31 Celebrity Makeup Transformations You Have To See To Believe

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If you're a fan of your bold lipsticks and have a stack of eye shadow palettes waiting for you at home, then chances are you understand the altering power of cosmetics. When you scroll through your feed or flip through a magazine you're constantly shown celeb makeup transformations, and you get sucked in by the idea that just a different lipstick shade or a deft hand with a contouring brush can change you completely. Whether the celeb in question got glammed up for a red carpet event or just so happened to purchase a new matte lipstick they decided to try on for a day, it's addictive to track these transformations.

And that's not only because we all have a small Perez Hilton like itch we can't scratch — it's not just about staying up to date with the latest gossip or Hollywood movements. It's amazing to see actors, musicians, and models change their appearance with the swipe of a brush, and it can inspire us to be bold and try out the same. So in that spirit, ahead are 30+ celeb makeup transformations you have to see to believe — get ready to be blown away!

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