28 Genius Gifts To Get Your Best Friend For The Holidays

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The arrival of the holidays means that it's time to start putting your holiday wish lists together (and making sure to check them twice). While shopping for yourself has its obvious benefits, finding genius gifts for your best friend is arguably more satisfying. After all, winning the gift game with a thoughtful present for friends and loved ones that they can actually use solidifies the reason you're in each other's lives in the first place — you know them, inside and out.

My best friends put up with a lot throughout the year. They are there for me through the many highs, and of course, the lows. That means when the holidays come around, my goal is to show them how much I love them and how much they mean to me by getting them a gift that they'll actually want (and that I love, too, so I can borrow it later on). I find that it’s really easy to get a gift for your bestie because you know each other better than anyone else. Whether your best friend is a homebody, a jet setter, has a cute little dog that they love, or enjoys fashion and beauty, you can definitely find an absolutely brilliant best friend gift that they’ll appreciate.

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