The 'Love Island' Body Language Cues That Could Help You Figure Out Who's Legit


Winter Love Island has meant kissing goodbye to any evening plans for the next six or so weeks and getting fully involved in the drama in the villa. There's already been a few shock dumpings and with Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng's break up fresh in viewers minds it begs the question are any of the couples for real? Here's the three body language signs to watch out for in this season of Love Island. While the islanders may think they're playing their cards close to their chests experts say there's tell tale signs to establish if someone is attracted to someone.

The OG islanders have been in the villa for about two weeks now and yet there aren’t any steady couples yet. No one seems to be totally rock solid and it’s got viewers wondering whether any of them really fancy each other or just want to stir the pot a bit. But experts say there are signs that prove that the islanders are into each other. So, while it might seem like Boateng is out to flirt with the whole villa in Amaning's absense and Demi Jones has whisked Nas Majeed off his feet is any of it real?



Love Island is about playing the long game if you want to win and watching out for the couples who have a developing, blossoming romance may be the ones who’ll go all the way. “It’s important to think back to when you first met, and compare their body language from then and now. If they have shifted to make more romantic and endearing gestures, it is definitely a sign that they are beginning to or have developed feelings for you,” says relationship expert and Vice President of Dating.com Maria Sullivan, “take notice if you find your partner is reaching for areas like your hand, face, knee or waist, especially in a public setting. These kinds of physical gestures are often a sign of endearment.”

Leanne recoiling when she went in to kiss Mike may have been a hint that she just wasn’t feeling the coupling long before they broke things off. Similarly, while Siânnise Fudge may not have found it hard to read super tactile Rebecca Gormley, how touchy feely she is with each of the boys may give viewers an indication of who she’s actually interested in. The fact that she often touches Wallace Wilson when they're chatting is a sign she's pretty into him.

Eye contact


When things are kicking off in the villa it can be so awkward you have to look away. However, by looking at the islanders non-verbal communication you may be able to spot who has the eyes for each other. Presenter and psychologist Emma Kenny says, “couples who feel less attracted to each other show less eye contact and more stone walling behaviours such as gazing away from the suitor, acting busy by talking to other people, or finding other activities to involve themselves in." I’m still not over Fudge rejecting Nas Majeed and she’d do just about anything to avoid a chat with him.

One couple who appear to not be able to keep their eyes off each other is Finn Tapp and Paige Turley. They may have been rocked after he went on a date with new girl Demi Jones but he classes himself as off the market and his body language backs it up.

Similarly, when Mike Boateng turned on the charm with Sophie Piper she was looking anywhere but at him in the eye. Take the hint.



You may think that the couples hanging out with each other is enough of a sign that they like each other but Sullivan says, “when spending time with your partner, make sure to practice inviting body language. Listening to them or speaking your mind with crossed arms might send the message you are hiding something or that you have your guard up. This can make your partner feel like you aren’t connecting.” The reality is the islanders don’t have much choice but to be around each other. The villa’s big but not big enough to avoid each other altogether.

Standing with your arms crossed, or across yourself, is guarded, blocking body language. One guy who has definitely come into the villa with his guard up is new boy Wallace Wilson. He isn’t giving anything away with open arms and while Rebecca Gormley seems keen he's more reserved. Similarly, throughout the whole of Leanne Amaning and Mike Boateng's break up exchange the pair sat apart, with their arms to themselves. It's definitely the end.

While the islanders may try to pull the wool over each others eyes and surprise the viewers with shock pairings it’d seem their bodies are letting away more than they think. While a strong couple are yet to come through there’s still a month in the villa left. That’s a lot of time for shock dumpings and recouplings.