3 Crystals To Help You Survive This Month’s Mercury Retrograde

You know when you're running late and in a rush to get somewhere on time but for some reason, maybe just because life can be cruel, you happen to hit every single red light possible on your way there? Why does this happen? Also, that's exactly what Mercury retrograde periods feel like, am I right? We've been free of a pesky Rx for the short but sweet duration of 2019 so far, but the year's first officially hits on Mar. 5 — and let's just say some Mercury retrograde crystal healing is probably going to be majorly necessary.

If you weren't already aware (although I bet you were), this astrological event has the uncanny ability to drive us all insane when it comes to dealing with our our tech devices, transportation, getting around, and pretty much all forms communication with one another (this is because these are all the areas of our lives that planet Mercury rules). Basically, you can expect obnoxious things to happen like laptop crashes, texting the wrong person, missing appointments, or car failures. Fun.

So what the heck do we do, other than hide in a hole, try to not crack our cellphone screens, and obsessively quadruple-check every text and e-mail before sending? Well, we roll with it. While Mercury retrogrades happen anywhere from three to four times per year, these periods thankfully don't last too long (this one ends Mar. 28) — so the best thing we can do is ride the retrograde tide and try to work with the energy.

I've put together a few of my favorite crystals for Mercury retrograde that will offer us protection, guidance, and healing — specifically when it comes to the energies at play with this upcoming March Rx.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, $9.95+, Energy Muse.

This is my forever go-to, ride-or-die, number one crystal baby when it comes to ultimate energetic protection. Mercury retrograde periods can really mess up our vibe and throw us some curve balls, so I like to put up a crystalline shield up to keep bad energies far, far away from me — and black tourmaline is the perfect gem for the job.

How to use it: Keep your friends close, but keep your black tourmaline even closer. Keep a piece of black tourmaline next to your front door to keep the energy of your home blemish-free and help provide an energetically clean n' clear environment for you to relax and recharge at the end of the day. If you've got a lot going on during the retrograde, I'd keep a small piece with me at all times in my pocket or purse, just for peace of mind.


Azurite Tumbled Gemstone, $9.50, Etsy.

Stress can easily get the best of us during Mercury retrograde, so having a stress-reducing, calming, and spiritually enlightening crystal like azurite on hand can be super helpful. "Azurite clears away stress and worry, eases sadness and grief and brings more light to your emotions," explained Crystal Caverns. "It transforms fears and phobias and helps you understand why these emotions came to you in the first place."

How to use it: Reflection and revision during a retrograde is key, and azurite's ability to help us see things clearly when it comes to emotions is a true retrograde gift. Rubbing the crystal while asking it to help you with clarity and retrograde stress is a great way to take advantage of its vibes. "To restore balance and control over emotions and reactions, simply hold the crystal and ask to have the troublesome thoughts evaporate," explained Crystal Vaults. "It is a rubbing stone that prefers to be touched to release its energies, so ... remember to rub it often."

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite Palmstones, $20, Etsy.

All varieties of calcite are beloved for their soothing quality, but blue calcite is ideal for this Piscean Mercury retrograde. "Blue calcite is a stone that facilitates communication, eases stress and soothes relationships," wrote Crystal Cavern on its site. In other words, it hits on a bunch of the areas that we'll need some energetic support in during this retrograde.

How to use it: If you're feeling frustrated with the events of Mercury retrograde, use your blue calcite as the soothing, calming baby blanket of your astrological dreams. According to Energy Muse, meditating with a blue calcite to connect with its energy can "promote optimistic thoughts, helping you to understand the divine timing of the universe." This will help keep you feelin' posi in spite of any retrograde-fueled mishaps, and also encourage you to slow down and trust the retrograde process.