Three Planets Will Be In Retrograde During The Royal Wedding & Here's Why That's A BFD

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It's finally the middle of May, and you know what that means: the Royal Wedding is right around the corner. On May 19, 2017, actress and activist Meghan Markle will wed Prince Harry at Windsor Castle, confirming romantics' widely held suspicion that fairytales can, in fact, exist IRL. That date, however, also coincides with another universally momentous event: three different planets will be in retrograde.

So what does that mean exactly? According Jaye, an astrologer at Gifted Astrology, tells Bustle. All planets have a path that they typically travel on, which dictates that planet's unique energy. But when the direction switches in reverse, it is considered to be in retrograde. All planets experience retrogrades from time to time, acting as a cosmic cleanse. The period allows us to reflect on different aspects of our lives. The month of May, however, will experience what Jaye calls a significant "retrograde pileup", of three planets at once.

Our astrological charts will dictate how retrogrades will personally affect us, since it looks at more than just our sun sign. "Prince Harry has his Sun in Virgo and his Rising Sign in Capricorn, while Meghan has her Sun in Leo and her Rising Sign in Cancer," Jaye tells Bustle. "This retrograde accumulation has two out of three planets retrograding in Capricorn — Saturn and Pluto. This means the event will take more of an effort from Prince Harry."

Relationships take hard work and dedication, but it doesn't hurt to have a celestial backing. Here's how each of planetary shifts will effect this Royal milestone, according to Jaye.


Saturn Retrograde Will Affect Harry More Than Meghan

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"Saturn is the teacher planet of our skies and when it’s retrograde in Capricorn, our plans will demand more energy, and every action we take must remain fair and just," Jaye says. "Retrogrades give us the opportunity to do things in a different way, and like any good teacher, Saturn requires that we do it to the absolute best of our ability."

While Saturn in retrograde is bound to affect Prince Harry more than Meghan, because they have complimentary Rising Signs, Meghan can truly be there to help him ease any last-minute nerves he might be feeling.


Pluto Retrograde Will Make Prince Harry Reflective

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"Pluto is the planet of creative destruction and it works through renewal and rebirth: It acts as a kind of cosmic lymph system —cleaning out the toxins and things that don’t serve us any longer," Jaye says. "When Pluto retrogrades, it makes us reflective. Once again, Capricorns will be most affected by this, so Prince Harry will feel this life reset and change at the deepest levels."

Since Prince Harry is a Capricorn Rising, if the couple utilizes these energies properly, they will have the ability to transform their this celestial event occurring during their wedding into a success.


Jupiter Retrograde Will Help Them Release The Past

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"Jupiter goes into retrograde for approximately four months every year, rotating through the signs," Jaye says. "This May it will be in Scorpio, which brings us a softer feeling than other retrogrades. Typically, Jupiter is about expansion outward, but when it’s retrograde it works on expanding us internally, to heal us and help us release the past."

While this might mean the Royal Wedding won't go off without a hitch, it will be a beautiful opportunity for the couple to wed with the recognition that love can truly heal all.

So set your alarms, order your decorations, and let the festivities begin, because the Royal Wedding is not in celestial jeopardy. Meghan and Harry's matrimony is still very much 'written in the stars', despite all three retrogrades — just be grateful pesky Mercury has remained in it's proper orbit!