33 Inventions On Amazon That Make Daily Tasks So Much Easier


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make life better. If you don’t know what I mean, take a minute to scroll through Amazon and you’ll see a slew of basic but brilliant items that make you think: “I had no idea I even wanted that — but now I can’t live without it.” The internet is full of these innovations. In fact, one of the biggest hallmarks of genius products on Amazon is when something solves a problem that you didn’t even know you had.

When you see of these problem-solving products on Amazon, a lightbulb goes off when you realize your world is about to change in amazing ways. I’m talking about things like shoelaces that you don’t have to tie, lint rollers that don’t stick to the table, or pouches that prevent your headphones from tangling. Try any of those genius items and you’ll feel an annoying cloud lift from over your head forever. Not only that, you'll also spot items that do other things like combine products (brushes that are also flat irons, sponges that are also soap dispensers) or prevent daily hassles (knives that make onions cry-proof, ties that prevent your bed sheets from slipping off). To get you started, I've put together a list of some of the best products on Amazon to make your everyday life a little more awesome.

1. A Closure System That Allows You To Put Your Sneakers On Without Lacing Them Up

Lock Laces Elastic No-Tie Laces, $21, Amazon

Not only do these no-lace shoe accessories make it easy to slip your shoes on and off, but they are easy to adjust for a secure fit too. They come in one size, but can be easily adjusts to fit both kids and adult shoe sizes.


2. A Handy Kitchen Tool That Makes Dicing Vegetables Fast And Efficient

Allstar Innovations Clever Cutter Food Chopper, $10, Amazon

Made with stainless steel blades, this clever knife-and-scissors hybrid makes chopping and dicing veggies simple and fast. It has a comfortable ergonomic grip with an angled edge to keep it sharp and efficient. The tool can be stored compactly and features a safety latch on the end so you won't nick your fingers digging it out of the drawer.


3. A High-Quality Flat Iron That's Also A Hair Brush

MiroPure Hair Straightener Brush, $26, Amazon

Why have a separate hair brush and straightener when you can combine both into one sleek tool? This super convenient flat iron features a high-density NANO comb brush that's built into the straightener to detangle your hair as it straightens.


4. A Lint Roller With A Retractable Sleeve To Protect The Sticky Sheets

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Never again deal with a gunked-up lint roller that's constantly covered in fuzz and sticking to your dresser top. This retractable tool is built with an easy-slide stick that lets you twist it open when you're using it and then slide it back in to prevent it from sticking to the table. The adhesive sheets are durable and long-lasting with strong clinging properties that will pick up lint, pet hair, sweater fuzz, and other undesirable elements.


5. A Powerful Water Pick That Cleans In Between Your Teeth Without Floss

Waterpik WP-663 Aquarius Water Flosser, $60, Amazon

This water pick is an easier and possibly even more effective alternative to flossing your teeth. It features 10 pressure settings so you can adjust how strong you want the flow to be, as well as seven head attachments that allow you to customize the cleaning to your specific needs. The pick has the water capacity to run for 90 seconds and notably quieter than most water flossers.


6. A Clever Makeup Eraser That Removes Cosmetics With Water Alone

The Original Makeup Eraser, $20, Amazon

This makeup eraser skips the harsh chemicals and removes your makeup with nothing but water. It can even fully remove things like liquid eyeliners, waterproof mascara, and other stubborn products. Best of all, it's reusable up to 1,000 times so you'll save tons of money on disposable wipes.


7. A Weird-But-Genius Toilet Stool That Helps You Poop Better

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool, $25, Amazon

Over 8,200 customers on Amazon have written obsessively about the Squatty Potty, a small stool that slides underneath your toilet and lets you poop with ease. It works by raising your knees above your hips, aligning your colon to better facilitate smooth bowel movements. In doing this, your sphincter and other muscles are able to relax and release without straining.


8. A Chilled Coffee Mug That Ices Your Coffee In One Minute

Hyper Chiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker, $30, Amazon

This simple but brilliant coffee mug converts hot coffee from your java maker into a cool and refreshing iced beverage. It's easy to use — just store it in the freezer and when it's time to make coffee, slide it underneath the spout or pour it through the lid. As the coffee passes through the chilled top it rapidly ices it, dropping the temperature by 130 degrees or more in less than a minute.


9. A Retractable Stand To Dry Your Cups And Glasses

HaloVa Cup Drying Rack Stand, $9, Amazon

Made from sturdy plastic, this retractable drying stand lets you adjust it specifically to fit cups of varying sizes and shapes. The device prevents them from clinking together on your regular drying rack and gives you extra space for drying. When it's not in use, it's easy to collapse down and store out of the way.


10. A Super Precise Measuring Cup With an Adjustable Dial

OXO Good Grips 2 Adjustable Measuring Cup, $12, Amazon

With an easy-turn knob and seamless rotating body, this adjustable measuring cup makes your life easier by giving you cooking measurements of varying sizes and volumes. It features an internal track to help guide the plunger and a silicon disk that works like a squeegee to wipe all of the ingredients from the side of the cup. Use it for peanut butter, honey, molasses, and other sticky foods and watch how precisely they turn out.


11. A Convenient Pill Box That Clips On To Your Purse On Bag

Sabi Holster Grande Clip-on Pill Box, $10, Amazon

Featuring a smooth tray with a click-and-slide opening mechanism, this simple pill dispenser has three different compartments to keep your vitamins and medications organized. The extra-large spaces can even fit chunkier multi-vitamins and other big pills. What's more, the box has a metal clip you can use to attach it to your bag, purse, or a shirt pocket.


12. A Convenient Cord Organizer To Keep Your Headphones From Tangling

TOPHOME Cord Organizer, $7, Amazon

If you don't want to hassle with tangled headphones ensnaring your lipstick, pens, wallet, and other items in your purse, this cord organizer will be a lifesaver. It has an easy wrap-around pouch that you can use to twirl the cords in a neat bundle, snapping them in to place with a small button. The organizer is made of quality leather with full grain texture and a sturdy design.


13. A Bombproof Thermos That Regulates Temperature For Seven Hours

Thermos FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Food Jar, $18, Amazon

Constructed with double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, this sturdy food jar will keep the contents inside of it cold or hot for an impressive seven hours. The portable thermos holds 10 ounces of food or beverages and comes with a grippy rubber lid to seal the top. Not only does the jar regulate the temperature inside but it also prevents your hands from burning, scalding, or getting chilled on the outside.


14. A Packet Of All-Natural Deodorizing Wipes That Are Made With Shea Butter

Pacifica Beauty Underarm Wipes, $9, Amazon

If you use deodorant, these all-natural wipes are not only a less harsh alternative to traditional antiperspirants, but they are really convenient on the go. They're made with coconut milk, witch hazel, shea butter, and a blend of essential oils to reduce odor without parabens, phthalates, or other harsh ingredients. Pop them in your bag, so you can reapply or refresh as you want.


15. An Effective Touchup Tool That Removes Makeup When You Mess Up

Superface Makeup Remover Stick, $13, Amazon

The makeup-remover stick gives you an ultra-precise way to touch up your makeup when it get messed up. Simply glide it over the area affected and it will wipe it away without leaving a trace. It works similarly to Q-tips but without any sticky liquids and you can carry it in your purse.


16. A Set Of Laundry Sheets That Have Detergent Within The Little Squares

Lucky Fiji Laundry Detergent Sheets, $12, Amazon

Although these power sheets look like dryer sheets they actually contain laundry detergent, allowing you to drop them into the washer and be done with it. No more measuring out detergent; no more spilling suds onto the counter — just easy, painless laundry that's fast and efficient.


17. A Wonderfully Easy T-Shirt Gadget That Helps You Fold Clothes Perfectly

BoxLegend T Shirt Folder, $23, Amazon

Make your closet look like you just stepped into an Abercrombie & Fitch store with this simple-to-use T-shirt folder. The small but handy gadget lets you fold your tees into perfectly aligned stacks in three easy steps, taking no more than three seconds for the whole thing. As a bonus, you can use the device for shorts, pajamas, pants, and other closet items.


18. A Smartly Designed Onion Slicer That Keeps You From Crying

Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro, $22, Amazon

If you're someone who starts sobbing as soon as you spot an onion, this genius kitchen device will help you choke back the tears. Just slide the vegetable into the contraption and press down firmly. Not only will the storage container prevent your eyes from watering, the sharp bladed grid will slice through the onion in one fell swoop. You can also use the gadget for potatoes, carrots, peppers, and other veggies.


19. A Simple Eyeliner Stamp To Get Flawless Cat Eyes Every Time

La Pure Eyeliner Stamp, $14, Amazon

Doing cat eyes from scratch is hard but this eyeliner stamp helps make it easy and effortless. The smudge-proof makeup stick takes the experimenting out of the equation, allowing you to stamp on your cat wings like a babe. The results are long-lasting and fully waterproof. "What an awesome eyeliner!" said one reviewer. "This is the one makeup tool you need in your makeup creates a cat eye in seconds with a specific stamp for each eye."


20. A Simple Omelet Maker That Creates Artisan Brunches In Ten Minutes

Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker, $23, Amazon

You don't need to be a gourmet chef to make fancy omelets, nor do you need an hour in the kitchen. Just pour all of the ingredients into this easy omelet maker, push down the lid, and voila — 10 minutes later you have a perfectly fluffy, evenly cooked omelet to keep your brunch game strong.


21. A Touch-Free Soap Dispenser With A High-Tech Sensor Inside

Simple Human Soap Dispenser, $40, Amazon

This motion-sensing soap dispenser isn't just a cool gimmick, it actually comes in really handy when you don't have a free hand to press down on a the soap dispenser. The sensor inside is ultra-precise, the pump is super fast (dispensing the liquid in 0.2 seconds), and it looks good sitting on your kitchen counter.


22. A Clever Scrubbing Brush With A Built-In Soap Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush, $6, Amazon

This brush is made with strong nylon bristles and a comfortable, ergonomic grip that features a contoured handle that holds dish soap. When you press on the button, the soap comes out automatically, maximizing your cleaning efficiency.


23. A Set Of Bands That Keep Your Sheets From Sliding Up At The Corners

The Original Bed Band, $13, Amazon

Bunched up bedsheets are the worst but these cool bed bands prevent the frustration from getting the best of you. Made with elastic cable, you simply clip the little gadgets underneath each corner of your sheets to keep them from slipping off. "I love these so much, that when we moved and I lost one of the ones we previously had, I purchased more!" said one happy Amazon customer. "These are the best things since sliced bread...seriously!"


24. A Robotic Vacuum That Cleans Your Floors When You're Not Home

ILIFE Pro Robotic Vacuum, $160, Amazon

This miniature vacuum cleans your floors — and you don't even to need be there to operate it. To use it, just set a timer to tell it when to run and it will clean your floors while you're out and about. It has a powerful motor capable of lifting things like pet hair, ground-in dirt, dust, and other tough items. On top of that, the robotic device is self-charging with smart sensors and modern anti-bump technology.


25. A Time-Marked Water Bottle That Helps You Remember To Stay Hydrated

Hydr-8 Gallon Time-Marked Water Bottle, $17, Amazon

This time-marked water bottle provides a great way to track your intake and provide motivation. The 32-ounce cup has time stamps running down the side so you can see how much you have at each hour of the day. When you reach 2 p.m., you simply refill and start over. By the time you go to bed you will have had your recommended 64 ounces.


26. A Convenient Phone Accessory That Lets You Text With One Hand

PopSockets Collapsible Phone Stand, $10, Amazon

Whether you're prone to dropping your phone or you just don't want to risk it, this stick-on phone stand helps you keep your grip.Of course, as a phone stand, it also allows you to perch your device in front of you to take photos or watch videos. The accessory comes with strong, reusable adhesives to mount it to the back of your phone which, as a bonus, can be repositioned without getting covered in gunk.


27. A Roll-up Jewelry Bag That Prevents Your Necklaces From Tangling When You Travel

TidyBagz Jewelry Roll Bag, $15, Amazon

Traveling with jewelry is tough — it tends to tangle up in your bag and by the time you reach your destination it's morphed into a giant ball of earring hooks and chains. This roll bag, however, solves your travel woes by providing a smooth space to store your items without them getting tangled up. It features seven separate compartments of varying sizes, along with a hook at the top you can use to hang it once you get where you're going.


28. A Facial Setting Spray That Helps Your Makeup Last All Day

Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray, $15, Amazon

If your makeup tends to clog your pores and make you break out, this innovative barrier spray will prevent blemishes and protect your skin from irritation. Not only that, it sweat-proofs your cosmetics and helps your makeup last all day. Simply wash your face in the morning, spray the product onto your face, and apply your makeup as you normally would. It also works great for stage makeup, photo shoot applications, Halloween, and other special effects.


29. An Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up Like The Sunrise

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $47, Amazon

Rather than waking in the morning to a blaring, siren-like alarm, this peaceful wake-up lamp uses light therapy to lull you out of sleep naturally. The high-tech alarm clock simulates a naturally-occurring sunrise, slowing letting more light out until the room is fully lit. It features 10 brightness settings along with a tap-sensitive snooze button and a beep function for folks who want the added sound.


30. A Unique Bag Carrier That Allows You To Hold More Groceries At Once

Mighty Green Solutions Mighty Handle, $10 (2-Pack), Amazon

This handy gadget evenly distributes the weight of your shopping bags, allowing you to carry more at one time while lifting the load from your arms and wrists. Perfect for people who walk to the store or have to make multiple trips from the car, the patented carrier features a Twist-Lock function on the end that seals your sacks so you don't lose your groceries in the back seat.


31. A Set Of Push Up Bars That Remove The Strain On Your Wrists

Elite Sportz Equipment Push Up Bars, $15, Amazon

Doing push-ups is great for developing upper body strength but it can hurt your wrists, especially when you're just starting out. These specially-designed fitness accessories allow you to do rotating pushups, reducing the wrist strain while still getting an effective workout. The strong bars are sturdy and stable so they won't slide around while you work. Plus, they're super portable so you can throw them in your gym bag or even take them to work for ultimate convenience.


32. A 2-In-1 Facial Brush That Cleans And Exfoliates In One Tool

TI Style 2-In-1 Face Brush, $10, Amazon

Built with soft, extra-fine bristles on one side and a thick, exfoliating pad on the other, this two-in-one facial brush scrubs off dead skin cells while also cleansing your face. The exfoliator stimulates circulation, invigorating your skin and making it glow, while the cleaning brush unclogs your pores. Additionally, the tool boosts overall collagen production by massaging your face, leaving you with a healthy shine.


33. A Dual-Sided Sponge That Changes Texture With The Water Temperature

Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Sponge, $12, Amazon

Constructed with soft ResoFoam and a specially engineered polymer, this unique sponge is capable of creating more suds with a smaller amount of detergent. The hyper-absorbent tool is double-sided with a sponge on one side and a scrubber on the other. Its material changes texture with the water temperature, allowing you to customize your scrubbing and make sure you don't scratch or otherwise damage your dishes along the way.

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