3 Crystal Rituals To Try While Traveling That Can Help Reduce Anxiety

I love almost everything about traveling: Seeing new places, meeting new faces, and being on-the-go 24/7. But if you're an anxious mess when it comes to bouncing from place to place, I feel ya. Traveling breaks you out of your comfort zone, puts you in unfamiliar places and situations, requires you to abandon your routine and often deal with the unexpected, and usually involves lots of transportation — all of which can be stressful, and some of which is even be phobia-inducing. If you're into crystal healing, there are lots of crystals for travelers that can be really helpful in easing the stress of traveling. But what's even more helpful is knowing exactly how to use your stones in some trusty and witchy crystal rituals to reduce travel anxiety. Because having the crystals by your side is nice, but maximizing on their healing energy through the power of ritual is way more effective — and that's true for both crystal newbies and longtime crystal healing aficionados.

I've gathered a few simple rituals that are perfect for anyone who feels anxious while traveling: one that you can perform before a trip to help you feel secure, another you can use while mid-transportation to ease fears around flying or long drives, and another you can perform while you're traveling anytime you need to calm your nerves and open yourself up fun and spontaneity. Give these rituals a try for your next big trip and allow the soothing, magical vibes of travel-anxiety-easing crystals to bliss you out for your upcoming adventures.

Ritual #1: Protective Travel Talisman Ritual For Safety

Natural Rose Quartz Chunk, Amethyst Cluster and Clear Quartz Point, $19.95, Etsy.

Thoughts about dealing with the madness of airport security, the stress of a long journey, and the impending exhaustion of being on-the-go during a trip can make even the most experienced travelers a little anxious before heading out. Having a travel talisman, or a charm that brings you good luck, can be helpful for easing anxiety and giving you something physical to focus on when you need to channel good vibes. The following ritual is based on a safe travel charm ritual from Wiccan Spells. Once you create your protective talisman, you can carry it with you anytime you travel.

Crystal to use: Amethyst or clear quartz (or both!).

Other items you'll need: A small drawstring pouch for your talisman (like this one); two miniature orange taper candles or tealights; dried sage; a pen and paper.

What to do: Begin your ritual by lighting the two small orange candles and placing your other items in your ritual space. As the candles begin to burn, clearly visualize in your mind all the positive aspects of traveling, and envision your upcoming trips going smoothly and as-planned. Allow yourself to be immersed in this visualization of positivity.

After setting your intention, begin the following steps as the candles burn. Draw a symbol of protection on your piece of paper (whatever feels right to you is fine — or, alternately, you can write out a simple mantra about traveling that makes you feel confident and protected, or even a single word). Fold the piece of paper three times and place it inside your drawstring pouch, along with the dried sage (for protection and negativity-clearing) and your amethyst or clear quartz crystals (amethyst enhances joyful travel, and clear quartz amplifies any intention you choose), then tie the bag closed. Allow the candles to burn down completely in the presence of the pouch.

To end the ritual, hold the sealed pouch in your hand, close your eyes, and visualize yourself arriving at your destination safely and happily. Then, visualize yourself returning home from your travels in equally high spirits and health. Imagine a glowing, white light surrounding your physical body, protecting you from harm or negative energy and ensuring a smooth journey.

Now you officially have a travel talisman! Carry this pouch with you anytime you travel, and practice the final visualization described with the pouch in your hand anytime you need to recharge it or calm your fears.

Ritual #2: Grounding Ritual To Ease Transportation Anxiety

Hematite Tumbled Stones, $5.59, Etsy.

Having a fear of flying and even driving is super common — and even if you're not phobic, the stress of hopping from one mode of transportation to another while keeping both your belongings and sanity in check can be totally overwhelming, and a major deterrent to traveling, for some. The following ritual, which is designed to help ease the fear of flying, is based on one created by Kristen Petrovich, author of the book Elemental Energy: Crystal And Gemstone Rituals For A Beautiful Life, which she shared in an interview with MyDomaine. What's great about this ritual is that it's quick and easy, so it can be done before you leave for a trip, while you wait at your gate in the airport, or even while you're sitting on a plane mid-flight. Bonus: You can use the same ritual if you're anxious about traveling by car, bus, or train, too. Use it before leaving or as a passenger.

Crystal to use: Hematite.

What to do: Because this is a grounding ritual, you'll want to ground yourself as best you can — even if you're 30,000 feet above the earth! — and the best way to do that is by taking off your shoes and placing your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, hold your hematite crystal in your hand (preferably your non-dominant one), and close your palm around it. Immerse yourself in your physical sensations at the moment: Feel your feet pressed against the ground, feel the shape, weight, and texture of the hematite stone in your hand, and take note of your breathing. Try to feel the energy of the hematite stone itself — which is often used for clearing the mind, calming anxiety and controlling stress, and grounding.

Now that you've connected with the crystal's energy and are feeling present in your body, visualize something calming and then imagine all of your fears and anxieties about flying or driving exiting your being and entering into the crystal to be transmuted. Open your hand and visualize your fears being sealed into the stone, out of your mind and body. Take some deep breaths, then open your eyes. Repeat whenever necessary before or during your transport.

Ritual #3: Go-With-The-Flow Ritual To Release Stress

Smoky Quartz Generator Point, $21.81, Etsy.

If you're stressed out while traveling, whether it's as a result of flying and driving long distances or simply from being overstimulated and tired, it can be hard to embrace the go-with-the-flow, spontaneous attitude that makes traveling so magical. By doing a crystal ritual focused on letting go of anxieties, you can help yourself loosen up, let go of rigidity, and be more open to new experiences and opportunities that you'll want to take advantage of during your adventures. The following ritual is inspired by a letting go ritual created by Energy Muse, and you can practice it any time you're feeling tensed up and bogged down by travel stress. It's most effectively used to combat active stress during a trip (rather than performing the ritual prior to leaving), so be sure to pack your smoky quartz in your bag so you're ready if panic strikes.

Crystal you'll need: Smoky quartz.

Other items you'll need: Salt

What to do: Grab your smoky quartz and sit in a quiet, private place (I know you're traveling, though, so if you don't have quiet, feel free to wear headphones and play some meditative, calming music to get yourself in a peaceful zone). Begin the ritual by placing the crystal at your feet, then grabbing your salt and creating a circle of protection around you. Then, place some in a small bowl within the circle to cleanse yourself.

Now sit in a comfortable position and hold the smoky quartz in your hand. Focus on the grounding and calming properties of the stone. Smoky quartz has a myriad of helpful qualities for travelers: It's a highly protective stone, especially when it comes to ensuring safety on long drives and preventing road rage or car troubles; it's believed to mitigate the effects of harmful environmental toxins and EMF, which we're inundated with at airports and in big cities; and it's extremely helpful in grounding people in their physical surrounding and reducing stress.

For the next step, "Hold your crystals in your hands as you repeat this affirmation aloud: I release myself from the past and allow myself to live only in the present. I am letting go all the things that no longer serve me," advised Energy Muse in their letting go ritual. "Visualize and feel yourself letting go of all the things that do not serve your highest good." Imagine yourself embracing every opportunity that comes your way during the duration of your travels with joy and safety.

Once you've finished the ritual, thank your crystal for its energetic protection.