28 Genius Survivalist Inventions On Amazon That Any Responsible Person Needs

If you've ever watched an episode of Survivor, you know that surviving in the wild is no joke. Same for weather emergencies, sudden power outages, or the obviously forthcoming zombie apocalypse. If you’re going to get through any of these scenarios with ease, you’re gonna need some supplies. The best survival gear on Amazon is a great place to start.

Search for emergency preparation items on Amazon and you’ll find every survivalist invention you could think of to turn yourself into the ultimate Doomsday Prepper. We’re talking solar-powered radios, tactical knives, folding shovels, paracord bracelets, emergency food kits, and complex water filtration systems.

Some of these gadgets are super practical while others are a teeeensy bit over the top. (We’re looking at you, $7,000 self-priming water desalinator.) So before you start investing in things like night vision goggles or nuclear gas masks, it makes sense to start out with some basic survival gear — things that will help you have food, shelter, water, and first aid supplies should the unexpected occur.

On top of preparing you for an actual emergency, this will also do wonders for making you feel a bonafide grown-up. There’s no way anyone can say you’re not a grown-ass adult when there’s an earthquake preparedness kit in your garage, right?

1. This Genius Radio Can Be Powered With A Hand Crank

RunningSnail Solar Crank Radio, $28, Amazon

In a grid down scenario, you won't be able to check weather alerts on your phone or turn on Apple TV for news updates. This brilliant device can be powered by turning a hand crank, providing you with critical emergency information even when there's no power. It features NOAA weather alerts, as well as a regular AM/FM radio and can be used as a flashlight or SOS alarm with a flashing red light. If your arm gets tired, the cool device also has a solar charger — and it has a USB charger to keep your phones going for as long as possible.


2. This Storm-Ready Waterproof Match Case Will Keep Your Fire Starters Dry

Exotac Waterproof Match Case , $31, Amazon

If your matches get wet in a survival scenario, you're typically screwed — fire, after all, is pretty much mandatory for survival. This sturdy 6061 aluminum case, however, prevents that fatal mistake from occurring, providing a fully waterproof place to store them. You can use the case for anything from regular strike-anywhere kitchen matches to fancy 3-inch survival sets. An extra sturdy O-ring seal will prevent moisture from getting in, and the cap has a red phosphorus striker inside to light them.


3. This High-Tech Filtered Straw Lets You Suck Water Straight Out Of The River

LifeStraw Water Filter, $10, Amazon

Forget complicated water filtration systems with long tubes and hoses. This simple "life straw" lets you literally stick the end of it into a lake or stream and suck the water right into your mouth. The end has a high-tech filter that removes 99.99 percent all waterborne bacteria and parasites before they hit your mouth. It comes on a lanyard you can wear around your neck for quick, easy access. One word of caution: the filter doesn't protect against viruses so if you're in a scenario where that's a concern, you'll want to add iodine drops for extra safety.


4. This Amazingly Useful Book Teaches You How To Survive In The Woods

How To Survive In The Woods, $16, Amazon

Having all of this survival gear is great but what happens if you get stuck in the woods without it? This amazingly helpful and straightforward survival book teaches you everything you need to be the next Bear Grylls, subsisting entirely on your own in the wilderness. It covers things like building shelters, foraging food, making clothes, and protecting yourself from wild animals. Best of all, it's chock-full of color illustrations that make it easy to read and completely simple to follow.


5. This Ultra-Bright Tactical Flashlight Offers Five Modes Including An SOS Function

PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight, $19, Amazon

You'll be hard-pressed to build a fire, cook a meal, or set up a shelter without light, not mention you'll be far more convinced that every sound you hear is a sinister creature about to carry out your demise. This tactical flashlight is made specifically for survival scenarios with a zoom function and five light modes that can illuminate a path up to 600 feet ahead of you. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, an easy-on SOS mode, and comes in a sturdy green case.


6. This Superbly Versatile Multi-Tool Offers 18 Uses And Fits In Your Wallet

Wallet Ninja, $13, Amazon

Has there ever been a more practical survival tool than a multi-tool that performs 18 different functions and is small enough to fit inside your wallet? This genius contraption features a bottle opener, four screwdrivers, a can opener, a nail puller, a peeler, six hex wrenches, a cell phone stand, a box opener, a letter opener, and a ruler — all together in a completely flat sleeve that's the size of a credit card. The tool is made of robust, heat-treated stainless steel, making it truly deserving of its ninja-themed title.


7. This Military Backpack Is The Only Bag You'll Ever Need

Orca Tactical Salish 40 Military Survival Backpack, $40, Amazon

If you're putting together emergency supplies, you're going to need somewhere to put them. This military backpack is custom-designed for survival gear with two large padded compartments for clothes and bulkier items, two smaller front compartments for first aid kits or walkie-talkies, and a main compartment with a mesh guard and zippered pocket for holding flashlights, compasses, whistles, rope, and other tactical gear. The "bug out bag" is constructed out of durable 600D polyester and a water-resistant, scratch-proof coating. One reviewer writes: "Super durable bag! I bought it as an emergency bag. Managed to put 40 pounds of gear into this bag with no problem...The padded strap are awesome. Makes the 40 pounds of gear seem almost weightless."


8. These Waterproof Matches Will Light A Fire For You Even When They're Totally Wet

Coghlan's Waterproof Matches Four-Pack, $15, Amazon

Adding to your effort to keep your fire starters dry, this box of matches goes a step further than the case and makes the matches themselves waterproof. Each pack comes with about 40 fully waterproof wooden matches in a sleek and compact pocket-sized box. The container has a striker on the side to light each match, making them a perfect addition to your survival (or weekend camping) kit.


9. This Miracle Blanket Reflects 90 Percent Of Your Body Heat Back Toward You

Survival Frog TACT Emergency Bivy, $20, Amazon

In certain emergency situations, you may not have the time or resources to build a full-on shelter — in which case this innovative survival sack is a great thing to have on hand. Made from a high-tech thermal reflective material called HeatEcho, the fabric reflects 90 percent of your body heat back toward you, providing critical warmth to get you through the night. The lightweight bivy sack packs down into a tiny case that fits in your pocket or glove box. As a bonus, it can be used as a sleeping bag liner when you're camping that will increase your body temperature up to 20 degrees.


10. This Emergency Food Stash Will Feed You For Four Full Days

Mountain House Just In Case Emergency Food Supply, $69, Amazon

Experts recommend having 72 hours worth of food and water in your home survival kit because that's the average time it takes emergency responders to arrive in an all-out natural disaster. This super convenient emergency food kit adds an extra day just for good measure, providing you with four full days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To eat the meals — which have a whopping 30-year shelf life — just add water. The lightweight packets fit easily inside backpacks or small pockets.


11. This Clever Contraption Folds Around A Fire To Create A "Stove" That Fits In A Backpack

12 Survivors Off-Grid Survival Stove, $26, Amazon

After you make a fire, you'll need some sort of grill to place meat on or set your pots for boiling water. This genius "stove" is basically just a small grill that folds into a little box you can put over a small fire to cook things. It has an ash pan at the bottom and when you're done, it folds back down into a small, lightweight square that can slide into a backpack without taking up any space.


12. A First Aid Kit That Has 100 Pieces Of Medical Supplies Inside

Be Smart First Aid Kit, $14, Amazon

Medical aid is obviously beyond essential in emergency situations and this ultra-compact first aid kit will give you peace of mind that you'll have the basics covered if someone gets hurt. The 7.5-inch pouch is filled with 100 pieces of medical aid including antibiotic ointment, gauze, alcohol pads, burn cream, a cold pack, sterile gloves, and a convenient instruction manual. Everything is organized in a sturdy, rugged case with handy interior compartments and wall mounts for daytime storage.


13. This Survival Knife Can Cut Through Cord And Also Start Fires

StatGear Surviv-All Knife, $40, Amazon

This survival knife from StatGear can be used to prepare meals, cut rope, trim gauze, cut twigs, or protect yourself from dangerous wildlife. With a stainless steel full tang blade, the knife also features a bonus sharpening stone, fire starter, and cord cutter. It's a tool that will help you feel prepared AF.


14. This Life Saving Headlamp Will Provide Light While Keeping Your Hands Free

Petzl E+LITE Headlamp, $30, Amazon

Flashlights are important but what happens if you need to use your hands to cook or build a fire? This emergency headlamp is made with survival kits in mind, offering a compact way to create light without hogging up space in your bag — and keep your hands completely free. It has a bright red flashing strobe to signal emergency responders, as well as a loud whistle to make your presence known. All of that comes in a package that weighs 26 grams.


15. This Ultra-Precise Signal Mirror Can Reflect Moonlight To Show Rescuers Where You Are

UST StarFlash Signal Mirror, $10, Amazon

You need a mirror if you're stuck in the woods and it's not to check if you have any twigs on your face. It's because small mirrors can be used to reflect light to send rescuers signals of your whereabouts. This compact signal mirror is almost imperceptibly light and ultra-compact — super easy to throw in your pack, but useful when you're in an unexpected pinch. The device, which is designed with a precise aiming system to show emergency responders your exact location, can be used even when it's overcast or by moonlight during night rescues.


16. This Emergency Whistle Makes Loud Noises Even After It's Been Submerged In Water

VNSUPERTRAMP Emergency Whistle, $9-14, Amazon

Made with a soft, 18-inch braided cord, this emergency whistle can hang around your neck or fit in the front zipper of your survival bag to make sure you can be heard in a crisis. It also has a handy clip so you can attach it to backpacks or other pieces of survival gear. The whistle itself is constructed from a solid piece of ABS plastic that won't crack easily and floats in water. Not only that, if it becomes fully submerged, it will still work — just blow it regularly and the water will be funneled out of its chambers.


17. This Awesome Paracord Bracelet Has A Built-In Compass And Screwdriver

RnS Star Emergency Paracord Bracelet, $8, Amazon

Rope is literally your BFF in a survival scenario. It can do everything — bundle sticks, tie belongings together, weave a ladder, hang a clothing line, fix clothes, make wildlife traps, and approximately one million other things. This slick-looking paracord bracelet keeps your emergency rope all in one easily accessible place and free of tangles. The sturdy cord can hold up to 500 pounds and the bracelet itself features a compass, thermometer, small knife, whistle, screwdriver, fire starter, bottle opener, saw tooth, and nail file.


18. This Backpack Contains Everything Two People Need To Live On For Three Days

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, $46, Amazon

If putting together a personalized survival bag with dozens of items sounds like too much of a hassle, give this awesome pre-packaged survival kit a try. It contains everything that two people would theoretically need to survive for three days — including emergency food bars, water pouches, survival blankets, a 33-piece first aid kit, light sticks, dust masks, gloves, ponchos, a whistle, and other essential items. The whole thing is packed into an ultra-durable backpack that easily fits in your car or garage and can be thrown on your back in a grab-and-go situation.


19. This Awesome Steel Water Bottle Is Electropolished And Won't Leak In Your Bag

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth 40-Ounce, $17-45, Amazon

Constructed from super hardcore stainless steel, this 40-ounce water canteen is the perfect size to keep in your survival backpack. It features an electropolished interior and durable stainless steel threads so you know it won't leak in your bag. Although not recommended in ordinary situations (because it makes the steel so hot and potentially dangerous when transferring), you can also use it in an emergency to boil water. On top of all that, the canteen is designed to fit most backcountry water filters.


20. These Handy Tablets Will Purify Water Against The Fiercest Viruses

Katadyn Micropur Iodine Purification Tablets, $14 (20 Pack), Amazon

Most smaller water filters don't remove viruses so if that's a factor, you need to have some iodine tablets on hand. These water purification tablets from Katadyn work in an impressive 30 minutes (unless the water is exceptionally cold or dirty) so you don't have to wait all afternoon to take a sip. Registered by the EPA as microbiological water purifiers, the tablets are sealed in waterproof strips, meaning that if you drop them in the stream you're collecting water from they won't get ruined.


21. This Ingenious Keychain Carabiner Also Charges Your Phone

Nomad Micro USB Carabiner, $28, Amazon

A carabiner alone is everything in the wilderness and this one has the capacity to charge your phone, too. Made of hugely durable engineering-grade polycarbonate and high-grade steel, it won't hold any weight — but you can still use it for clipping objects to your bag, hanging food and clothes, or rigging up shelters. You can carry it on your keychain in the real world to keep your phone charged and know it's within arm's reach if an emergency arises.


22. This Bug-Repellent Bracelet Keeps Mosquitoes Away Without Harsh Chemicals

Coniso Mosquito Repellent Bracelet, $14, Amazon

If you're one of those people who mosquitos find irresistible, you should pick up one of these awesome repellent bracelets stat — and should always have them around if you find yourself in the woods or by stagnant water. The genius wearable is made with bug-repelling essential oils including geraniol, lemongrass, and, citronella which keep mosquitos away without having to drown yourself in DEET. The adjustable bracelet remains effective for up to 300 hours and is waterproof to boot.


23. This Mini Wire Saw Can Cut Through Soft Metal

Science Purchase RICISUNG Mini Wire Saw, $6, Amazon

The ideal addition to a survival kit, this ultra-lightweight mini wire saw uses up almost zero space in your backpack and is capable of cutting through wood, plastic, animal bone, rubber and soft metal — making it an exceptional return on investment, both in terms of cost and space used. The device features plastic finger grips so you don't have to cut off circulation just to chop up kindling. One reviewer writes: "It's easy to use and not much pressure is needed to really cut deep through hard wood. We put it with our survival stash for the apocalypse."


24. These Affordable Walkie Talkies Offer High-Quality Sound At A Reasonable Price

Galwad Long Range Walkie Talkies, $28, Amazon

Communication is essential after a natural disaster or wilderness emergency, especially if you have to split up from your group. Since most two-way transceivers cost more than your rent, it's refreshing to find these long range walkie talkies that offer excellent emergency communication at a price normal people can afford. They have 16 memory channels, a rechargeable 1500mah battery, and a high-quality noise reduction function that keeps the sound clear.


25. This Rugged Cookware Set Features Pieces That Fit Inside Each Other In A Little Bag

DynamicGear Camping Cookware Set, $29, Amazon

Being able to make fire for food doesn't do you any good if you don't have anything to cook it in. This incredibly portable, highly compact cookware set from DynamicGear includes a 1-liter anodized aluminum nonstick pot and cover, a nonstick pan, two plastic bowls, two stainless steel sporks, a plastic soup spoon, a wooden spatula, a microfiber cloth, and a tiny piezo stove burner. All of this stacks together inside a slick nylon pouch, making it a great option for compact survival cookware.


26. This Hammock Set Will Provide Elevation Off The Ground Along With Shelter From The Rain

Sun Society Hammock With Rain Fly, $40, Amazon

When you're stuck outside without a tent, mat, or even a sleeping bag, the best thing to do is often to get off of the wet, cold ground. This hammock and rain fly set gives you a lift off of the dirt below, offering a sturdy nylon ripstop hammock and shelter from the elements via its supremely waterproof polyester rainfly. The lightweight sleeping chamber can hold up to 500 pounds and can fit more than one person if necessary.


27. This Folding Survival Shovel Has A Compass And Serrated Edge For Firewood

Survival Shovel For Camping, $19, Amazon

A full-sized shovel isn't practical in the apocalypse which is why this compact, folding tool is so awesome. Not only will the lightweight survival shovel easily fit in your bag, it will also clip onto your belt for instant access. The super durable shovel comes in a discreet camouflaged pouch with attachment loops, and is loaded with survival features including a sawtooth edge for cutting small branches, shovel heads for digging trenches, a fold-out bottle opener, and a working compass on the end.


28. This LED Lantern Will Provide Illumination Up To 50 Feet Away

EcoSurvivor Portable LED Lantern, $32, Amazon

Your flashlight is great for walking down dark paths or seeing what's making noise in the night but it's not so good for creating still light. This portable LED lantern gives you the omnidirectional 360-degree light you're seeking, blasting a powerful 500 lumens to 50 feet away. The strong, durable lantern has three brightness settings, a built-in carabiner hanging handle, and a solid textured grip for secure carrying. The sand-proof, weather-resistant lantern is covered in camouflage to help you stay hidden from danger, be it hungry wildlife or the recently awoken undead.

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