3 Crystals To Help You Soak Up The Good Vibes From June’s New Moon


On Mon., June 3, at 6:02 a.m. ET, the last new moon of the spring season will rise in the sky, invisible to the naked eye. The Gemini new moon will bring with it a burst of energy that all signs will feel. Summer is near and the season of the zodiac twins is in full effect, meaning that with all of the excitement for change, will come some darker complications too. In order to make the most out of this potentially rejuvenating experience, you'll want to make sure you have some crystals for the June 2019 new moon.

To get some insight on what crystals in particular are best, Bustle talked to Roland Waedt, crystal expert and CEO of INDAVID, which is a brand that makes crystal-infused energy garments. According to Waedt, we're going to need some help filtering out toxic energy during this period, while keeping enough energy to stay positively motivated ourselves. The following crystals are known for their protective and uplifting effects. Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, you can't deny how satisfying it is to watch these beautiful stones reflect light, and how calming it is to turn then over in your hand. Whatever school of belief you're coming from, these are the crystals that are going to be the most helpful on June 3.



Waedt tells Bustle that Aquamarine is the crystal of water. As we all know, water is the basis of all life both on earth and on other planets, and, according to Waedt, "Aquamarine keeps you in motion, spurs you on to finally tackle old postponed tasks... this beautiful gemstone, mostly shimmering greenish blue, will increase your motivation." And if you just want to have it around because it reminds you of water and that keeps you calm, that's OK too.

Noble Schungite


According to Waedt, Noble Schungite is a special form of the usual Schungite. It is much rarer and shines beautifully in light and moonlight — so you can keep it around for the full moon, too. If you need some more encouragement, Waedt tells Bustle that "numerous tests have shown that the Noble Schungite can block negative electromagnetic energy. Especially for highly sensitive people who already feel mobile phone radiation or WLAN radiation, the Noble Schungit is a very good blocker."

Smoky Quartz


According to Waedt, Smoky Quartz is a crystal of protection and cleaning. "It is supposed to protect you from the burgeoning negative energies of other people," he explains. If you work in a big office, live with a lot of other people or spend time in a busy city, aka if you often have to deal with a large number of people, Waedt tells Bustle that you should carry Smoky Quartz with you. "Another important use of this crystal is to purify your thoughts. The purification of envy and jealousy will free your soul. Each of us can succumb to these feelings sometimes but we must do everything to free ourselves from them," Waedt says. Basically Smokey Quartz is like a Brita filter for the soul and you should keep it with you at all times, but especially under the new moon when you're trying to turn over a healthy and clean new page.