31 Christmas TV Episodes On Netflix In 2016 To Get You In The Holiday Spirit


Guys, this is it — Christmas is absolutely on its way, and quite frankly, it's about time. I don't know about you, but I am so ready for all the eating, drinking, singing, dancing, and snuggling good times that the holidays have to offer. And in the lead up to the official festive day, there's truly nothing better than watching all the best Christmas TV show episodes and holiday movies to help bolster your Yuletide enthusiasm. Luckily, there's also a ton of amazing Christmas TV episodes on Netflix in 2016, which means you can totally feast on angel-shaped cookies while watching some TV treats.

The great thing about TV shows' holiday specials is that (with the exception of one or two, here and there) they're mostly always feel-good. And as the nights start approaching Christmas, these episodes all provide exactly the sort of uplifting positivity that I think we all deserve. Because when that winter chill starts creeping in, there's nothing better than the warmth of a Christmas special to keep it out — that's just really a really solid scientific fact right there.

So, snuggle up with your favorite festive snack-and-hot-drink combo and start lining up these 31 festive episodes for your Christmas countdown Netflix marathon.

'30 Rock' ("Christmas Special")

Season 3, Episode 6

Liz Lemon believes she's being scammed by a Christmas charity and accidentally tells two kids the truth about Santa (whoa there, he's not real?). Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy accidentally hits his own mother with his car and produces a last-minute Christmas Special for TGS in order to avoid taking care of her.

It's basically hijinks as usual for the 30 Rock team, but with a big, old adorable Christmas heart. Because not only are a lot of crucial Christmas lessons learned all around, but the episode also comes with an endearing ending.


'3rd Rock From The Sun' ("Jolly Old St. Dick")

Season 2, Episode 12

This beloved '90s sitcom about the Solomons, a family of space aliens trying to assimilate into human culture, features one of the best Christmas comedy episodes ever. Celebrating all the festive joy of the holidays, the irksome work involved in affording the celebrations, and the potential for getting ever so slightly tipsy off rum-balls, the episode is wonderfully bittersweet and absolutely hilarious.


'Black Mirror' ("White Christmas")

Season 2, Episode 4

For anyone eager to hunt down a darker festive experience, then the Black Mirror Christmas special has everything you could need — including the ever-agreeable Jon Hamm. Providing bleak twists and thought-provoking social commentaries, the episode is tremendously haunting.

Endemol UK / Netflix

'BoJack Horseman: Christmas Special'

What is essentially a Christmas special within a Christmas special, this BoJack Horseman episode treats fans to an entire festive episode of Horsin' Around — BoJack's old sitcom. As full of heartwarming pathos as the rest of the series, it's an absolute festive treat.


'Ally McBeal' ("Tis The Season")

Season 4, Episode 6

All you truly need to know about this episode is that it stars Robert Downey Jr. and he performs a rendition of Joni Mitchell's "River" so beautiful that it will reduce to tears. In fact, I'll be truly honest with you here, the entire episode will have you completely bawling. It's truly touching, heart-warming, and full of the spirit of Christmas (in the most raw, emotional way possible).

20th Century Fox

'Bob's Burgers' ("Christmas In The Car")

Season 4, Episode 8

Aside from the continuous insidious threat of a candy cane truck, this episode is stacked full of magical, Yuletide joy. And if Linda's relentless enthusiasm for the holidays isn't enough to spur you into a festive frisson (it's contagious, you know), then Louise's determination to capture Santa Claus in a homemade trap definitely will.

20th Century Fox

'Frasier' ("The Fight Before Christmas")

Season 7, Episode 11

Frasier has various tremendous Christmas episodes worth snuggling up in front of, but this one is by far the best. Showing Frasier Crane at his neurotic, competitive finest as he struggles to host a Christmas party better than that of his neighbor, the episode also sets the scene for Daphne and Niles' romance to take its first steps. And it's a joy to watch on every level.

Paramount / CBS

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' ("Amends")

Season 3, Episode 10

A gothic, supernatural homage to Christmas classic movie, It's A Wonderful Life, this BTVS episode is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Focusing on the despair of tortured, soulful vampire Angel as he contemplates his existence while haunted by those he's killed, "Amends" provides hope, romance, and redemption which will make you utterly weak at the knees. Prepare to sob at the unnatural sight of snowfall in Sunnydale, California.

20th Century Fox

'F Is For Family' ("O Holy Moly Night")

Season 1, Episode 6

As you might expect from Bill Burr's animated comedy, Christmas doesn't go all too smoothly for the constantly down-on-their-luck Murphy family. There's work stress, a strike on Christmas Eve, and even church-related problems. But that's also what makes the episode so terrific — it refuses to shy away from the fact that the holidays can sometimes be a struggle, and it does so with great humor and heart.


'Girl Meets World' ("Girl Meets Home For The Holidays")

Season 1, Episode 16

Not only does this supremely heartfelt episode reunite the entire Matthews family, but it also extends out to include a very important extended member — Shawn Hunter. I don't know how you feel about Cory and Shawn being reunited, but it gives me festive flutterings of joy all over. Those two were always, and will forever be, the cutest BFFs ever.

Walt Disney Studios

'Futurama' ("Xmas Story")

Season 2, Episode 8

As a menacing robot Santa terrorizes New York City based on an endless "naughty list," Fry learns all about how Christmas has both changed and stayed the same in the 1,000 years between his old and new life. The Planet Express Crew are naturally drafted in to take care of the situation, and it's one of the finest episodes of the entire show. Uh, plus — John Goodman provides the voice of Robot Santa, which is a Christmas gift in and of itself.

20th Century Fox

'90210' ("Holiday Madness")

Season 3, Episode 11

Because there ain't no party like a party in the 90210 zip code, people. And that counts double at Christmas time. As fans of the show will already know to expect, the episode is stacked full of the same wonderful teen melodrama, romantic entanglements and emotional outbursts as usual. But it also happens to feature one helluva Christmas party, thrown by Adrianna Tate-Duncan.

Not only does the party feature a skate rink and elves (and a guest list which apparently includes Mr. Justin Bieber), but Adrianna also provides a roaring, sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" well worth seeking out.


'Friends' ("The One With The Holiday Armadillo")

Season 7, Episode 10

Not only does this wonderful episode feature Joey in a Superman costume (and why not?) and Chandler dressed up as Jolly St. Nick, but you also have Ross dressed in an elaborate armadillo costume. Because he thinks that will totally endear his son to have fun learning about his Jewish traditions. It's terrific from start to finish.

Warner Bros. Television / NBC

'Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouse'

Featuring a truly spectacular roundup of guest stars including Cher, Grace Jones, Little Richard, Whoopi Goldberg, and well, Santa Claus himself, Pee-Wee Herman's holiday celebration is gleefully campy, good fun.


'Malcolm In The Middle' ("Christmas")

Season 3, Episode 7

After Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey push Lois over the edge with their mischief, she decides to move the Christmas tree and all of the presents into the garage. This is an act which she calls "holding Christmas hostage." And yes, the episode is still every bit as hilarious as you might remember it.

20th Century Fox

'Pretty Little Liars' ("How The 'A' Stole Christmas")

Season 5, Episode 13

Did somebody put in a special request for a squad of sexy Santas? Because this episode delivers them. Ezra Fitz in a pair of tiny Santa briefs aside, the episode combines the standard, mysterious treachery of your average PLL episode, along with some spectacular scenes sure to keep your holiday vibes gleaming.

Warner Bros. Television

'Grey's Anatomy' ("Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer")

Season 2, Episode 12

Focusing on all of the ups, downs, conflicts, illnesses, and brutal accidents that the holidays can sometimes bring forth or be unable to halt from happening, this episode is a thoughtful festive addition. And both literally and figuratively, it has a lot of heart.

Walt Disney Studios / ABC

'The Office' ("Christmas Party")

Season 2, Episode 10

Back when Jim was still trying to strategically win over Pam by buying her just the right Christmas gift to express his feelings (or simply sneaking love notes into her pocket), "Christmas Party" happened. It's an amazing episode, not only for developing the cherished romance between the two Office lovebirds, but also for accurately depicting the horror of an office Christmas party gone wrong. As the episode proves, combining lashings of alcohol with co-workers is not always a fantastic idea (but it does make for a hilarious one).


'Orange Is The New Black' ("Can't Fix Crazy")

Season 1, Episode 13

The finale of the first season of OITNB might end on a dark and brutal note as Piper is forced to defend herself against Pennsatucky (who is dressed appropriately as something of an angel of death), but prior to that, it features lashings of uplifting festive sentiments. The Litchfield Christmas pageant is honestly one of the most touching productions in television history.


'Saved By The Bell' ("Home For Christmas: Part One & Two")

Season 3, Episode 24 & 25

In this two-part Christmas episode, the Bayside High gang all learn some vital life lessons for the holidays when they start working at the mall and befriend a homeless man and his daughter. There's a mall production of A Christmas Carol and plenty of fun costumes, and oh, it's a big old fuzzy ball of festive love.

Paramount/ NBC/ CBS

'My Name Is Earl' ("White Lie Christmas")

Season 1, Episode 10

Lies and secrets are abound (as usual) in this treat of an episode, where Christmas provides a light sprinkling of holiday magic with which to unite and redeem everyone. It's pretty damn sweet.

20th Century Fox

'That '70s Show' ("The Best Christmas Ever")

Season 1, Episode 12

After being given money to go and buy a tree, Eric, Hyde, and Kelso obviously decide to go and cut one down instead, and spend the money on beer for a Christmas party. And suffice to say, a (supremely) merry time is had by all. Except for Red, who is obviously less than impressed when he gets home from work to find a bunch of drunken kids in his basement and some cops at the door. Simply put, it's amazing.

20th Century Fox

'The Wonder Years' ("Christmas")

Season 2, Episode 3

Be still my beating heart, because Kevin and Winnie are just the cutest couple ever. But especially when they're being adorable over buying gifts for each other like they do in "Christmas." It thaws my chilly little heart out every time.

Warner Bros. Television / 20th Century Fox

'Parks And Recreation' ("Citizen Knope")

Season 4, Episode 10

Featuring the most amazing gingerbread replication of a government office, "Citizen Knope" is sweet on so many levels. Not only does Leslie Knope have her own Christmas generosity returned to her at the suggestion of BFF Ann Perkins, but the Parks team also volunteer to support her by becoming her new campaign staff. And it's a ridiculously touching moment that always chokes me up.


'Glee' ("Extraordinary Merry Christmas")

Season 3, Episode 9

Glee hit a holiday home run with this fiercely festive episode which includes just about every vital Christmas song ever written. From "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," to "Christmas Wrapping" and "Let It Snow," this episode has it all. Put it on in the background while writing out this year's Christmas cards and soak up all of the potent, Yuletide cheer that the episode is bathing in.

20th Century Fox

'Scrubs' ("My Own Personal Jesus")

Season 1, Episode 11

If there was one thing that Scrubs loved doing, it was having you merrily cackling away one minute and reduced to a mess of tear-soaked feelings the next. And this episode definitely did that. There's a Christmas miracle to celebrate, painful epiphanies to endure, and plenty of holiday humor along the way.

Walt Disney Studios / ABC

'The League' ("Kegel The Elf")

Season 2, Episode 12

With the fantasy football playoffs completely overshadowing Christmas, "Kegel The Elf" shows The League characters losing sense of their lives due to their hobby. Including a child learning some very bad terminology from her parents, sure to put her onto Santa's naughty list that year.

20th Television

'How I Met Your Mother' ("How Lily Stole Christmas")

Season 2, Episode 11

Quite frankly, I'll take any opportunity to celebrate Alyson Hannigan, and she in top form in this Christmas episode. Showing Lily reaping revenge on her pals by removing her beloved Christmas display (after she discovers Ted has called her a pretty nasty name), the episode is wickedly funny.

20th Century Fox

'New Girl' ("The 23rd")

Season 1, Episode 9

On top of Max Greenfield playing a very sexy Santa in the episode (seriously, he's a Christmas miracle of a man), the episode also guest stars the ever wonderful Justin Long and features tons of holiday loveliness.

20th Century Fox

'Supernatural' ("A Very Supernatural Christmas")

Season 3, Episode 8

The Winchester Brothers investigate reports that Santa has been pretty naughty, when victims reportedly get pulled up through chimneys by an Anti-Santa never to be seen again. There's a Christmas Eve flashback and plenty of pining for the holiday season to be perfect. And well, the episode is pretty perfect too.

Warner Bros. Television

'The Vampire Diaries' ("O Come, All Ye Faithful")

Season 4, Episode 9

There's a winter carnival, plenty of Christmas songs stocked up on the soundtrack, a brutal rampage, and a murder most foul. Because honestly, vampires don't put their fangs into storage just because it's Christmas. That's just the way it is.

CBS / Warner Bros. Television