28 Genius Gifts To Get Your Best Friend For The Holidays


The arrival of the holidays means that it's time to start putting your holiday wish lists together (and making sure to check them twice). While shopping for yourself has its obvious benefits, finding genius gifts for your best friend is arguably more satisfying. After all, winning the gift game with a thoughtful present for friends and loved ones that they can actually use solidifies the reason you're in each other's lives in the first place — you know them, inside and out.

My best friends put up with a lot throughout the year. They are there for me through the many highs, and of course, the lows. That means when the holidays come around, my goal is to show them how much I love them and how much they mean to me by getting them a gift that they'll actually want (and that I love, too, so I can borrow it later on). I find that it’s really easy to get a gift for your bestie because you know each other better than anyone else. Whether your best friend is a homebody, a jet setter, has a cute little dog that they love, or enjoys fashion and beauty, you can definitely find an absolutely brilliant best friend gift that they’ll appreciate.

1. For The Bestie Who Loves To Relax

Bath Bombs Gift Set, $22, Amazon

Why not give your friend the gift of an awesome pampering night? They’ll appreciate that you noticed they deserve a night of relaxation.


2. For The Beauty Queen

Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask, $26, Amazon

A great bath is only made better by a great face mask. And this one is filled with ingredients like French pink clay, rose petals, chamomile, and rosehip seed oil to soothe and nourish skin.


3. For The Wannabe Green Thumb

Succulent Planter, $23, Amazon

If you know someone who wishes they had a green thumb, get them a succulent planter, so they can create a little garden in their home.


4. For The Glamorous One

Druzy And Gold Cocktail Ring, $68, Amazon

An accessory is always an awesome gift. This multi-piece ring is gorgeous, and it’ll go with any dressed up or paired down look.


5. For The Nostalgic Friend

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $64, Amazon

An instant camera is a gift that doesn’t stop giving. Your bestie will be able to create (and capture) memories for a long time.


6. For The Movie Lover

Luckies Of London Smartphone Projector, $20, Amazon

If your friend spends their free time hunched over a laptop while binge-watching their favorite movies and shows, give their neck a break! This smartphone projector takes what's on their phone and blows it up to eight times that of the phone screen. It's silver screen magic, any time they want.


7. For The Aspiring Chef

Compact Kitchen Tool And Bowl Set (Nine Piece), $35, Amazon

If you have a friend who loves to spend time in the kitchen, get them a colorful set of tools to help make throwing dinner parties easier.


8. For The Writer

Ink Bound Personal Journal, $20, Amazon

This beautifully bound notebook is perfect for your bestie who loves to write and is constantly inspired by the things around them. It fits easily into a purse or backpack, so they can jot their notes down on the go.


9. For The One Who's Always Shining

Kate Spade New York Gold Glitter Water Bottle, $21, Amazon

Because even a water bottle deserves to shine, especially when they belong to your bestie.


10. For The Best Friend Who Loves Games

This One Time I…, $25, Amazon

If you have a friend who loves to play games and appreciates a fine sense of humor, this card set is perfect for them. Plus, it will make a great drinking game.

11. For The Decorator

Concrete Succulent Planters, $29, Amazon

There is usually one person in your group of friends who has the coolest apartment. They love to decorate with simple yet chic items, and these planters are perfect for them.


12. For The Animal Lover

Merry Products Striped Pet Teepee, $77, Amazon

You love your best friend and her dog, so give a gift that both of them will enjoy.


13. For The One Who's Delighted By Adult Beverages

Areaware Liquid Body Flask, $45, Amazon

This pretty flask makes it easy to take six ounces of your favorite drink on the go.


14. For The One Who's Always Working

Lunch Bag, $28, Amazon

If you have a bestie who won’t leave their desk for lunch during work, give them a cute lunch bag. That way, they can get the work done and eat well all at the same time.


15. For The Entertainer

Hand Painted Slate Drink Coasters (Set of Four), $32, Amazon

Let your friend entertain in style with these pretty rose gold coasters.


16. For The Music Lover

Libratone TOO Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $149, Amazon

This compact, splash-proof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for your friend that loves to rock out wherever they may go.


17. For The Bookworm

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader, $90, Amazon

A Kindle is the best gift you could get for the bookworm in your life. They’ll love how easy it is to read on the go.


18. For The Adventurer

Fjallraven Kanken Daypack, $59, Amazon

Every adventurer needs a good daypack that can carry their stuff. This colorful backpack is a perfect option for them to carry their essentials.


19. For The Whimsical One

The Pineapple Tumbler, $28, Amazon

This adorable pineapple tumbler is the perfect cup for a delicious cocktail. Either remove the stem to drink, or flip that over and place your cup on top of it for a fun way to enjoy a beverage.


20. For The Homebody

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser, $44, Amazon

If your best friend loves to spend time at home, they should be hanging out in a room that smells good. This ‘Vanilla Orchid & Almond’ reed diffuser will make their home smell incredible.


21. For The Bestie Who's Glued To Their Phone

Sonix Cell Phone Case, $35, Amazon

Millennials love to be on their phones, and there is always one who spends more time on it than the rest (I’m the guilty one in my group). Give them a cute cell phone case, so at least their phone will look cute while they’re glued to it.


22. For The Long-Distance Friend

Umbra Zig Zag Photo Collage Display, $32, Amazon

If you have a friend who moved away, a really cute idea would be to fill this zig-zag photo display with photos of all your friends, and give it to them. That way, they can be reminded of how close you still are, even though you don’t live near one another anymore.


23. For The Colorful Chef

Cuisinart 12-Piece Printed Color Knife Set, $26, Amazon

I have one friend who has the brightest apartment in the world. Everything is super colorful, and this knife set would brighten up her kitchen even more.


24. For The One Who Loves Luxury

Tom Dixon Scented Candle, $80, Amazon

This scented candle is said to “capture the essences of the crocuses and nettles of London parks and the salty smell of the Thames.” Sounds like this would be a fitting gift for someone afflicted with wanderlust, who loves a bit of luxury in their life.


25. For The Fashionista

URPower Compact Garment Steamer, $22, Amazon

This compact garment steamer is easy to hold and small enough to pack in your suitcase. It quickly and effectively steams wrinkles out of your clothing — which is something your fashionable friend definitely cares about — and it even comes with a two year warranty.


26. For The Eco-Friendly Friend

Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter, $40, Amazon

This completely sustainable water pitcher is a great alternative to plastic, if you have a friend who is really into being eco-friendly. It holds 10 glasses of filtered water.


27. For The Best Friend Who Loves Being Active

Misfit Ray Fitness And Sleep Tracker, $64, Amazon

A fitness tracker is an awesome gift for your best friend who loves to stay active. This one is super stylish, and you don’t even have to charge it.


28. For The Cuddle Lover

'The Snuggle Is Real' T-Shirt (Sizes: S-2XL), $25-$26, Amazon

Nothing wrong with a Lazy Sunday, and this shirt's the unofficial uniform of those who treat every day like it's Sunday.

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