Target

Too lazy to do any carving yourself? You can buy a pre-carved, Star Wars-themed pumpkin that lights up on its own.


"Pirates of the Caribbean" Pumpkin

Halloween Pirates of the Caribbean 6" Light Up Pumpkin, $14, Target

If Star Wars isn't your thing, you can also get a light-up pumpkin with a quote from Pirates of the Caribbean.


Pumpkin Spice Candle

Chesapeake Bay Pumpkin Shaped Candle - Pumpkin Spice, $7, Target

Make your home smell like the inside of a pumpkin spice latte with this candle.


Jack-O-Lantern Rug

Tufted Pumpkin Rug, $12, Target

Honestly, this rug is so cute I would consider leaving it on the floor year-round.



6 ct Kate Aspen Brown Pumpkin Cheeseboard, $49, Target

True Halloween lovers keep their cheese on a pumpkin-themed plate. Well, you don't have to, but it's a nice touch.


Bottle Opener

12 ct Kate Aspen Gold Pumpkin Bottle Opener, $50, Target

For when you're popping bottles at a Halloween party.


Baby Onesie

Baby Pumpkin Ghost Print Sleep N' Play, $10, Target

If this came in an adult size, you had better believe I would wear it.


Throw Pillow

Pumpkin Throw Pillow Threshold, $20, Target

It's the little things that make a truly spooky household.


Swinging Yard Decoration

5 ft. Halloween Pumpkin On Swing, $48, Target

Send chills down your neighbors' spines every time they walk by with this giant pumpkin decoration.


Tapestry Napkins

16 ct Pumpkin Tapestry Napkins, $2, Target

These napkins are so festive you'll want to hang one on your wall.


Cat Decoration

Halloween Cat Pumpkin Push In, $15, Target

Confuse your real cat with this fake-kitty pumpkin decoration.


Window Clings

Gel Window Clings Pumpkin, $8, Target

Got kids at home? They'll be entertained for hours by peeling off and readjusting window clings.


Glittery Pumpkin

4 ct Mini Pumpkin Decor, $9, Target

There is literally no reason not to load up your doorstep with tiny, glittery pumpkins.


Pumpkin Books

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin Hardcover, $7, Target

If you're looking for Halloween picture books, Target has got you covered. Waiting for the Great Pumpkin is just one of dozens of other pumpkin-related literature.


Light Up Baton

Light Up Bouncy Baton, $8, Target

You could base an entire Halloween costume on this. Spooky majorette, perhaps?


String Lights

Halloween String Lights, $9, Target

Stick these lights inside a pumpkin-shaped container, and you have a super meta Halloween decoration.


Candle Holder

Small Candle Holder Black Pumpkin, $10, Target

With these candle holders, you won't even need to carve a jack-o-lantern this year.


Foam Pumpkin Decorations

4 ct Foam Pumpkin, $9, Target

The best part about these decorations? Foam is so squeezable that they can totally double as stress relievers.


Treat Bucket

Canvas Treat Bucket, $9, Target

You'll obviously need something to haul your candy around. It might as well be adorable.


Fake Pumpkin Decor

Faux Pumpkin Hocus Pocus on Black, $9, Target

Fake pumpkins can last far longer than the real deal.



Halloween Mini Notebooks, $8, Target

Where else are you going to jot down your costume ideas?


Table Runners

Table Runner Pumpkin Print, $10, Target

If ever there was an occasion for a table runner, it's Halloween.


Spooky Pumpkin Garland

Spooky Garland, $9, Target

OK, maybe it's not the scariest garland out there. But isn't it cute?


Gigantic Inflatable Pumpkin Light

Halloween Pumpkin with Neon Ghost Airblown, $114, Target

At more than $100 of your hard-earned cash, this giant inflatable decoration is an investment. But you know what they say: Go big or go back to the crypt from whence you emerged to terrorize the mortal world.