30 Genius Beauty Products On Amazon To Use When You're Feeling Extra


We all have that moment — you know the one: You’re in the mood for a beauty boost (basic creams just aren't going cut it), and after scanning your bathroom cabinet shelves, you find yourself on Amazon looking for some new beauty products to use when you're feeling extra — after all, it's important to treat yo' self now and again. As you have yourself a cheeky little scroll, the number of items in your checkout cart begins to pile up and before you know it, you basically have a whole new beauty product lineup ready to go. Well, although we totally agree with the whole everything in moderation thing, we also think that there's no harm in indulging your inner diva with a little product purchasing when you’re feeling particularly luscious. And these aren't just any old products — they go above and beyond in the fabulous department.

To ensure that your next Amazon beauty product spree is the best it can possibly be, we’ve made things a little easier for you. Here, you’ll find a roundup of some of the best products that will fill a special space on your shelf — things that are perfect for those at-home spa days, when it’s all about you. From steamy eye masks (yes, we said steamy!) to a luxe scalp massager and even something called Unicorn Fairy Bath Dust, there's an outrageously over-the-top — but still affordable — beauty product for everyone, below.


A Set Of Bath Bombs That Look Just Like Pastries

Handmade in Germany and Austria, these delectable bath bombes smell and feel just as delicious as they look, and use organic and vegan ingredients to provide a skin-softening and soothing bath experience. In a set of six, you can expect to see inventive and delicious flavors like "Juicy Cherry," "Berry Milkshake," and "Pink Champagne," to name a few. Side note: You'll want to be sure that these don't end up stored in the kitchen, because there's no doubt that they can be mistaken for actual pastries.


Soothing And Depuffing Under-Eye Masks Made of Gold

There's no better way to indulge in feeling a little extra than with gold anything. These under-eye masks are chock full of a golden powder gel collagen that boosts elasticity, giving extra vibrance to that delicate area underneath your eyes. Vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone while calming rose oil makes the whole experience feel (and smell) totally luxe.


A Unicorn-Shaped Shower Cap For Your Most Magical Shower Ever

Never has showering been more magical. Enter this flirty unicorn-shaped shower cap from NPW. Complete with a stand-up golden horn and those beautiful, wide unicorn-eyes, this inspired plastic cap will keep your locks dry when you take a shower or go for a swim.


A Set Of Nutrient-Rich Sheet Masks Made of Lace

Combine soft lace with sheet masks and you get the ultimate indulgent, at-home spa treatment. Made of lace that has been soaked in nutrient-rich serums, this set of eight masks is made for all skin types, and is both alcohol and paraben-free. Each one is different, providing the user with a variety of dynamic ingredients (think seaweed, black rose, honey, yogurt, and much more) and functions (lifting and plumping skin, intense hydration, and smoothing exfoliation).


Japanese Mouthwash That Tastes Like Cherry Blossoms

There's nothing like a refreshing mouthwash to make you feel extra sparkly — but how about one that's flavored like cherry blossoms? This Japanese mouthwash from Propolinse is gentle on teeth, alcohol-free, and boosted with tea extracts and natural xylitol, which work together to gently cleanse, leaving breath feeling fresh, floral, and fruity.


A Portable Dispenser That Heats Up Lotion

Applying lotion to your skin should always feel like an indulgent part of your beauty routine, but this portable dispenser from Conair actually heats up cream in just two minutes before you pump it into your hands, creating a distinctly luxurious experience. The heat factor allows the product to sink deeper into your skin, allowing for extra hydration, and thanks to its compact size, it can easily be transported between home and work. Who doesn't love the sound of a quick mid-day spa break right at your desk?


Glittery Beauty Blenders That Are Made Of Silicone

Thanks to glitter — lovely, sparkly, shimmery glitter — these aren't your average beauty blenders. Perfect for indulging your inner diva, these silicone blenders are easy to use, soft and flexible, and washable. The reason people prefer silicone is that it's antibacterial, so these won't harbor germs and are great for people who struggle with breakouts. Plus, who doesn't need a little extra pizzaz to spice up an often-ordinary beauty tool?


A Beautiful Jade Face Roller That Massages and Revitalizes

If you're all about pure and calming energy, consider this massaging face roller (it could totally be used on your back and neck, too). It's made of jade stone, which has been utilized for remedial purposes for centuries in China, and revitalizes chi through meridian point stimulation. Between boosting elasticity and rejuvenating skin circulation, this stone massager is your ticket to a unique at-home facial.


A Cat-Shaped K-Beauty Sheet Mask For Your Eye Area

This black hydrogel eye mask uses rich Vaseline and a moisturizing oil gel to soften and brighten the delicate skin around the eye area. Plus, it's cat-shaped, so that just makes the entire experience a little extra awesome — and more importantly, very Instagrammable.


An Aromatherapy Steam Mask That Soothes Tired Or Puffy Eyes

One way to make an eye mask even more of a luxurious experience is by adding steam into the mix. These lavender-sage scented eye masks from Japan warm up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with heat lasting 5-10 minutes. The gentle heat combined with a lavender fragrance creates a soothing, de-stressing environment for your eyes — which work pretty hard! — and relaxes the delicate skin that surrounds the eye area.


A Vegan Glitter Gel For Body And Face

Aside from the delightful fact that it's called Unicorn Snot, this glittery facial gel is the perfect way to show the world that you're feeling extra sparkly inside. You can apply it straight to your face (or body) without primer, and it dries into a lightweight, cosmetic-grade glittery sparkle that's easily washed off. An Amazon's Choice product with a near five-star rating, it's also cruelty-free (no unicorns harmed, obviously) and vegan — choose from six colors.


A 24K Gold Face Mask That Changes Color

Combine 24K gold and the mere experience of doing a face mask, and you're in for a very extra pampering session. This mask uses 24K gold to boost elasticity and tighten pores, creating a bright, even, and soft skin tone. After 20 minutes of application, it will change from gold to white, indicating that the gold is working to retain moisture and rid the skin of toxins.


A Jellyfish-Shaped Silicone Brush For Exfoliating, Massaging, And Cleansing

Exfoliating, cleansing, massaging — and an adorable jellyfish shape? Well, that's just plain fun. This silicone brush has fine bristles on one side that gently cleanse and exfoliate pores when used in a circular motion with a soapy lather, while the other can be used to massage.


An Adorable Bottle Of Shimmering Hand Soap That's Inspired By Champagne

There's no better way to liven up your hand washing routine with a little bubbly. This rich lather has notes of champagne, sugar crystals, and amber, and uses both grape seed extract and olive oil to create a moisture-locking and soothing hand washing experience. Plus, the bottle is gorgeous, so it makes for a great gift or decorative accent to leave out on your bathroom counter.


A Full-Body Mask Made Of Charcoal Clay From the Himalayas

It's hard to think of a more decadent experience than covering your entire body with a rich charcoal-based mask made of clay from the Himalayas of India. This purifying formula both softens and cleanses skin through the use of bamboo charcoal, which offers detoxification and has been used for centuries for its cleansing and revitalizing properties.


Fizzy "Unicorn Dust" For Your Most Instagrammable Bath Ever

It fizzes, smells like rainbow sherbet, and looks like fairy dust. This powdery goodness is the equivalent of five bath bombs broken up into a luscious powder that you can scoop into warm bath water, resulting in brilliant colors, delicious scents with hints of almond oil, and an overall extra luxurious bathing experience.


An At-Home Facial Steamer That Moisturizes and Cleanses

There's no need to leave the house next time you fancy a steam session. Just one push of a button, and this steamer provides users with a gentle stream of superfine steam particles that covers the face, leaving skin hydrated and rejuvenated. With a state-of-the-art nozzle that releases particles that are 4,000 times more fine than regular steam, this tool is great for opening pores, removing makeup, and absorbing products during a morning or evening skincare routine.


A Makeup Brush Set That Looks Like a Bouquet of Roses

Everyone deserves a bundle of roses sometimes. These chic and utilitarian makeup brushes are rose-shaped with beautiful gold, leafy stems — but they do more than just look good. The brushes are made of mainly fiber wool, resulting in high-density and soft bristles that ensure premium powder application. Plus, the set comes with a flannel bag for the brushes, so they're easy to travel with.


Gel Socks That Are Basically The Equivalent Of A Pedicure

Sometimes, our feet don't always get the love they deserve because they're, well, feet. These useful socks provide an intensive moisturizing treatment to soften and soothe dry skin. They feature enclosures for all toes so that each one gets the treatment of the mineral oil-based, vitamin-infused gel that lines the inside of the spandex socks. Slip each one on for about 20 minutes, two to three times a week, for a spa-like relaxation experience.


Gold-Flecked Blotting Papers From A Beloved Japanese Beauty Brand

These delicate handmade gold-flecked blotting papers are an easy way to add some sparkle to what's usually a very ordinary beauty ritual. Made in Japan from natural abaca leaf and enriched with 23K gold, these blotting papers absorb oil around the face and t-zone, erasing any traces of shine and leaving your face feeling smooth and fresh, without disturbing your makeup.


A Vegan Highlighter Trio That Creates Extra Glow

If you're in search of a highlighter palette that provides an extra iridescent glow, this is the one. This set of three colors — pink, gold, and peach — are crafted from silky vegan powders that brighten, blend, and last all day, leaving the user with a magical illumination. And with Lime Crime's cult-following and this product's near five-star rating, you can be sure it's worth investing in.


A Face Roller That Reduces Pain and Puffiness Using Ice

If you're feeling a little sore or puffy around the face, or just want a soothing facial massage, this ice roller is your new best friend. The cold contracts blood vessels and strengthens collagen fibers, which in turn tightens pores and boosts elasticity. The cooling effect also will help with any redness, swelling, or pain.


An Adorable Cat Ear Hair Band That Makes Washing Your Face More Fun

Slip on this cat-ear headband for a fun, easy, and super affordable way to brighten up the beginning or end of your day as you go through your face-washing (or masking) ritual. Made of soft cotton, it slips on comfortably to keep hair off your face as you go about your routine. Plus, it's absolutely adorable.


A Lip Mask That's Packed With Nutrients

Give your lips the gift of hydration with these sumptuous gel masks. The serum is made of powerful ingredients like peptides which soften, green tea extract which provides antioxidants, and niacinamide which helps skin retain water. If you're feeling particularly extra before heading out, slap one of these bad boys on to make lipstick application even smoother.


A Temperature Therapy Face Mask That Soothes And Depuffs

This reusable face mask uses a unique dual hot-cold therapy technique in conjunction with gel beads to provide the user with a relaxing spa wrap for the skin — and it's especially good at helping reduce pain or inflammation. The hot compress helps combat dryness around the eyes, while the cold aids with puffiness and swelling.


A Cult-Favorite Foot Exfoliant That Leaves Skin Baby-Soft

If you've never heard of Baby Foot, now is the time to give it a Google. Give your feet the extra love they deserve with this refreshing and rejuvenating foot peel that uses 17 different natural extracts, from lemon to chamomile, sage to watercress, orange to meadowsweet, and lots more. Throughout an easy three-step process, the natural extracts work hard to soften and moisten skin, eventually peeling away all the dead skin from feet (over the course of a few days), leaving them baby-soft and totally exfoliated.


Adorable Japanese Lycee Eyedrops That Are Ultra-Hydrating & Brightening

A quick scroll through the reviews of these Japanese eyedrops reveals that users find them to be "fabulous," "fantastic," "awesome," and "wonderful." This five-star product works hard to quickly alleviate dryness and irritation around the eyes with ingredients like Vitamin B12 and potassium, which leave users with bright, glowing, itch-free peepers.


A Gold-Infused Face Moisturizer With A Cult Following On Social Media

Farsali — the brand behind every Instagram beauty blogger's favorite Unicorn Essence — recently came out with this rose gold version. Ultra-hydrating and featuring a subtle citrusy scent, this 24K gold-infused moisturizer is rich in omegas, as well as vitamins A & E. Suitable for all skin types, it's the most extra way to prep your skin for makeup application.


A 24K Gold Collagen-Boosted Mask That Moisturizes Dry Hands

When you're feeling a little (or a lot) extra, it's all about all gold everything. These collagen-boosted hand masks provide users with rich moisture through ingredients like 24K gold, vitamins C and E, and grape seed extract, which work together to moisturize the delicate area around fingers, enhancing the skin's protective barrier and soothing hardworking hands.


A Dual Function Scalp Massager That Increases Circulation

Two words: scalp massage. Next time you hop in the shower, take this handy tool with you to make your hair washing routine especially indulgent. This water-resistant, battery-powered plastic brush features flexible rubber tips that send soft vibrations over the scalp for an extra soothing experience, while increasing blood flow and gently cleansing.

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