19 Unconventional Father's Day Gifts

If your father is an unconventional kind of guy, he'll probably require an unconventional Father's Day gift this year. You've tried the standard classics in the past, but realized that your dad never really got much use out of them before. And, hey — that's OK. Luckily, there are a bunch of gift options out there that'll make him smile, and realize that his kid totally gets him.

Father's Day gifts don't need to be pricey or flashy. It's just a memento to let him know that you're thinking about him, care about him, and want him to treat himself, Tom Haverford style. (He might not go for velvet "slippies" and cashmere socks like a "cashmere velvet candy cane," but the sentiment is still there.) His big day falls on June 19, so you have plenty of time to peruse and find the perfect present. Even though I'm sure your father will probably utter a joke like, "Your presence is the only present I need!" you shouldn't take this literally, as this guy made sure you were fed and clothed for a majority of your life. A small token of appreciation is the right move to make.

If your dad is so unconventional that you don't even know where to start looking for gifts, here are a few suggestions that'll head you in the right direction.

1. Pickle Juice Sports Drink

Pickle Juice Sports Drink (6-pack), $12, Amazon

This sports drink is perfect if your dad suffers from cramps while working out. But even if he doesn't, it's still a quirky little gift he'll appreciate. If your dad usually gravitates towards another type of sports drink, he'll be happy to know that this drink offers 10 times more electrolytes and is all-natural.

2. Campfire Cologne

Campfire Cologne, $13, Campfire Cologne

If your dad is a little outdoorsy, he'll totally love this gift. It'll make him nostalgic for past adventures, and likely inspire him to take up camping and hiking once again. For the record, this isn't a spray cologne — it's more like an incense that'll make his living space smell pretty darn good. It's available in a few different "scents," the most intriguing being sage.

3. Hooded Long Sleeve College Shirts

The folks over at Made Loyal have some truly inspired hooded long-sleeved shirts, for the gentleman who is a sports fan, but also likes the appeal of the "Christmas sweater" design. The colors are vivid, and it'll definitely make an impression. As an added bonus, Bustle readers can get 10 percent off with the code BUSTLE10, valid until Father's Day.

Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt , $40, Made Loyal

4. Caffeinated Hot Sauce

Caffeinated Hot Sauce, $7, DoubleKick

Does your dad like food with a bit of a kick? Then he'll love DoubleKick caffeinated hot sauce. He can add a dash to all of his favorite foods, and he'll think of you when he does.

5. Planetary Glassware

Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set, $49, Amazon

Of course, they don't represent our planets. They represent Star Wars planets. If your dad is a fan, he'll totally dig this set of six glasses. Even if he's not a huge Star Wars fan, they're still pretty darn cool looking.

6. Emergency Cash Stash

Emergency Cash Stash, $25, Cool Material

Who doesn't love secret hiding spaces? This little vial will help secure his cash, especially if he has a habit of leaving his wallet behind. He can even attach it right on his keyring, and nobody will suspect it of being anything out of the ordinary.

7. Mushroom Farm

Mushroom Farm, $20, Amazon

Does your dad like the idea of gardening, but doesn't really have a lot of patience for it? This might be right up his alley. It thrives on a lot of water, so you don't even have to worry about overwatering this clever little plant. He'll be so intrigued with the fact that these mushrooms grow right out of the box — can it get any easier?

8. No Soliciting Wood Sign

No Soliciting Wood Sign, $18, Etsy

Ugh, solicitors are the worst. If your dad is looking for a humorous way to keep them at bay, this wooden sign from ScrapaliciousAZ on Etsy will definitely get the message across. This might just be the gift he never knew he needed.

9. Booze-Flavored Marshmallows

Boozy Set Marshmallows (set of 4), $30, Amazon

Whether it's beer, gin, or bourbon, WonderMade has a marshmallow that'll taste like your dad's favorite drink of choice. If he thinks that all booze should be treated equal, this gift box set of its four most popular flavors will make his day. While they're cooked with alcohol, the final product is alcohol-free, so everyone in your family will be able to enjoy them regardless of age.

10. A Digital Photo Album

Imprint Digital Album, prices vary, Imprint

Dads like to brag about their kids, but now's the time to brag about how much you love your dad. For the dad who is happily sentimental, craft together a unique digital photo album at Imprint. Curate videos, photos, and notes from everyone in the family to show Dad why you think he's the absolute greatest.

11. Horn Comb

Horn Comb, $15, Cool Material

Personally, my dad always seems to have a comb in his pocket. Normally, it's one of the cheap plastic types you can grab at a grocery store. While it does the job, it's probably not something he'd think about upgrading. That's where you come in: with this cool-looking horn comb, your dad can up his comb game, realizing that he's got plenty of options for taming his hair.

12. Maximus Smart Security Light

Maximus Smart Security Light, $159, Amazon

If security is a key concern, and you're able to drop a little more cash on a gift, you should consider the Maximus Smart Security Light. While it looks like a typical light fixture, it can detect movement, and has a camera that'll let you know what's lurking outside. If something looks suspicious, your dad will get a notification on his phone. It's a nice little accessory that'll help him feel a lot more secure, and only takes about 15 minutes to install. You can pick one up at Home Depot or Best Buy.

13. Hygiene Kit

Working Man's Hygiene Kit, $50, UncommonGoods

If your dad has somewhat of a "dirty job," he'll appreciate the fact that he can give his paws a little bit of TLC after a tough day. This kit includes hand scrub, hand lotion, dry oil, and much more. The set is all-natural, and was actually pieced together by a mechanic, who probably understood how nice it is to pamper yourself after getting your hands dirty.

14. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil, $14, Amazon

Since we're discussing beauty supplies for dad, why not include some jojoba oil with your gift? Jojoba oil helps keep your hair and nails healthy, and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. If your dad is a minimalist in terms of grooming supplies, he'll appreciate how one bottle can be so beneficial. InstaNatural sells an organic version that he'll surely love.

15. Gentleman's Ice Tray

Gentleman's Ice Tray, $9, Amazon

If your dad enjoys a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer day, might as well make his beverage a little more fun. Top hats, glasses, and bowties are three of the fun designs he can create. Just add water.

16. Beer Cap Map

Beer Cap Map, $20-35, Etsy

If your dad is a fan of beer (and even travels to enjoy a good local brew,) he can assemble his own work of art with this beer cap map. You can order this one in a small or a large, and he'll have fun adding to it with every trip he goes on.

17. Smartphone Sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, $50, Amazon

Smartphones can get yucky, especially if it's essentially your lifeline. If your dad works in an office, or just happens to use his phone a lot, he'll love the fact that he has an easy way to keep some of the germs at bay.

18. Smartphone Car Mount

Airframe+ Car Mount for Smartphones, $20, Brookstone

After he's done sanitizing his phone, he'll definitely want to show it off. This car mount isn't bulky, but still offers great visibility for when he's driving. If your dad likes simple accessories, this gift will be a total win.

19. Beverage Chiller

Rapid Beverage Chiller, $53, Amazon

I didn't even know such a magical invention could exist, so it's possible that your dad is equally in the dark about this. If he's looking for a cold drink now, this appliance can cool those cans up to 90 times faster than a refrigerator. It's also great for wine, and carbonated drinks. He'll never expect this gift, but he'll totally love it.

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