33 Oddball Products On Amazon That Are Actually Ridiculously Useful

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May I please see a show of hands from those of you out there who also sustained long-term sadness from the Island of Misfit Toys section of the popular animated classic Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer? When I was little, I had seating charts to ensure that I did not use the same chair at breakfast twice in a row because I was convinced all inanimate objects had feelings, like the Misfit Toys did? So when I say these oddball products on Amazon are actually ridiculously useful, you should consider them because they're seriously amazing. Even though they're...well..a bit off the beaten path. Like a Charlie-In-The-Box, let's just say.

Today, I'm going to tell you about products that will change your life, like the pillow that bears a striking resemblance to an infinity scarf but that you'll love for napping and as a travel pillow. I'll describe the amazing Tweexy to you, which is a favorite of mine — it kind of defies explanation — and it's a must-have if you do your own nails. You and I are also going to explore the genius of this high-tech Silly Putty that cleans stuff.

Sure, they're pretty oddball, but they're also incredibly functional and useful. The things I do for my job, people. Go check these things out, will ya?

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