30 Inspiring Photos Supporting #PinkOut

Zach Gibson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

March 29 was Pink Out Day, when the internet basked in shades of pink to show support for Planned Parenthood and its commitment to provide American women with affordable and safe reproductive health care. According to Planned Parenthood, the day was dedicated to bringing people together to say, "We resist. We are strong. And we're not backing down — not today, not ever." Throughout the day, people all over United States shared inspiring photos signs in support of #PinkOut.

The timing for the day was particularly apt, given the controversial relationship between Donald Trump's administration and Planned Parenthood itself. Recently, in a severely manipulative offer, Trump vowed to support the organization based on the condition that it ceased to provide abortions to women. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards rejected Trump's offer entirely.

Although Pink Out Day is over, you can still show your support. Miriam Berg, digital content producer at Planned Parenthood, shared five ways to participate in #PinkOut. You could show your support by using the #IStandWithPP hashtag on social media, wear pink as a statement of solidarity, share a #PinkOut selfie, add a #PinkOut filter to your profile on social media, or take a pledge.

From prominent political figures to everyday citizens who believe in a woman's right to affordable and safe reproductive health care, #PinkOut received a load of support, love, and signs across the board.

1. Planned Parenthood Serves Millions

California Rep. Jackie Speier vocalized her support for Planned Parenthood by reminding us all about just how many women receive critical medical assistance from the organization.

2. Keep Hope Alive

Regardless of the hurdles, hope is key. Without it, we have nothing.

3. Puppy Love For Planned Parenthood

Who said humans were the only supporters of Planned Parenthood?

4. Missouri Sends Its Support

The Missouri House of Representatives, decked out in lovely shades of pink, had a clear message for opponents of Planned Parenthood: They're not going anywhere.

5. Arizona Stands With Planned Parenthood

Arizona House Democrats pledged their support for women's right to health care in this inspiring photo.

6. Religious Support For Planned Parenthood

One of the most invigorating images showed Sara Ratcliffe, director of domestic programs at Catholics for Choice, vowing support for Planned Parenthood.

7. Chuck Schumer For Planned Parenthood

Allies, take note.

8. Big Love From Chicago

This photo of Cloud Gate became even better with Planned Parenthood supporters cheering in front of it.

9. Positive Vibes For Planned Parenthood

Question: What's better than love for Planned Parenthood? Answer: Love for Planned Parenthood (ostensibly) flying in the air.

10. Simple Support For Women's Right To Reproductive Health Care

Sometimes a smile says it all.

11. Crowds Out For #PinkOut

Sen. Patty Murray's photo of dozens of people showing support for Planned Parenthood is an uplifting one.

12. Be Prepared

Cecile Richards shared a message of solidarity and the need to build alliances in the face of growing threats against Planned Parenthood.

13. No To Defunding

A straightforward message.

14. This Lovely Image Of The Planned Parenthood Great Plains Team

Sunlight? Check. Greenery? Check. Devotion to a woman's right to affordable health care? Check.

15. Love From The Northwest & Hawaii

Hawaii and the Northwest sent Planned Parenthood their share of love.

16. A Simple Message

Sometimes one short sentence can do the trick.

17. This Sunny Photo Sent With Love

Support the people whose lives depend on Planned Parenthood.

18. Birth Control, Not Bans

This passionate plea will resonate with many who disagree with Trump's travel ban.

19. Americans United For Planned Parenthood

Clear and concise.

20. National Center For Lesbian Rights Stands For Planned Parenthood

The NCLR took a stand for Planned Parenthood on Capitol Hill in this heartwarming image.

21. Love From Massachusetts

Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III showed his support for the organization in a photo shared by Jen Childs-Roshak.

22. No Backing Down

Not now, not ever.

23. Ari Afsar Supports Planned Parenthood

The semifinalist from American Idol Season 8 is clear about where her supports lies.

24. Unconditional Support For Women

Every woman deserves safe reproductive health care, regardless of how you personally decide for your body. This photo delivers that message succinctly.

25. Health Care, A Fundamental Right

Little Miss Flint knows.

26. True Solidarity

#PinkOut saw a lot of love from male allies.

27. The Right To Choose

Autonomy should not be up for debate.

28. Non-Binary Love For Planned Parenthood

Support came from every walk of life.

29. Reproductive Health Care Should Be A Human Right

More of this, please.

30. Elizabeth Warren For Planned Parenthood

Last but not the least, Sen. Elizabeth Warren showed her support for Planned Parenthood in this photo on #PinkOut, making it clear that millions of women across the United States rely on Planned Parenthood for basic medical care.

For many, one thing is clear: Planned Parenthood is fundamental to the lives of millions of women in America, and that access to health care must be protected.