27 "Pray For Houston" Memes & Tributes You Can Share To Show Your Support

by Kelly Tunney

Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last week, the state has been rocked by historic flooding and continuous rainfall. In the last six days, Houston specifically has experienced nearly 50 inches of rain. In this scary time, residents of Houston need the country's support more than ever. There are even some "Pray For Houston" memes and tributes you can share.

Harvey set a record on Tuesday for the most rainfall from a single tropical cyclone in the continental United States, according to The New York Times, with 48 inches of rain. At least 13 deaths in Texas are believed to be related to the storm. According to NPR, millions of gallons of water are running overtop spillways in Houston's dams. A levy south of Houston was breached on Tuesday afternoon. In Houston, the police department has rescued more than 3,500 people from the flooding.

And with Houston still expecting to see rain through Wednesday as the storm makes its way to Louisiana, the city continues to band together to brace against the extreme flooding, here are some tributes you can share on social media to keep the victims of Houston's historic flooding in the country's thoughts and perhaps spur others to action.

1. Pray For The People In Houston

2. We're Going To Come Back Stronger Than Ever

3. If This Country Can't Unite Behind Texas ...

4. You Have My Donation & Help

5. We Help Each Other

6. Boat After Boat

7. Thinking About Houston

8. Houston Thoughts & Prayers

9. Good Reminder

10. Stronger Together

11. Not Just Money

12. Hearts Are Heavy

13. Standing With Texas

14. This Is MY Houston

15. Wishing You Could Do More

16. Heart Breaks For Houston

17. Here To Support In Time Of Crisis

18. Sending Up Prayers

19. Hearts & Prayers Go Out

20. On Standby To Help

21. You Can Donate To Houston

22. We Are With You

23. Fortunate To Be Safe & Dry

24. Heartbreaking

25. Pray For Houston & Safety

26. Houston In Crisis

27. We Can Overcome Anything Together

While you're using social media to talk about Houston, it's important that you also take action. Consider donating to Harvey flood relief, volunteering to take in families or foster animals to relieve the burden on shelters, sending supplies to agencies that need them, or working with an organization to rescue victims.