27 Orlando Memes & Tributes To Share To Honor The Lives Lost

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One year ago, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando became the site of the deadliest mass shooting in American history. There were dozens of wonderful memes and tributes to Orlando erupting all over the internet Monday, and while they can't lessen the tragedy, they are a fitting way to remember those who lost their lives.

If you happen to be in Orlando, the city is putting on numerous tribute events in the form of gallery openings, volunteer events, and performances. But while the memes and art blossoming across Twitter may not be quite as grand, they do at least encompass a very broad range of feelings that the memory of the horrific shooting continues to draw out in people.

The sadness surrounding the Pulse shooting has in no way lessened. It is absolutely heartbreaking that a gunman came into a gay nightclub on Latino night and killed 49 people who were just out enjoying their lives in what was supposed to be the safest space possible. Instead of reeling, though, the LGBTQ community and its allies have rallied in support of the victims, and you can join into that. This anniversary is a good reminder of how important solidarity and camaraderie are, and now you can help to offer that.

1Our Hearts Remember

Our hearts all beat the same, after all.

2Simple And Straightforward

Just because it's been said before doesn't mean it should't be said again, and again, and again.

3Remember Their Names

Thinking about how these people should now be a year older never gets any easier.

4Remember Their Faces

Everything happening today is for them.

5It's Worldwide

London honors Orlando.

6Such An Important Message

Really, this is what it boils down to.

7A Presidential Response ...

... doesn't have to come from a president.

8Orlando Rallies Around Its Own

This wasn't just a tragedy for the LGBT community or for the Latino community — it was a tragedy for everyone.

9Stonewall And Pulse, Together

If only Stonewall and Pulse didn't need honoring — but they do, so we will.

10Speaking For All Of Us

So eloquent, so raw, and so true.

11A Memorial Meant To Last

So gorgeous and colorful — and meant to last.

12Defiance And Light Against Terror

That rainbow has been through a lot, and it's not going to stop shining now.

13Ideas To Spread Kindness

All of these ideas came from the loved ones of the 49 victims, and they're things you can put into action every single day.

14Let That Rainbow Shine

Sometimes, a simple graphic goes a long way.

15The City Is Undaunted

The city bands together, for love.

16Always Nice To Have A Reminder

Don't let a tragedy make you think otherwise.

17A Show Of Strength And Beauty

When dealing with such a terrible loss, strength and beauty are two things that will help.

18For Those Who Weren't In Orlando

You definitely need to look through these pictures.

19Remember Their Joy

The way the victims lived, and the joyful spirit of that night, are so important to emphasize.

20Express Solidarity

This picture so perfectly captures them as humans, gorgeous and happy — exactly the way we should celebrate their memories.

21Color Is Flowing From Pulse

So many people have come to honor the victims.

22Pride Against Adversity

Pride against adversity, and love against hatred.

23Memory In Art

The portraits are just one way of reflecting how beautiful they all were.

24What Pride Means

Pride and Pulse will always and forever be connected now.

25A Message Of Strength

It's so important to honor their pride.

26To Remember, And Think About

This was so much more than just a mass shooting.

27The Most Important Message

Hate doesn't win. Love wins. Now, and always.

This is a jarring day, for so many reasons. Our hearts go out to the victims' loved ones, whose lives were so irreparably torn open on that day a year ago. The outpouring of tributes to the victims today reminds us of the important takeaway: love wins.