31 Dangerous Trump Quotes That Are Still Hurting America Today


Many supporters of Donald Trump say that they appreciate him because he speaks his mind, tells it like it is, doesn't sugarcoat it, and so on. It's certainly true that Trump lacks a certain filter that most politicians have, and as a result, is often far more blunt than your average president. But many of Trump's quotes have been extremely damaging — to the country, to marginalized Americans, and in some cases, to himself.

Although it's easy to just shake your head and sigh at Trump's most offensive or factually incorrect statements, it's crucial to remember that millions of Americans fervently support him, and take all of those comments to heart.

When Trump urges his supporters to physically attack protesters, that sends a message to a great swath of America that it's OK to engage in political violence. When he falsely claims that millions of Americans voted illegally in 2016, the alleged reason why he lost the popular vote, it results in many of his supporters holding a wildly inaccurate belief about America. When he calls transgender service members a "burden" on the U.S. military, he gives transphobia the presidential stamp of approval.

In some cases, Trump's comments have caused damage to himself and his presidency. His call for a "complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States" made it impossible for his legal team to argue in court, months later, that he wasn't banning immigrants based on their religion. His admission that he fired FBI Director James Comey because of "this Russia thing" directly contradicted statements the White House had made days earlier.

Either way, Trump has said plenty of very damaging things. Here's a list of some of them.


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North Korea

US News Today on YouTube

Violence In Charlottesville

The Boston Globe on YouTube

White Supremacists

Politics Video Channel on YouTube

Anti-White Supremacy Protesters

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Washington, D.C.

Metro Newspaper UK on YouTube

This quote from Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts sounds innocuous, until you realize that he just told America's youth that the nation's capital is a "cesspool."

Encouraging Violence

Patriotic Populist on YouTube

Trump is currently being sued by protesters who were assaulted at his rallies, and they've cited this other remarks by Trump in their lawsuits.

His Popularity

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The Media

Hillary Clinton

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Russian Hacking

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Military Conflict

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Sexual Assault

Refugee Violence

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There had been no notable violence, let alone refugee-related violence, in Sweden the night before Trump made this comment.

David Duke

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Violence Among His Supporters

Trump said this about two alleged supporters of his who beat a homeless man with a lead pipe.

Judicial Impartiality

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The president was referencing a debunked myth that Pershing dipped bullets in pig's blood while fighting Islamic terrorists. He did not do this (and the forces he was fighting were not terrorists). He sent this tweet during an active terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Climate Change

Separation Of Powers

The president said this after a judge issued an injunction against his travel ban, implying that any future terrorist attacks should be blamed on America's judicial branch.

Transgender Service Members

The military already spends five times as much money on Viagra for troops than it would on medical costs for transgender service members.

Voter Fraud

Trump has presented no evidence to support this.

Violent Crime

Police Brutality

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Again, there is no evidence that this is the case.

Firing James Comey (Part One)

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Firing James Comey (Part Two)

The Travel Ban

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This quote was later used against Trump in court.

Government Shutdown

It would be nice if Trump stopped saying things like this, especially with the force of the presidency behind him. However, he's only been in office for seven months, so the chances of that seem slim.