3 Signs Who Are Going To Have A Worse Time Than The Rest Of Us This April

I'm not here to scare you, but the beginning of spring isn't always the easiest to navigate. Depending on when your birthday is, certain zodiac signs are going to have a rockier April than the rest of us. The sun is doing its usual switcharoo into a different sign on April 20, this time from Aries into Taurus — but that's not the only change coming our way!

Jupiter in Scorpio is going to connect with Pluto's current placement in Capricorn on April 14, which means our demons (which Scorpio helps us face) are going to be eliminated (thanks to the hard work Capricorn naturally values doing). This is a good thing in the long run, but maybe a super stressful thing in the short term. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Pluto is the planet of renewal and rebirth, so think of it as you're expanding your pain threshold... oh Lordy.

On that same day, Mars in Capricorn will also be a copycat and form a sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Their union entails using your intuition to guide your work ethic, which can be scary for a lot of us mere mortals, ya feel?

All this action on one day alone is pretty darn scary.

It's already a pretty action-packed month, according to AstrologyKing. Saturn's going into retrograde on the 17, Pluto will move into retrograde on the 22, and Venus will move into Gemini on the 24.

But we can at least take solace that Mercury Retrograde will be ending on April 15 (phew) and we have a new, uplifting moon in Aries.

Read on to find out if you might be going through some major change this spring:


It's going to be an exhausting month for a sign that already takes the weight of the world on its shoulders.

Mars is spending the month in your sign, which means you'll be feeling a lot of aggression coming your way. Saturn also goes into retrograde in Capricorn on April 17, which means you — who are already susceptible to pressure to be hard working — are going to feel extra perfectionistic under the spell of the planet of discipline.

It doesn't help that your fourth house of comfort is going to be rocked once the sun switches to Taurus, lighting up your fifth house of pleasure. If you're not good at one thing Cappy, it's relaxing — but you're going to have to figure out which way to please yourself this month if you want to survive!


You naturally thrive in relationships, but Mars in Capricorn means it may be affecting your seventh house of partnerships in a really achingly stressful way. Venus in Gemini on the 24th also means your planet of love is going to be facing some turmoil as you move into the 12th house of your subconscious.

That's going to be a theme all month, on top of the fact that you'll start out with the sun's energy running through your tenth house of status, which isn't always your favorite place to be. You're uncomfortable with posturing too much in that realm — it's a lot of pressure to have strangers have so many expectations of you! — but never fear. You'll feel respite toward the end of the month when the sun shifts to Taurus and you get activity in your eleventh house of friendships.

Until then, make the most of organizing your sense of self to get through it all!


On the very last day of April, the moon will move into Scorpio, making us all aware of our deepest, most intense desires. But you're already aware of those at all times, so be careful, Scorp. Don't let the intensity of life eat at you too much. The expanding power of Jupiter on the 14th is going to make you definitively feel the pressure to live your best life. Plus, your ruling planet is Pluto, which moves into retrograde April 22 and will make everything feel more intense and challenging. But you can do it. Your persevering spirit is needed for all the other 11 signs, and you will find a way forward no matter what. than usual, Scorpio.

Try to take solace on April 24 — Venus moving into Gemini will make you more reflective on the psychology of your love life, as it aspects your eighth house of rebirth, your natural placement.