31 Celebrity Makeup Transformations You Have To See To Believe

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If you're a fan of your bold lipsticks and have a stack of eye shadow palettes waiting for you at home, then chances are you understand the altering power of cosmetics. When you scroll through your feed or flip through a magazine you're constantly shown celeb makeup transformations, and you get sucked in by the idea that just a different lipstick shade or a deft hand with a contouring brush can change you completely. Whether the celeb in question got glammed up for a red carpet event or just so happened to purchase a new matte lipstick they decided to try on for a day, it's addictive to track these transformations.

And that's not only because we all have a small Perez Hilton like itch we can't scratch — it's not just about staying up to date with the latest gossip or Hollywood movements. It's amazing to see actors, musicians, and models change their appearance with the swipe of a brush, and it can inspire us to be bold and try out the same. So in that spirit, ahead are 30+ celeb makeup transformations you have to see to believe — get ready to be blown away!

Bella Hadid

Before Bella Hadid picked up her femme fatale style, she used to go bare faced and rosy cheeked, sporting a no-makeup makeup look.

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The Power Of A Bold Lip

But with a burgundy lip and a clever hand with a contour blush, Hadid completely transforms.

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Kylie Jenner

Before the makeup mogul discovered matte lipstick, she'd step outside with faux lashes and a nude lip. While she still liked to dabble with cosmetics, she didn't use them to completely transform herself yet.

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How Colors Alter

But come 2016 the youngest Jenner is almost completely unrecognizable. With the help of her lipstick arsenal and eye shadow palettes, Kylie is able to alter her image almost on the daily.

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Kristen Stewart

While Stewart often times steps out with minimal makeup (think Bella from Twilight,) she still makes a statement with her edgy hair and unique sense of style.


Eye Shadow Can Take It Up A Notch

But when the woman wants to transform, all she needs to do is reach for her eye shadow brush. Known for her penchant over a smoky eye, the technique completely transforms her eyes, turning them intense and feline-like.

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Khloe Kardashian

Back when her reality TV career just started taking off, Kardashian was in the middle of sussing out her glamorous style. While she was already rocking the long lashes and glossy lips, she was still a couple of steps away from the beauty look she's known for today.

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Makeup Adds Glamour

With the help of faux lashes, smoky eyes, contouring palettes, and fashion forward lip colors, Khloe completely transforms.

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Nicole Richie

Back in the day Nicole Richie wasn't afraid to match her pink lips with a bit of green shimmer on her eyelids — her style was bold like that. While she often times veered towards the unexpected and eye catching, nowadays her makeup style has changed some.

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A New Persona Is Created

Richie makes her statements with retro styles and colors, often times opting for a thick cat eye or a bold Marilyn Monroe red lip.

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Here the musician gives off an almost prim and proper vibe with her subtle makeup and rose colored lips.

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It Adds Some Edge

But add black lipstick and orange shadow into the mix, and you have the face Lorde is known for: A woman that takes fun risks with her makeup bag.

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Emma Watson

Watson often times steps out to events wearing her basic makeup staples: Eyeliner and mascara. While it's nothing too intense, she still looks amazing with her low-key cosmetics.

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Never Underestimate Lipstick

But add in a red lip and a strong brow, and she completely changes. It's amazing what a good red can do!


Solange Knowles

While Knowles isn't afraid of an electric lip or a vivid swipe of color across the eye, she changes things up once in a while by stepping out fresh and seemingly makeup-free.

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When Makeup Defines Your Style

But when she does reach for the color, the outcome is electric. Known for her eclectic and artistic style, her makeup only accentuates her vision and personality.

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Taylor Swift

For years Swift has been known for her vintage-like penchant for rocking heavy eyeliner and poppy red lips. A red pout quickly became her trademark and she is rarely seen without it.

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It Takes You Out Of Your Element

So when she veers from that formula, the change can knock you back on your feet. She's almost unrecognizable in a pink lip and coppery shadow, swapping out vintage for grunge.

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Zendaya likes to go au naturale from time to time, skipping the eyeliner to rock something a little more understated.


When Makeup Adds Drama

But when she is in the mood to add some drama, a smoky eye completely changes up her look into something a little more special occasion worthy.

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Amandla Stenberg

Stenberg looks adorable and classic in a strong cat eye, keeping the rest of her look minimal as to highlight that one feature.

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But Adding A Dark Color Changes The Formula

But when she throws in a dark lip with the eyeliner, the outcome is stellar and more than a little edgy.

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Jessica Chastain

Chastain highlights her reddish features by sticking to a rosy lip, and opts for a daytime smoky eye to make her big eyes pop.

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The Power Of Metallics

But when metallics and shimmers are incorporated into her routine, her face completely changes. Not only does the color complement her hair and complexion, but it also warms her eyes and makes them stand out.

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Back in the day, Raven would opt for a creamy pink lip and darkened eyes to accent her features.

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Unexpected Colors Add Some Edge

But nowadays she's a little more adventurous. She's often times found rocking a silver or blue lip, which she accents with matching shadow and dramatic lashes. She has fun with her makeup choices and likes to take her beauty routine out of the box.

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Kim Kardashian

Before she became the Mother of Contouring, Kimmy K would have a heavy hand with colored eye shadows and shiny lip-glosses.

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When Less Is More

But now she's a little more high fashion and couture with her look. Switching over to strobing to create a dewier and lighter complexion, Kardashian is often times seen with her trademark lashes and nude lips.

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Eva Mendez

While Mendez enjoys a classic beauty look of eyeliner and pink lips, she does sometimes take her makeup game plan into more intense territories.

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When More Is More

And when she sports her heavy smoky eye with razor-like brows, her look is nothing short of transformative.

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Scarlett Johansson

While this wouldn't necessarily be called a no-makeup look, there's something understated about rocking a smoky eye but keeping your brows and lips bare.

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Makeup Adds Weight To Your Look

But when Johansson takes out the red lipstick and the brow pencil, magic happens. She turns into a total starlet, creating dramatic looks for big red carpet events.

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Kate Hudson

Hudson has been a fresh faced beauty since day one, emitting the same kind of girl-next-door brightness as her mother Goldie Hawn. So much so that we've grown to expect that kind of dewy, no-fuss look from her.

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But Sometimes Change Is Good

But when she steps on a red carpet wearing a heavily lined eye, it's show stopping. The strategic lines completely change her eyes, making the hazel almost glow.

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Demi Lovato

Being a champion of self-love and body acceptance, the world is familiar with Lovato's bare face because she posts it often. And while eye shadow palettes and new lipstick colors are fun, there's something to be said about going outside with your freckles in full view.

It's Transformative

But when she is in the mood to try out some color and add mascara to her lashes, she looks like a completely different person. It's fun to change up your look in under an hour.

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Michelle Williams

Known to many a decade back as Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek, Williams often sported a no-fuss, girl next door look.

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It Creates An Image

But as the years went by, Williams changed her look with the help of some beauty staples. One noticeable trademark of hers is the bold eye and nude lip, emulating icons like Twiggy and Mia Farrow.

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Elizabeth Olsen

The youngest Olsen sister looks flawless in a low-key look that doesn't fuss with much color.

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It Pumps Up The Wattage

But when she wants to make a statement, dark red lips and a smokey eye are a go-to when it comes to revamping herself into something a little more glamorous.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga looks like a completely different person without her trademark theatrical makeup and heavy, smoky eyes.


It Revamps Your Image

But that's the fun part of her style — with the help of cosmetics, she's able to change herself into a new person every day, depending on her mood.

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Bella Thorne

Thorne looks fresh and casual in this weekday makeup look.

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You Can Play Up Your Features

But she's able to completely transform with the help of blending shadows. With a fierce smoky eye and a statement making nude lip, Thorne revolutionizes her look.

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Lupita Nyong'o

Nyong'o rocks a minimalist and dewy beauty look, letting her bold fashion do the talking.

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Bold And Beautiful

But when she wants to pull off a more glamorous style, it's cat eyeliner and dark shadow to the rescue.

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RiRi rocks a bare face with as much style and personality as a full-on glam look, looking flawless with naked eyes and lips.

It Creates Fearless Styles

But when it's time for the green lipstick and sharp eyeliner, Rihanna reshapes herself into a fashion-forward maven.

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Gigi Hadid

While she's known for her Tommy Hilfiger ads and couture runway track record, Hadid doesn't always rock a full on glam look.

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It Adds A Punch

But when she does, it looks jaw dropping.

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Jaime King

If you've checked out King's Instagram, you'll see that the actress likes working an understated makeup routine just as much as she likes her dramatic red carpet looks.

It Lets You Play Up Your Features

But when it is time to go to an event, her retro eyeliner and girly pink lips create such a fun change.

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No one would argue that Serayah looks stunning without a stitch of makeup on.

It Offers A Change

But when she cracks open her makeup bag, amazing things happen. She looks like a movie screen siren with her red lips and crisp cat eye.

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Whitney Port

Port often times chooses to go more subtle with her makeup, opting for blushing cheeks and mascaraed eyelashes.

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A Bolder Approach

But when she puts on a bold red or adds volume to her incredibly long lashes, the outcome is dramatic and stunning.

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Carrie Underwood

This country star looks lovely with a subdued makeup face on, rocking some mascara and pale pink lips.

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There's No Such Thing As "Too Much"

But her signature smoky eye amps up the wattage when she steps on stage.

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Cara Delevingne

The iconic model looks rosy and fresh without a lick of makeup on.

Make Your Features Pop

But her eyes completely transform with the help of shadows and liners. And that's the beauty and fun of makeup: It helps you change, explore new sides of your personality, and alter yourself if only for a day.

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