28 Gifts For Men On Amazon That Are Sure To Sell Out


Shopping for men can be tough, especially if the person you're finding a present for doesn't ever tell you want he wants. If this sounds like the guy in your life, you should try looking for the best gifts for men on Amazon before they sell out — because you know that all the really cool things will probably end up gone in a flash.

No matter which fellow you're shopping for, you can definitely find some cool options over on Amazon. Whether their interests lie in sports or in fashion, you can absolutely score something awesome over there. If they like to skate, you can find some fun boards. If they’re into accessorizing, you can pick up a watch or hat. And if they enjoy the latest tech, you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the options that Amazon has, from e-readers to virtual reality headsets.

Amazon just makes shopping for other people a cinch. There are so many ways to browse for a good gift on there. (Personally, I love to check out the Hot Streams picks because that’s usually where all the really fun and interesting gifts can be found.) I've rounded up several of the best options out there just to make it even simpler — now, getting a gift for the men on Valentine's Day has never been easier.

1. Make Sure His Beard Is Always Looking Good

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil, $25, Amazon

Well-groomed beards are in these days, so men with long facial hair have to take great hair of their scruff. My friend told me that it’s hard work making sure that it’s clean and looks neat enough for the office, but that he uses beard oil to keep it looking fresh. This one smells like eucalyptus, cedar, and pine — fresh, earthy, and clean.


2. Help Your Favorite Bookworm Read More With The Lightest E-Reader Yet

KindleOasis, $290, Amazon

If you know someone who loves to read, then the new Kindle Oasis is the perfect gift for them. It’s the lightest and thinnest e-reader yet, and it also has the longest battery life, so your favorite guy can read for hours and hours without having to charge. Plus, there’s no glare when you’re reading outside.


3. Now He Can Lock Up His Bike And Know It’s Safe With A Bluetooth-Enabled Bike Lock

Bitlock, $130, Amazon

My brother rides his bike all over New York City. He loves to go for hours and explore different parts of the city, but gets super paranoid about locking up his bike because people can find ways to remove the lock. Now he doesn’t have to worry about that because he uses a Bitlock, which actually locks your bike via an app on your phone. Plus, it has a five-year battery life, so you won’t have to worry about it dying on you.


4. Help Him Keep Track Of His Adventures

GoProHERO5, $399, Amazon

I’m obsessed with my GoPro and I can’t wait to try out the newest version. It’s waterproof without any casing and it looks so cool. If a guy you know is a big fan of adventuring, they need a GoPro to keep track of all of their experiences. They are really easy to use and you can also edit photos with ease on your phone as it connects via wi-fi.


5. Keep All Their Essentials Organized

Catchall, $35, Amazon

Staying organized can be tough sometimes. This gives you the opportunity to keep your bedside table clean. It’s a charging station, and has room for your watch, keys, sunglasses, wallet, and more. It makes life so much easier since you won’t have to worry about misplacing anything again.


6. Get Him A Cool Skateboard That's Super Artistic

Sector9 Longboard, $174, Amazon

Do you know someone who likes to skateboard? If you do, you should totally get them a new longboard that features an awesome deck like this one. It’s made with bamboo so it’s flexible and durable. It will come with the wheels attached so you don’t have to set it up before you gift it.


7. Make Singing In The Shower More Fun

Igidia IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $33, Amazon

If you know someone who loves to sing in the shower — and who doesn’t? — you have to get them a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This will make shower time more fun. You can also take it to the beach, on a boat, to the lake, or out in the snow, and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged (it’s splash-proof, but don’t submerge it under water).


10. Listen To More Records Together

Crosley Portable USB Turntable, $80, Amazon

This portable turntable is the perfect gift for someone who loves music and still buys records. It’s great because you can connect it to your computer through your USB port so you can transfer vinyls to your music collection. Plus, it has full speakers, so you can really jam out when listening to your favorite nostalgic record. It comes in black, brown, and red.


9. Get Him A Watch That Makes A Statement

Nixon Newton Watch, $62, Amazon

How cool is this watch? I think it’s pretty awesome and more fun than a regular one. Tell the time as the circles move around the iridescent ring. The interesting design is the perfect statement-making piece for anyone you know who likes to be bold. It’s a pretty cool gift and comes in several colors like white, black, silver, and purple.


10. Make Dinnertime More Interesting

Foodie Dice, $34, Amazon

Some people are really great about cooking new things. It’s fun to try different types of cuisine — and what better way to cook up something interesting then by using foodie dice? Roll the dice and shake up your usual cooking routine. The great thing about this set is that it actually has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options, too.


11. Transport Made Way More Fun

Segway miniPro, $599, Amazon

This may be one of those more out there gifts, but if you have a friend who loves gadgets, this will probably be their new favorite one. This combines a hoverboard and a Segway, and it has a seat. You can control it and keep tabs on it with the Bluetooth app that it connects to. Your friend will be having the best time ever on this thing.


12. A Cool And Functional Wallet That's Slim Enough For His Pocket

Meku Handmade Slim Leather Wallet, $30, Amazon

This handmade leather wallet is a wonderful present for the man in your life. It’s a really practical gift that he’ll actually use. The best part about it (in my opinion) is that it’s not bulky and it’s very durable and strong. It will still look great after being used several times.


13. Turn His Phone Into A Virtual Reality Headset

Merge VR, $60, Amazon

Virtual reality headsets are the cool new gadgets out there — and now you can turn your phone into one! They’re really comfortable and you’ll forget you’re wearing them while you’re experiencing some crazy things (whatever VR experience you choose, you’ll be in awe of how real it looks). All you do is connect your phone and you’re good to go.


14. A Magical Gift For The Two Of You

Harry Potter Couples Mugs, $28, Amazon

Okay, normally mugs are a little boring to give to someone, but these are genuinely adorable and unique. One says “I’m a Catch” and has a golden snitch on it while the other one says “I’m a Keeper” with goals on it. I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I think that this is a great gift for you and your guy (if you’re both big Potterheads, of course). It’s cute and you’ll both love to sip coffee out of it.


15. Take Some Cool Instant Photos And Share Them On Social Media

Polaroid Socialmatic, $349, Amazon

This Polaroid camera is pretty cool because it not only takes and prints instant photos, but it also has an interactive screen on the back. From there you can share your photos on Instagram or Facebook or you can just browse the Internet — you can even check your email. The camera is rechargeable and you’ll never want to leave home without it.


16. See If He Can Brew His Own Gin

The Homemade Gin Kit, $43, Amazon

I think it’s fun to give someone a gift that is also an activity — one that you can even do together, if you so choose. This gin making kit includes all that you need to make 750ml of gin like two glass bottles, a strainer and funnel, a tin of juniper berries, and a tin of a secret botanical blend. That means you can make two different types of gin for your soon-to-come cocktails.


17. For The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Darth Vader Clock Radio, $130, Amazon

What do you get the Star Wars fan who has all of the memorabilia? A Darth Vader clock radio, of course! Darth Vader will literally wake you up by saying different catch phrases from the movie franchise. He might tell you to not underestimate the force, or to tell you he is honored to meet you. Whatever message he gives you in the morning, you’ll have Star Wars on your mind all day.


18. He Can Take His Coffee Anywhere In This Cool Carrier

GOAT Story Mug, $44, Amazon

This mug is so cool — it's shaped like a horn and holds 12 ounces of coffee. It has a carrying strap that you can wear around your body, so if you ride your bike to work, you can still grab coffee on the way and not worry about spilling it. The koozie around it actually doubles as a cupholder so you can place it upright on your desk.


19. A Punching Bag So He Can Get A Workout In At Home

Last Punch Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag, $24, Amazon

If you have a super athletic man in your life who likes to box, why not gift them a punching bag to hang up at home? This one comes with the chains you need to hang it up and it’s a great way to not only get a good workout in, but also to blow off some steam in a healthy activity.


20. Give Him A Nostalgic Present That References A Classic Film

Ripple Junction Goonies Sloth Pop Art Adult T-Shirt (Sizes S-XXXL), $20-$24, Amazon

The Goonies is one of my all time favorite movies, and I have a bunch of friends who feel the same way. And what better way to show that off then with a cool comic inspired graphic T-shirt of Sloth? Buyers say that the shirt is really high quality and that the design is bright and colorful.


21. Stylish Shades Make The Best Accessory

RayBan Aviator Sunglasses, $158, Amazon

Okay, the aviators by RayBan are the best sunglasses ever. Seriously. They’re just so good. They look great and come in so many different colors and styles that you’re sure to find a pair that look good on your dad, brother, or boyfriend. Plus, RayBan sunglasses are high quality and last for years. I have three pairs and I got my oldest ones in high school, so you know they're durable.


22. A Pair Of Wireless Headphones So He Can Listen On The Go

BOHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, $85, Amazon

Wireless headphones are now a necessity. With the release of the new iPhone 7 (and no headphone jack), there are sure to be other phones following suit in the future. So it’s time to invest in a good pair of wireless headphones. These ones are also noise cancelling and have an 18-hour rechargeable battery so you’ll be able to listen for hours on end.


23. Organize The Kitchen And Save Counter Space

TotalElement10 Inch Magnetic Knife Bar, $18, Amazon

If you have a friend who loves to cook and has a crazy collection of tools, a magnetic knife bar makes a great present. It may seem kind of basic, but trust me, your receiver will be thanking you when they no longer have to sift through a drawer to find the knife they need and they don’t need to have a knife block taking up valuable counter space. It’s a simple gift that makes a big difference for someone who uses their kitchen a lot.


24. The Coolest Personal Assistant (I Mean, Speaker) Ever

Echo Dot, $50, Amazon

I think the best present you could give anyone would be the gift of Alexa. She’ll become your new best friend because she’ll order you a pizza, set up an Uber ride, tell you the weather, and play all of your favorite music if you just ask. It’s so easy and whether you’re gifting this to your brother, dad, or partner, they’ll be shocked at how quickly Alexa will help you out.


25. A Giant Screen TV Anywhere You Go

Ivation Pro3 Portable Rechargable Projector, $350, Amazon

There are so many reasons a portable pocket projector will make the best gift. It’s really good if you know a guy who loves to watch their sports on a big screen. Now they can project a screen from their phone, computer, tablet, and more by USB. They can stream their games on a big screen anywhere they go.


26. Serving Up Delicious Coffee Whenever They Want

Osaka Cafetiere Glass French Press, $20, Amazon

I have a friend who loves his coffee. And the only way he will make it is in a French press. He says that it’s just a better taste then when you brew it in a coffee maker. It’s also an easy way to make a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want it. If you know a guy who loves coffee, you will score major brownie points when you give them this.


27. Now They Can Drink What They Want

Pewter Flask, $55, Amazon

I used to work with this guy who would always tell me that he would not go to a party without his flask full of his favorite drink. He said that even if drinks were free where he was going to be, he wanted to make sure he could drink exactly what he wanted. If you know someone who is very particular about their beverages, then a flask is a good present to give. That way they can always drink what they want instead of what’s available.


28. For The Guy Who Is Always With His Dog

Highwave AutoDogMug, $20, Amazon

My brother is literally always with his adorable pup, Dakota. They will spend hours at the park together. When I saw this travel dog water bottle, I instantly thought about how great of a gift this would be. He’s always wasting water because he has to pour the water into Dakota’s mouth. With this he could just set up the bowl for her and make sure she stays hydrated while they’re playing at the park.

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