3 New Trader Joe's Items You Can Bake In Less Than An Hour

Trader Joe's

You don’t have to be competing on Great British Bake Off to whip up a batch of respectably delicious goodies. Our favorite neighborhood buddy Joe (formally known as "Trader Joe") knows that not all of us have the time to make handcrafted delicacies from scratch. So TJ's created a few simple mixes that busy people craving freshly-baked sweets can make in record time. In fact, Trader Joe has baking mixes you can bake in less than an hour — and that happen to be perfect for fall, too.

To be fair, Joe has a long and storied history of providing us with baked goods we can make in less than an hour (or in the case of the beloved Chocolate Salted Caramel Mug Cake Mix, mere minutes). If you've spent enough time in TJ's aisles, you may think you've seen it all — but these three items I've collected here are all brand spanking new for fall 2019, so they might not have hit your radar yet. If you're pressed for time but your sweet tooth is pressed for deliciousness, these new additions to the Trader Joe's lineup are here to do the trick, in all of your favorite fall flavors to boot.