32 '90s Movies With Amazing Cover Art That You Just Had To Have

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Scrolling through Netflix is a fun way to spend a half an hour, but even with the added ease, it can't compare to walking through the doors of a video rental store. I treasure those memories of going out for videos with my parents and later, my friends. We'd scan the New Releases to see what recent hits were still left on the shelves or go searching the archives for our old favorites: the movies we didn't buy, for some reason, but would still rent on a regular basis. I miss those shelves stacked floor-to-ceiling with VHS boxes, all displaying the artwork of the movie on the inside. So I'm going to recreate a few of them with this list of 32 '90s movies with awesome cover art.

Cover art is still important, though it doesn't have to catch your eye like it did before streaming services killed the video store. These are the designs that called to you from their Blockbuster home, begging you to take them with you. Bold colors, iconic imagery, and front-and-center stars characterize the movie covers of that decade. Pour one out for the video stores of the past and take a nostalgic trip through their inventory.

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