Makeup Artist Transforms Normal People into Celebs

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

The #makeuptransformation trend has officially reached a new level. What started out as a goofy hashtag that pokes fun at DIY contouring "transformations" has morphed into a hilarious Internet-wide meme that shows regular people "transforming" into celebrities with the use of makeup. The trend has even become popular with the men of Instagram, who seem to be taking this thing in their own, uh, unique direction. The joke is that the majority of the people posting photos of themselves don't actually look like the celebrity in question, but #makeuptransformations, as we've seen so far, has been totally stomped on by someone who actually knows what their doing. And she's really, really good.

French makeup artist Magali Beauvue clearly knows a thing or two about applying makeup, and when she transforms into a celebrity, she really transforms. Beauvue uses her makeup skills to morph into celebrities with distinctly different looks, and the results are incredible. They're kind of freaky in their resemblance to the actual person, but definitely cool. Internet, meet the official Queen of #makeuptranformation. I didn't think it was possible for someone so good-looking to look so... much like Snoop Dogg. But it is.

Check out these amazing celebrity makeup transformations by Magali Beauvue:

Kanye West


Will Smith


Kerry Washington





Jay Z

Chris Brown

Snoop Dog

Images: Magali Beauvue/Facebook