26 Punny Thanksgiving Instagram Captions That’ll Put The Worst Dad Joke To Shame

Thanksgiving is a time for family, for delicious feasting, for epic relaxing, and also spending lots of time curled up on your phone while you digest. So while you're on it, you might as well rally up some punny Thanksgiving 2018 Instagram captions so that you can boost the success rate of your holiday photos. Because you probably have a busy life and don't have time to scour the cheesy corners of your mind and the internet for Thanksgiving-related puns, I've done it for you because it's literally my job to.

Here's my collection of punny captions that will really complement your photos and help them stand out among all of the steep holiday competition. Which as you know, is hard to do during the holiday season. With everyone in your feed doing equally awesome things and posting about it all at once, your epic posts can easily slip under the radar or hide in the algorithm. It's not you, it's the algorithm!

To ensure that you're seen and liked as you and your photos deserve to be, pair your turkey day pictures with one (or all) of these terribly corny puns. And yes, I am starting off with an Ariana Grande-themed Thanksgiving pun, because when it comes to concerns of the internet, relevancy is always key. Plus that song is stuck in my head. You're welcome.

Enjoy the puns, enjoy the holidays, eat all the turkey, and post your tart out. Sorry, not sorry.

"Just keep eatin' and eatin' and eatin', I know I gotta keep, keep on eatin'"

"Because you know I'm all about that baste, bout that baste."

"Nobody puts gravy in the corner!"

"Marshmallow yams are the glue that keep families together, at least for dinner."

"Feast your eyes on this."

"Give 'em pumpkin to talk to about."

"Everyone's getting sick of my Thanksgiving puns, but I can't quit cold turkey!"

"Fowl play."

"Clear eyes, full stomachs, can't lose."

"Today's playlist vibe: Plymouth Rock"

"This meal looks so good, I can't wait to gobble it up."

"Pass me my gobblet of wine, it's turkey time!"

"I'm stuffed, too."

"During Thanksgiving, the only think you have to worry about other than your pants not fitting, is the poultry-geist."

"Thanksgiving dinner, the meal that just keeps on giving."

"Lock up my heart and throw away the turkey."

"Pie couldn't care less about the turkey, I'm here for the desserts."

"Well there ain't no roast for the wicked."

"The feast and the furious."

"It's all gravy, baby."

"The only problem with Thanksgiving dinner is that there isn't ever enough thyme or room to eat all that you have your eyes on."

"Oh I can't help fowling in love with you."

"No harm, no fowl."

"Oh my gourd, I'm so stuffed – but I'm going to keep on eating."

"Feeling very blessed to be seated in front of this gourdeous meal."

"All aboard on the gravy train! Choo choo!"