If You’re One Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, Leo Season Is Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

Now that it's officially Leo season — it stars on Jul. 23 and ends on Aug. 22 — we can all expect to experience certain effects of the mighty presence of the Leo lioness. That said, some signs will experience the feline power this month a bit more than others, so you'll want to know which zodiac signs Leo season 2018 will affect the most. Leo is a fire sign, so we know that its powers are not going to interact each sign with the same kind of results. The sun signs that are most strongly influenced by this season are the signs that represent stability and dependability. Leo will gives these signs an opportunity to change their pace and enjoy themselves a bit more.

When the sun enters Leo, the combination of bright, dazzling positive vibes will give those certain signs a bigger cosmic boost than others. But we'll all start to feel ourselves come out of our shells a bit more during this period, thanks to a welcoming heat that is strong enough to affect signs that aren't in the direct line of the sign's fire.

When we think of Leo, we think of vibrancy, social ease and confidence, when you combine those qualities with the sun's heat and warmth, you get an explosive level of fiery goodness. Speaking with Bustle, astrologist Lisa Stardust revealed which zodiac signs will feel the effects of Leo season the most — aka, which signs can flourish like succulents under the double heat of Leo and the sun. Here's what she predicts.


Stardust tells Bustle that Taurus is going to finally feel summer vacation come into view during the Leo season — after a long stretch of too much work. She says, "you can finally take a much deserved moment to relax." So hang out with the people who make you happy, spend some time doing absolutely nothing and also some time doing all of the things you love to do. You deserve to indulge in your desires a bit this season because you've put the hard work in already this summer


Scorpio is no stranger to the limelight, and during the Leo season, Scorpio shines extra bright. You'll be feeling really full of yourself, in a good way, Stardust explains, as everyone's looking to you for attention and advice. It's OK soak it up, so long as you stay humble. That said, she also warns, "be advised not to burn the candle at both ends, make sure you take some extra you time to decompress between meetings." If you burn out, you can't enjoy the limelight for long...


Aquarius is going to feel Leo's power in their personal relationships, according to Stardust. You'll want to put a lot of focus and energy on your partnerships, and while it will be put to good use, you'll have to remind yourself not to give out more energy than is necessary. Stardust says, "just try to make sure you do not give others too much power. Finding a balance with in partnerships is essential for you during Leo Season, it will allow you to work through issues with others cooperatively." If you're careful, you'll come out of Leo season with stronger relationships and an even stronger sense of self.