31 "Mueller Monday" Tweets That'll Have You Anxiously Awaiting Those Russia Probe Indictments

AFP Contributor/AFP/Getty Images

Reports over the weekend pointed to possible arrests on Monday tied to the Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, with suspects being taken into custody. Since then, the mood in Washington, D.C., as described in national media outlets, is one of "dread" and "expectation." But on Twitter it seems to be just the expectation, even perhaps excitement for some of the thousands of users tweeting the hashtag "Mueller Monday" in anticipation of the big day.

President Trump seemed to try to deflect over the weekend by taking to Twitter also. "The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the R's ... are now fighting back like never before," Trump sent out on Sunday. "There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!" He did not use the hashtag.

NBC News, which first reported the coming indictment, did not report who the target or targets would be, just that a federal grand jury had approved of the charges. That didn't stop people from revving their engines to turn on cable news in the morning Monday. The majority of "Mueller Monday" tweets read like what kids would post the night before Santa comes.

1) Excitement Is An Understatement For Many

Maureen Johnson on Twitter

Jittery GIFs were just the start.

2) Some Predicted The Worse

Scott Dworkin on Twitter

It's too early to predict the ramifications of the arrests, but it didn't keep some from hoping.

3) Nursery Rhymes Turned Political

Christy on Twitter

It adds to the Christmas Eve feeling of the whole thing.

4) Others Chose Their Favorite Target

Samuel Kligman on Twitter

There's no actual clue as to who will be arrested.

5) Rudolph The Red-Handed Reindeer

Desperate Citizen on Twitter

At the same time, you don't want the FBI showing up at your door.

6) No Sponsored Emoji From Twitter

Shannon Watts on Twitter

Some trending topics get them, but this one doesn't.

7) So Much Empathy

Olga_Lautman NYC ✨ on Twitter

Wondering if the president is holding up. Bipartisanship at work.

8) A Look Back At Recent Administrations

Scott Dworkin on Twitter

Only the Nixon Administration has seen similarly tense mornings.

9) There's Got To Be A Word For This Feeling

вℓσσ∂ яє∂ ραιηтєя💉 on Twitter

Elaine does it justice.

10) This Is The Political Super Bowl For Many

Devin Duke on Twitter

No matter your party, the stakes are huge.

11) Jumping To Conclusions


Despite no evidence about the indictment, plenty were predicting the worst.

12) Stranger Things Comparisons

alt FBI on Twitter

In the span of a few days, you get new seasons on Netflix and the charges.

13) The News Could Be Good Or Bad

ReSisterhood 💫 on Twitter

For Trump opponents, this could also be a let down.

14) Not For The Squeamish

Thee Wolfthing on Twitter

This GIF might not be for you.

15) Worries About Distractions

((Molly Jong☠️Fast)) on Twitter

The president may try to get the country to look elsewhere.

16) Some Won't Be Sleeping Well, At All

Frederick Douglass on Twitter

For those worrying about who could be on their door in the morning, Sunday night was also difficult.

17) The Predictions Of Fox News Coverage

Praying Medic on Twitter

It's going to be interesting.

18) More Watergate Comparisons

Sara Spector on Twitter

The implications for this investigation may be seen Monday.

19) Others Tried To Deflect

johnjwillard on Twitter

Pointing at possible crimes on the other side of the aisle to distract from the indictment.

20) Photoshopping Jokes

GREEN Photoshops on Twitter

Do note that it's photoshopped and a joke. Anti-Trump folks could die from excitement.

21) How Obama & Clinton Taking It

I ❤ SOB NFL Players on Twitter

Excitement is probably not their take; they'd both be worried for the country.

22) Facial Expressions That Lift The Mood

Winston Kelly on Twitter

Being captured on cable news cameras nearly every day has its dangers.

23) Ding Dong Ditch

Eimear on Twitter

This would be cruel but a really funny prank.

24) Rise & Shine To The News

Me Mew on Twitter

If you're reading this early Monday, you may have been among those who set their alarm.

25) Preparation For The Pushback

Steve Marmel on Twitter

Some are already worried about how the administration will respond.

26) Trump's Words Come Back To Haunt Him

Now! Solar on Twitter

Maybe criminal justice reform will finally move forward in D.C. now.

27) It's Only A Day Away

PolitiKiss💋 on Twitter

The words of Annie are nearly synonymous with anticipation.

28) The Holiday Comparisons Just Don't Stop

#MuellerMonday😎🚨🎉 on Twitter

There are some emoji ideas too.

29) Anticipation Of Trump's Twitter Response

Justin Koestler on Twitter

Get your pennies out to play.

30) Trump Seems Nervous Too

IndivisibleOregon on Twitter

His Twitter response Sunday makes it seem like he's concerned too.

31) Now You Just Sit Back & Wait

Ale on Twitter

There's nothing more that can be done in advance. The FBI will make arrests when it feels it's best. So sit back, try to relax, and don't read too much into any of this. The investigation will develop at its own pace, no matter what you tweet.