27 Innovative Things On Amazon Anyone Who Appreciates Clever Things Will Love

I consider myself both a minimalist and a neat freak, but I'm also kind of obsessed with the newest technology and the coolest trending beauty products. Contradictory? You bet. That's why I love innovative and clever products that I'll actually use on a daily basis. That way, I don't have to feel guilty about buying it, and I don't have to feel like I'm using up precious storage space on my vanity clutter.

When it comes to finding these genius inventions, Amazon is always my go-to. It's the biggest online marketplace in the world, and it's not shrinking anytime soon. In fact, Amazon even has a page called Launchpad, where they feature new releases from the world's greatest start-ups (including stuff that began on Kickstarter and IndieGogo). That's why I absolutely love introducing people to clever inventions on Amazon they never knew existed; no matter how many articles I write, and no matter how many wishlists I create, there always seems to be new, awesome products popping up every day.

The ones included here span every category — from beauty to brilliant organizational products — so you're bound to find something that catches your interest. If you're the kind of person who appreciates clever things, then this list should satisfy.

1. This Crazy Magnetic Mud Mask That People Are Obsessing Over

Youthful Naturals Magnetic Face Mask, $15, Amazon

This crazy face mask is loaded with nourishing mud minerals, but it's also got iron in it, which makes it magnetic. Smear it on with the included spatula, let it soak up impurities and moisturize skin, and then drag the magnet over your face to clean it all up. "My face is smooth, clean and I have notice a huge change in not only pore size but blackheads coming back," says one reviewer.


2. This Heated Knife Makes Spreading Butter Easy AF

USB Heated Butter Knife, $15, Amazon

Made from food-grade metal, this heated knife makes it so easy to spread butter, cut cheese, or even serve an ice cream cake. It's USB rechargeable, waterproof, and heats to a safe temperature within seconds. It even comes in pink, grey, or wood grain designs. There are two heat settings, so you can tackle frozen foods or things that aren't as hard to cut.


3. This Purse Light That Automatically Lights Up When You Reach In

Brainstream Automatic Purse Light, $30, Amazon

This automatic light sits in your purse and automatically lights when it senses a hand nearby, or you can tap it on. Once activated, it stays lit for 10 seconds while you find your keys, phone, or wallet. Then it turns off to preserve energy. It also works as a bed or travel light, and one reviewer writes: "Love this product. My work bag is a big black hole and this makes it much easier to find what I need!"


4. These Magnetic Clips That Are Way Easier Than Tying Your Shoes With Laces

Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution, $22, Amazon

This brilliant magnetic lace clip attaches effortlessly to your existing laces but doesn't require any knots or tying. It closes with a snap and stays secure during errands or exercise, and when you're ready to take them off, pop up your heel and release the magnets hands-free. They even come in a bunch of colors and sizes.


5. These LED Candles You Can Turn Off By Blowing On Them

PLAYBULB Rechargeable LED Candle, $25, Amazon

A great solution for people who love the ambiance that candles create, but always worry they'll forget to blow them out, these PLAYBULB candles are LED candles that even sync up to your phone so you can choose any color under the sun. They have sensors so you can blow them out like real candles, flip up to hold tea lights, and are fully USB rechargeable in as little as four hours.


6. This Alarm Clock With A Light-Up Memo Board

Message Board Alarm Clock, $15, Amazon

Your daily to-do list is never far with this message board alarm clock. It illuminates the time and your memo with a blue backlight, and it works on batteries or a USB charger. It also has four ports to charge any devices you need overnight, it's got three different alarm sounds, and has an option to check the calendar, too.


7. This Magnetic Strip So Your Wires Are Always Exactly Where You Need Them TO Be

UNOOE Magnetic Desk Cable Management, $8, Amazon

Keep your phone chargers and laptop cables from slipping into an abyss with this genius cable management system. The adhesive strip attaches to plastic, wood, metal, or rubber, while the wire clips attach firmly to your cords and pop right off the strip when you need them to. The strip itself is a powerful glue that's still easy to remove when you need to, and it's made from durable PCV material.


8. This Brilliant Invention Turns Any Laptop Into A Touchscreen

AirBar by Neonode, $77, Amazon

Turn any laptop into a touchscreen instantly with the AirBar by Neonode. It plugs into your USB port and works with a finger, glove, paintbrush, and stylus. That means that designing, checking recipes, and playing games are now a breeze. It also comes in multiple sizes for lots of different models. Reviewers love that it's incredibly easy to install (just plug it in and go!) and that it saves them the need to buy a tablet.


9. These Rechargeable Shoe Clips To Ensure That Cars See You At Night

SLDHR LED Shoe Clips, $14, Amazon

Whether you're jogging, walking the dog, or even changing a tire on the highway, these SLDHR LED shoe clips can help make you visible to passing cars. They securely attach to any pair using durable memory metal, and they're rechargeable and have two lighting modes for visibility in the dark or in the rain. They can flash or produce a steady stream of light, and can also be worn on the wrist or arm.


10. This Magnetic Strip So You Can Store Bottles At The Top Of Your Refrigerator

Magnetic Beer Bottle Hanger, $17 (2 Strips), Amazon

Think of all the space you'll save in your fridge when your beers, sodas, and condiments are hanging from the ceiling. These magnetic strips attach with a strong adhesive and are strong enough to hold 1.5 pounds. "This is a perfect way to utilize the empty space in your refrigerator," says one reviewer.


11. This Smart Plug Lets You Turn Electronics On And Off With Your Phone

Ankuoo Wi-Fi Smart Switch, $21, Amazon

For people who often leave the straightener on or want to control their lights from across the room, there's the Ankuoo Wi-Fi smart switch. Any electronic plugged into it can then be controlled from your smart phone, and it lets you monitor energy use, set things to a timer, and monitor for theft.


12. These Purse Hooks Are A Clever Way To Find Your Keys Right Away Seconds

Bilipala Key Hooks, $5 (Set of 6), Amazon

Pure brilliance if you spend a quarter of your life digging for your keys in your bag. These Bilipala hooks attach to the side (or internal pockets) of your pocketbook to securely hold your keys. That way, they're always in plain sight when you need them. They're super durable and come in a few different colors so you can find just the key you need on the first try.


13. A Mug That You Can Punch And It Still Won't Tip Over

Mighty Mug Biggie, $18, Amazon

"I punched this mug and it still wouldn't tip over. Wtf, yo," says one reviewer. Another comments, "This is the perfect mug to have around electronics." The secret is the smart-grip technology that securely grasps any flat surface, but can be lifted vertically with ease. It's also double-walled with stainless steel and leak-proof for safety and temperature retention. It'll fit right into a cupholder, and it won't produce any drops of condensation.


14. These "Invisible" Socks Are Made From Coffee Charcoal

Keysocks, $11, Amazon

Stay warmer while wearing flats, heels, or slip-ons, and no one will be the wiser. These Keysocks are non-slip, cozy, comfortable, and prevent blisters, but they have an opening at the top of your foot so they're virtually invisible under pants or long dresses. They're made with coffee charcoal and rayon, so they'll keep your feet dry and comfortable.


15. This Machine That Lets You Trim Your Split Ends Safely At Home

AoStyle Split Ends Hair Trimmer, $80, Amazon

Extend your haircuts with the AoStyle trimmer, which leaves your hair soft and healthy by automatically cutting your split ends. It only cuts millimeters at a time to keep hair long, it's rechargeable, and it comes with all the accessories you'll need. "This split end trimmer has been a life saver for me," says one reviewer. Just pass your wet or damp hair through the machine, and end up with smoother, healthier hair.


16. This Sticky Sheet Turns Any Surface Into A White Board

Think Board Medium, $35, Amazon

For all the doodlers, list-makers, or brainstormers out there, you can now turn any surface into a whiteboard with this: the Think Board Medium. It won't leave a sticky residue, but it will allow you to draw all over your desk, wall, fridge, or door without damage.


17. A Device Pours Wine Without Taking Out The Cork

Coravin One Wine System, $200, Amazon

This Coravin One Wine System lets you pour your wine without opening it. It's got a tiny needle that allows access to wine without damaging the cork, so the bottle can reseal itself. Inside the device is an argon gas capsule, which is exactly what prevents the wine from oxidation — meaning that the wine in the bottle will never be exposed to oxygen and stay fresh and delicious. The bottle clamp makes it secure, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to pour. One reviewer writes: "I love this product. It's perfect for my needs. I like a really good wine on occasion but hate wasting it. This way you can tap the cork but it stays sealed and will not go bad. The best of both worlds."


18. This Hedgehog Sculpture That Comes Apart To Give You Coasters

Riverbyland Hedgehog Coaster Set, $14, Amazon

When in use, they're absorbent and heat-resistant coasters. When assembled, they make an adorable hedgehog table decoration. It comes with five in a set, and reviewers note that each coaster is a different size, so they'll fit all kinds of glasses.


19. These Clever Grass Pens For A Clean, Modern-Looking Desk

Yansanido Grass Pens, $8 (Set of 12), Amazon

Does desk clutter make you rage? These Yansanido pens look like blades of grass for a modern, nature-oriented desk decoration. They're flexible, multi-colored for a realistic appearance, and filled with black ink. Reviewers say the pens are high-quality and even good for drawing or sketching.


20. These Smart Shields For Neat Nails Every Time

UNKE Nail Edge Protector Stencils, $2, Amazon

For those who are a little messier with their nail polish, these UNKE stencils can help. They keep the polish from getting on your skin or cuticles during painting, and they provide a shield when drying to avoid smudges. The set also comes with white stickers to use as guidelines if you want to do a French manicure or another kind of nail design. One reviewer sums it up best: "These look funny, but man, they effing work!"


21. This Gadget That Helps You Fold Your Clothes Quickly And Easily

Ohuhu Clothes Folder, $13, Amazon

"It's really streamlined my laundry routine," one reviewer says about this Ohuhu clothes folder. Three easy steps (and three seconds) leave you with uniformly folded pants, shorts, shirts, and sweaters, so everything fits so much more easily in your drawers. It folds up for easy storage, and also comes with a few clothespins if you're folding things that slip around.


22. These False Lashes That Don't Need Any Glue —They Attach With Magnets

False Magnetic Eyelashes, $12, Amazon

These false eyelashes attach above and below your real lashes, clasping together with a comfortable magnet. As a result, they make them look longer and fuller without having to fuss around with any glue. "This is genius! Why didn't anyone think of this before?... This is SO much easier [than fake lashes]," raves one reviewer.


23. These Brilliant Key Holders Make Sure You'll Never Lose Your Keys Again

Umiwe Magnetic Key Holder, $11 (6 Pieces), Amazon

These brilliant magnetic key holders can be placed anywhere you know you look before you leave the house — meaning you'll never forget your keys again. It's got a strong magnet to hold the keys (or chargers if you stick it on your desk), and a strong adhesive backing to make sure it stays put without any tools or holes to the wall.


24. This Cloth That Takes Off Makeup Using Only Water

Miracle Face Erase Cloth, $12, Amazon

If your sensitive skin reacts to makeup remover and cleanser, why not skip it entirely? The Miracle Face Erase cloth is made from a special microfiber material that removes makeup, impurities, and oil using only water. It's even gentle enough to use on skin with rosacea and can handle up to 1,000 trips to the washing machine. "My waterproof mascara and liner come right off!" comments one reviewer, and it comes with bonus hair ties.


25. This Paste That's Half Dry Shampoo, Half Texturizing Gel

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste, $28, Amazon

Not only does this R+Co Badlands dry shampoo paste soak up excess oil and leave your hair looking freshly washed, but it also adds texture for seamless styling. "This paste does wonders on fine greasy hair by not only taking the grease away but by adding volume," says one reviewer, and people say it smells "light and clean." You can also use it on damp hair and blow-dry it in for some extra volume.


26. This Cup That Turns Your Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee As You Walk To Work

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

This travel coffee mug is as clever as it gets — add your hot beverage (no ice needed) into the stainless steel inner core, and it'll turn it into iced coffee in as little as five minutes. It's got a protective sleeve that's made of BPA-free plastic, it's easy to wash with soap and warm water, and it won't dilute the flavor of your delicious coffee.


27. This Space-Saving Shower Curtain With Mesh Pockets

Maytex Mesh Pocket Shower Curtain, $17, Amazon

If you're low on shower storage and tired of bottle avalanches, there's the Maytex mesh pocket shower curtain. It gives you nine durable mesh pockets to hold your hair care products, sponges, and shaving stuff, and it lets the water drain out so mold isn't an issue. It's also got rustproof metal grommets that will easily fit the shower hooks you already have at home.

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