29 Genius Products That Make Your Cabinets & Closet Look 10x More Organized


Organizing your closet can be a challenge, but keeping it organized? Now that's a task all by itself — and sometimes it takes a little extra help to keep it all tidy. So instead of wasting time sorting every weekend, just grab a few of these smart inventions on Amazon that help you get organized so that everything has a place and stays there once and for all.

There hanging closet organizers specifically designed for your handbags, scarves, shoes, and more which make it easier to find just the ones your want, and I've also made sure to include hangers for bras and baseball caps, as well as a ton of options when it comes to storing your shoes — that are a step beyond the standard shoe rack. When it comes to the kitchen, there are smart additions like an expandable spice rack that looks chic in any cabinet, racks that store your pans and lids together vertically, and even an easy-to-install pull-out shelf.

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for an affordable way to organize your spices or just searching for space-saving solutions for your closet. When you're shopping all the clever products available on Amazon, there's almost no problem that can't be solved.

1. A Large Hanging Organizer With Clever Mesh Side Pockets

With multiple shelves for shirts, towels, shoes, and more, this hanging organizer is an easy way to free up precious space on your closet shelves and the mesh pockets on the side are great for small, delicate items like scarves. It's able to hold up to 40 pounds without warping, plus each order comes with all the necessary hardware to hang it. When you're not using it, simply fold it down for easy storage.

2. An Organizer That Keeps Your Underwear Drawer Tidy

Got a drawer full of jumbled underwear? You'll want to take a look at this organizer. There are four bins with slots for underwear, ties, scarves, bras, socks, and more. It's made from non-woven fabric so that it's also resistant to mold and available in six colors.

3. These Space-Saving Hangers With Smooth Metal Edges

Plenty of metal hangers wind up snagging onto your clothes, but these genius collapsible ones are made with smooth edges that won't get caught on fabric. Each hanger is able to hold up to 12 garments and then cascade down in order to help save you space in your closet. They're sturdy enough that they can support up to 15 pounds.

4. A Pair Of Shelf Dividers So You Can Store More On Your Shelves

Keep your sweaters, towels, blankets, and more all on the same shelf without toppling over thanks to these dividers. They easily slide over your shelves without any tools required, and the non-woven fabric allows your garments to breathe. They're designed to fit onto any standard shelf, plus many Amazon reviewers wrote about how they're "good quality."

5. These Hangers That Are Perfect For Scarves, Pants, & Ties

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, these hangers make it easy to store pants, scarves, jeans, and more in your closet without wrinkles. The space-saving design allows you to layer your garments on top of each other without adding too much bulk. The non-slip plastic tube in the center helps prevent your clothes from sliding off.

6. A Closet Rod That Gives You A Second Row Of Hanging Space

Just hang it in your closet, and this rod will give you a second row of space to hang jackets, sweaters, blouses, pants, and more. It's made from sturdy steel that won't collapse under heavy loads, and there are zero tools required for installation.

7. These Storage Bags That Let Your Garments Breathe

If you're going to put clothes or blankets into a storage bag, opt for a container that is breathable to prevent mold and weird smells — like these storage cubes. They keep your items safe from moisture and dust, while simultaneously allowing air to circulate so that they don't grow musty. The handles are reinforced for added durability, and the zippers are made from stainless steel.

8. A Rack That Keeps Your Baseball Caps Sorted

Attach it to any hanger, and this organizer instantly gives you a convenient place to store up to 10 hats in your closet. The clips are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and you can use it with almost any type of hat. It also works to sort gloves, socks, and more.

9. An Over-The-Door Shoe Rack That Saves You Space

Free up your floors by storing your shoes in this over-the-door shoe rack. It's designed to hang on any standard door or even a closet rod, and all the necessary hooks come included with each order. You can also use it to store art supplies, kid's toys, scarves, and more. Plus, the transparent pockets make it easy to see what's inside without having to unpack anything.

10. A Pack Of Hangers Designed To Hold Skirts & Shorts

Save space and reduce wrinkles with these these hangers that hold up to four skirts, shorts, or pants each. They're made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the non-slip clips are coated in soft rubber that won't scratch your garments. Get three in each pack.

11. The Organizer That Gives You A Safe Spot To Stash Your Purses

Instead of letting your purses take up a ton of room on your closet shelves and risk them getting scratched, just stash them in this hanging bag organizer. The pockets are large enough that they're able to fit practically any bag, and the hooks are designed to hang on any standard closet rod. There are 10 compartments in total, plus the hooks are made from durable stainless steel.

12. A Pack Of Slots That Sort Your Shoes

Are your shoes taking up a ton of space on a shoe rack? Then make room for more with these slots. They're designed to work with almost any type of shoe thanks to its adjustable levels, and they allow you to stack your shoes on top of each other to help save space. The non-slip design prevents your shoes from sliding.

13. The Tool That Folds Your Shirts & Keeps Them Wrinkle-Free

Simply fold your shirts between each divider, and this organizer will turn practically any messy drawer into a neat, stacked pile. Your shirts will be less likely to wrinkle and it's also great when packing your shirts for travel. Choose from two sizes and packages from 18 to 100.

14. A Shoe Organizer That Slides Conveniently Under Your Bed

If your shoe rack is overflowing, then this under-the-bed organizer is for you. There are pockets for up to 12 pairs of shoes, plus it's made from non-woven fabric that's resistant to mildew and moisture. You can also use it for scarves, socks, or other small items, and the handles make it easy to pull out from under the bed and transport around your home.

15. The Hanger Designed To Mold Multiple Tanks, Camis, & More

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel with a chrome powder coating, this set of three hangers is about to become your go-to place to store your tanks, camis, bras, dresses, and more. The curved hooks prevent narrow straps from sliding off, and it's made to accommodate up to four garments each.

16. A Pair Of Hangers Your Clothes Won't Slide Off Of

Unlike regular hangers, these ones are made with a non-slip coating that helps prevent your clothes from sliding off while they're hanging. Each order comes with two hangers so that you can hang up to eight shirts, pants, scarves, or practically anything else. They're sturdy enough to even handle heavy denim.

17. The Hanger Designed To Hold Your Scarves, Belts, & Ties

Most hangers can only accommodate a few scarves, belts, or ties, and even then, they can easily fall off; luckily, this one is able to hold up to 16 and because of its clever shape, keep them in place. The rings are large enough that you can also use them to store leggings, and the smooth plastic coating helps prevent any accidental snags on your clothes.

18. A Hanger That Can Hold Up To 7 Pairs Of Sandals Or Flip-Flops

Simply hang flip-flops or sandals on the metal hooks, and attach this hanger to the back of a door or on the clothing rod to better use your vertical space and finally find the pair you're wasting time looking for. It's able to hold up to seven pairs of sandals, plus it also works with wedges as well as slingbacks. Grab it in six different colors including polka dot, black velvet, and pink velvet.

19. The Stackable Shelves Let You Store More In Your Cabinets

Stack them on top of each other if your cabinet is tall, or use these stackable shelves side-by-side to organize cans, jars, spices, and more in cabinets. They're made from durable metal that won't warp under heavy loads, and the perforated design makes them quick to dry.

20. An Organizer That Holds Your Pots, Pans, & Lids

Made from heavy-duty iron, this kitchen organizer makes it easy to keep your pots, pans, and lids all neatly sorted and out of the way. There are 14 dividers you can adjust to fit your cookware, and it's able to hold up to 13 frying pans. The best part? It even extends so it's easy to find the perfect size for you.

21. The Shelf That Slides Out So You Can Easily Reach Your Items

This slide-out shelf makes it easy to reach items that are stashed in the far back. It's made from commercial-grade stainless steel that's extra-durable, plus the industrial-grade ball bearings allow the shelf to easily glide without becoming stuck. It comes in seven sizes that are easy to place at the bottom of any cabinet, and there are wood or full steel finish versions available.

22. An Expandable Spice Rack With Tiered Shelves For Easy Viewing

It's not always easy to see your entire spice collection, which is why this spice rack is made with tiered shelves to make that a whole lot easier. The chrome design allows it to easily match any style of decor you have in your kitchen, and it's expandable and can even be used as two separate shelves.

23. The Organizers That Are Great For Cutting Boards, Pans, & More

These heavy-duty steel dividers are great for organizing cutting boards, pans, lids, baking trays, and more. The rubber feet prevent them from sliding around in your cabinets. "Not only are they great for organizing, but they are sturdy and have a little weight to them. Not a cheap version!" one reviewer raved.

24. A Convenient, Stackable Place To Store Your Cans

Able to store up to 36 cans or jars, this organizer comes with six adjustable dividers so it can also accommodate larger items. The chrome finish looks great on any kitchen counter, but it's also available in three other colors. If you buy multiple sets, you can even stack them on top of each other for more storage space.

25. This Organizer That Makes Finding The Right Lid Easy

This lid organizer with five adjustable dividers can store lids of up to 9 inches wide and keep them separated. It's completely BPA-free, and it's designed to fit in practically any cabinet or drawer and takes no tools to set up. It's also available in multiple sizes.

26. A Pot & Pan Organizer That's Perfect For Tall Cabinets

Designed to hold nine pots or pans, this organizer is perfect for keeping your cookware organized while stored in tall cabinets. The tiers are adjustable to suit your pots and pans, and the deep U-shaped grooves help ensure that your cookware doesn't slide off the shelves. This can also be used horizontally for lids.

27. A Tiered Shelf That's Perfect For Dishes & Bowls

Use it as an accessible place to keep your dishes or use these tiered shelves to organize items in your cabinets. The shelves are rust-resistant, plus the plastic feet help prevent accidental scratches to your tables and cabinets. These can also be used for spices or other odds and ends.

28. A Shelf That's Designed To Fit Around Your Plumbing

It's difficult to find shelves that fit around the plumbing underneath your sink, and now you can stop searching — you've found them. These shelves expand to fit the space underneath your sink, and there's even a gap in the middle to accommodate pipes. The shelves are removable, and it only takes about five minutes to set up.

29. A Rack That Holds Your Plastic Wrap, Foil, & More

Stop clogging up your drawers with plastic wrap, foil, or other slender boxes and store them on this rack instead. It's large enough that it can hold up to three boxes of wrap on each row. Choose from white or bronze.

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