30 Major July 2018 Beauty Launches That You May Have Missed

July 2018 beauty launches placed on a desk
Peach & Lily

With the arrival of July comes the arrival of a slew of new summer beauty products, which makes total sense: Unlike the other seasons, summer is all about putting the focus on making you look as glowy as possible, be it through makeup or skin care. This month, brands released products that do just that — make your skin look extra hydrated, your pout look super glossy, and your cheekbones look radiant AF.

While summer beauty might seem pretty low-maintenance in comparison to winter or spring, it actually requires a lot of upkeep! Sure, you might wear less makeup, but you need to remember to slather on more sunscreen and use products that will protect your skin from any harmful environmental damage (since you're outdoors more often). And because it's so gosh darn hot, you might need to reapply products more often, or take more steps while getting your face ready to ensure that the makeup you do wear actually stays put.

So whether you're switching up your routine for the warmer months ahead or you just want to add some fun new products to your rotation, here are 30 new July 2018 beauty launches to consider shopping.