26 Random But Genius Gifts For Men Who Say They Don’t Want Anything

By Emily Estep
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Many people find giving gifts a joy — but sometimes gift giving is the nightmare that never ends, made only worse by the person who says they don’t want anything. The dudes in my life do this more often than not. That’s when you have to dig deep and find some great gifts for guys — but ones that are random, kind of weird, and unexpectedly brilliant.

If you are terrible at deciding what gifts to get your loved ones, you are not alone. Gifting can be difficult for anyone, but choosing the right gift for the man who gives no suggestions can be a special kind of difficult. Rest assured, from Father's Day gifts to birthdays to holiday presents for any male-identifying guy you know, there are an infinite number of gifts out there that they'll love. After all, with the endless magic of the Internet and a can-do attitude, there's nothing you can't achieve.

From strange massage tools to socks that make flights easier, any man in your life is sure to adore one (or a few) of these diverse and useful gifts. You may even end up picking up a few for yourself, too, because who wouldn't want a neck pillow that comes with a hoodie attachment?

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