29 Things That Make Your Bed Feel Way Cozier & More Luxurious For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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I am one of those people who loves her bed. Seriously — loves. I have always loved my bed, way back since I was a kid and my babysitter and I jumped up and down on my bed and broke the bed frame, and I had to earn the money back to pay for the frame by doing extra chores around the house. I learned the value of that bed, and fast.

Now it's my refuge, my safe place, my rehab center. When I moved recently, inspired by the cushy mattress-in-a-box my BFF had purchased several years before, I treated myself to a European pillow top mattress. Now, I could easily stay in my bed for days. This, I firmly believe, gives me all the bed cred needed to get you up to speed on how to feel like a member of some obscure European royal family when you take to your chambers.

Not only will the splurges on this list plump up your bedroom in a way that will truly make you feel like your home has suddenly been transformed into a five-star hotel, but they won't set you back anywhere near the cost of a night at one. Everything you'll find here costs less than $35, meaning you can knock out a few of these for less than a Benjamin and find yourself reclining in cozy comfort just down the hall from your very own refrigerator and bathroom. Oh, the pure bliss!

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