The Best Plus Size Pieces You Can Buy To Hit Every Major Summer Fashion Trend

It's hard to resist a summer trend. Even if you are usually good about sticking to a shopping plan and/or only buying the essentials, trendy summer pieces for vacations, weddings, or date nights are just plain fun to buy. Sure, you may not technically need any of them, but that's part of the experience. But while straight size shoppers usually have a seemingly unlimited amount of seasonal pieces to choose from, plus size people typically have a harder time finding trendy items in sizes that actually work for them. Even though it many retailers are finally tuning into the fact that plus size customers want more than just wrap dresses and cold shoulder tops, there are still gaps to fill.

A plus size person still can't walk into any mall and find the perfect slime green-colored matching set or puff-sleeved top (at least not in sizes that actually fit them), but the internet has a few more options. So whether you're ready to buy every single fleeting summer trend available or just want to find that perfect leopard print midi skirt (don't we all), here are 31 pieces that hit every summer trend out there right now.

Square Neck Mini Dress

This dress combines '90s details like the square neck silhouette with even more retro aspects like the gingham print making it a trendy piece that will probably last more than just this season.

Silk Midi Skirt

Silk midi skirts may be one of the most popular (and gorgeous) trends of summer 2019, but this versatile piece is only going to add to your closet. Whether you want to pair it with a simple T-shirt or something more formal for a summer wedding, this is a piece worth investing in.

Neon Dress With Puff Sleeves

Looking to combine multiple summer trends in one comfy dress? This button-through, neon orange dress from ASOS is for you.

Summer Dress With Vintage Print

You haven't been imagining it — vintage prints are everywhere this summer. This dress, which features the sweetest shoulder details, is going to make you want to take a summer vacation ASAP.

Mini Dress With Puff Sleeves

All. The. Puff. Sleeves. This playful mini dress is perfect for a summer date night and is less than $50, so add it to your cart before it goes out of stock.

Simple Bike Shorts

Behold: a comfy summer trend that we can all get behind. And thanks to Universal Standard offering everything up to size 40, we can truly all enjoy this trend.

Off-The-Should Neon Green Top

This neon green top is the perfect layering piece for this summer. Pair it with silk skirts, overalls, jeans, or shorts and you've got the perfect trendy burst of color for the season.

Black Jumpsuit

Not totally ready to jump on the major 2019 boilersuit trend? This jumpsuit is a good transition piece. Plus, you can wear it through summer, fall, and winter (just add on a cute coat when it gets colder).

Jewel-Toned Athleisure Set

While Girlfriend's lime green leggings set is sold out, this jewel toned bra-and-leggings set is gorgeous and will look (and feel) great all summer long.

Square Neck Tee

Everyone needs a simple white tee for summer — so why not make it a trendy one? This square neck tee from Eloquii is just the right balance of trendy and practical.

Mixed Print Wrap Dress

Mixed prints is a trend that might seem intimidating to some, but if you pair it with a comfortable and familiar silhouette like the wrap dress, it instantly seems more manageable.

Neon Pink Slip Skirt

Neon? Slip-style skirt? Silk? Less than $32? Yep, this is a winner for summer 2019.

Patterned Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll dresses are back, and the brighter the pattern, the better.

Broderie Off-The-Shoulder Dress

If you're looking for something comfortable and that you'll likely to want to wear next summer too, an off-the-shoulder broderie dress is the way to go.

Denim Overalls

Denim overalls — especially those with a '70s flare — are a summer staple, but overalls in particular are having a moment right now. If you're looking for a unique pair, these might be your answer.

Cowl Neck Cami

Silk, cowl neck camisoles are everywhere right now. Pair it with your silk midi skirt for an all-over statement look.

Snake Skin Pants

Yes, snake skin print is still in. But if you're not into skin-tight skinnies or a skirt, try these wide-leg pants that look super comfortable.

'70s-Inspired Top

The '70s are probably second only to the '90s in terms of a decade making a style resurgence this summer. This cute tie top goes up to 4X and is the perfect '70s-inspired print.

Wrap Dress With '90s Print

Doesn't this dress remind you of something your favorite '90s romantic comedy protagonist might wear — but with a modern spin? There's nothing better than that for summer.

Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress With Buttons

This is the kind of dress that can take you to any summer event you have and will feel like pajamas while doing it. Need I say more?

Leopard Midi Skirt

I mean, you knew there was going to be a leopard print skirt on this list somewhere, right?

Rust-Colored Satin Pants

If you're not into satin tops or skirts, it's worth considering satin pants as your trendy seasonal purchase.

Yellow Gingham Jumpsuit

Yellow is one of the biggest colors of summer, and this gingham jumpsuit is a perfect way to ease into the trend.

Terracota-Colored Shirt Dress

Earth tones are also having a huge moment for summer 2019, and this simple, super size inclusive dress is a perfect for lounging around all season long.

Black Ruffle Jumpsuit

Puff sleeves aren't the only sleeve trend making waves right now. Over-the-top ruffles and neck ties are also quite popular, making this Rodarte x Universal Standard jumpsuit a great choice.

Slip Style Dress

Grab a slip dress for those super hot days or layer it over a white T-shirt when it's a little cooler.

Floral Tie-Waist Dress

Reformation finally has plus size pieces and they are cute. Plus, this floral mini dress will look great on Instagram.

Floral Cowl Neck Top

Florals? Spaghetti straps? Cowl neck? Silk? That's a lot of trends in one, but it works for this super chic Reformation top.

Toulouse Dress

Another multiple trends in one look, this dress combines leopard print, puff sleeves, and an off-the-shoulder silhouette for optimal trendiness.

Slime Green Matching Set

If you're looking for a mix-and-match sent in a popular color that may not last longer than this season (but will look great in the time being), this affordable set from Fashion Nova is a good option.

Cowl Neck Midi Dress

Turns out the ultimate summer vacation dress is less than $30.