23 Under-The-Radar Beauty Products With A Cult-Following On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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Sometimes, the best beauty products aren't the ones you see blasted all over social media. They may not have brand names that catch your eye, or they're just everyday staples that you never considered to upgrade. These under-the-radar beauty products may seem far less exciting at first — but 1,000-plus rave reviews on Amazon don't lie.

So why buy a new shaving cream when yours already works fine? Or an eyelash curler? Or a bar of soap? Simple: these are the best of the best, and Amazon reviewers swear by them. Why else would there be over 8,000 reviews for a hair loss shampoo?

With all the exciting new makeup out there, it's easy for the basics to get lost. But truly, a surprise score on Amazon can be a lot more thrilling than scoring an overpriced, overexposed beauty product. So is finding a product that gets rid of dandruff without any bells or whistles, or a blow dryer that is better than the one you've had since high school. And sometimes, a simple switch-up in your routine is in order after using the same product for a few years.

Why not try something new to you? These under-the-radar products aren't famous yet, but they're tried, true, and really work.

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