31 Ridiculously Useful Products Under $5 On Amazon That'll Leave Bargain Hunters Shook

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Quality products come in all price points, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find a good bargain. You expect candy bars and pencils to cost less a few dollars, but these ridiculously useful products under $5 on Amazon that'll leave bargain hunters shook are in a category all their own — and they're the best shopping surprise ever.

You might not think you need some of the genius items on this list. But after living a few days with a vegetable peeler that doesn't take half of your potato along with it, or a head massager that makes you a genuinely happier person, why would you opt not to?

All of the products on this list cost less than a meal out — and some even cost less than a fancy cup of coffee. Yet they all serve sweet functions, including saving you time, money, and stress. You'll find kitchen gadgets you've never heard of and devices that create froth for your coffee and ensure you get every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. There's even a dry shampoo that won't leave white residue on your scalp or break the bank, so now you have another excellent excuse not to wash your hair every day.

Before you bust out your credit card and use it to charge another pricey item, check out this list of super useful products that are so affordable you'll be able to stock up.

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