33 Clever AF Gadgets On Amazon That Basically Do All The Work For You

Every once in a while, I'll run across a product that makes me do a double take, and I'll wonder: "How have I managed to live without this brilliant device all these years?" This increases tenfold when I find clever AF gadgets on Amazon that basically do all the work for me. I love saving time, and I love when things that usually require a lot of work can suddenly be done a lot easier with the right product.

There are things like a makeup brush cleaner that cleans your whole collection without having to wait for dry time, a magnet that hangs your pictures without taking out the electric drill, and a little chopper that dices onions without tears or effort. Buy one of these, and you'll find that a task becomes the job of the product itself — and it's blissfully not your problem anymore.

Best of all, there's something on this list (and on Amazon, of course) for everyone — if you want to get a better night's sleep, are trying your hand at becoming a sushi chef, or you just want to organize your closet better, there's something here for you. And you won't have to wait years to find it.

1. The Makeup Brush Cleaner That Sanitizes Your Whole Collection In Minutes

2. A Cordless Wand That Annihilates Your Split Ends

3. The Can Chiller That Makes Anything Icy Cold In 60 Seconds Flat

4. The Robot Vacuum That Cleans Up All The Messes Without You

5. The Picture And Poster Hangers That Don't Leave Holes In Your Wall

6. The Sandwich Maker That Has Your Breakfast Nailed

7. A Hands-Free Dispenser That Foams Up Your Soap For You

8. The Genius Contraption That Makes Folding T-Shirts A Breeze

9. The Book Stand That Takes The Neck Pain Out Of Reading

10. The Sleep Device That Cures Your Insomnia Naturally

11. These Eco-Friendly Laundry Balls Clean Your Laundry Without Detergent

12. This Super Fun Mask Peels Itself Off With A Magnet

13. This Chopper Dices Onions, Makes Zucchini Noodles, And Does Pretty Much Everything Else

14. The Electric Pedicure System That Gets Rid Of All The Dead Skin

15. This Stylish-Looking Gadget Opens Any Can Safely In Seconds

16. The 8-In-1 Kitchen Appliance That You Will Change Your Life

17. The Time-Saving Gadget That Puts An End To One Of Life's Most Common Irritants

18. The Genius Plate That Will Save You Time And Money

19. The Handy Kitchen Accessory That Takes The Strain Out Of Making Pasta

20. Brilliant Gadget That Saves Energy And The Planet

21. The Perfect Solution For Watching Your Tablet While In The Kitchen Or Bath

22. The Mug That Makes Sure Your Hot Beverage Is Always Just The Right Temperature

23. The Crazy-Looking Gadget That Turns You Into A Sushi Ninja

24. This Heated Sonic Massager Is A Cure-All For Your Eyes

25. This 3-In-1 Styler Combines All Your Favorite Hair Tools

26. The Simple But Smart Gadget That Keeps Your Soda Bubbly

27. The Brewing Genius That Loves Your Coffee As Much As You Do

28. The Moldable Glue That Fixes Everything

29. A Foolproof Shortcut To A Perfect Cat's Eye

30. The Super Cold Sphere That Makes The Pain Go Away

31. The Kettle That Makes It Easy To Steep Your Tea Precisely As You Like It

32. The Weird But Genius Massager That More Than 1 Million People Swear By

33. This Meat Thermometer Will Let You Enjoy Your Friends While Cooking Or Grilling